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CHAP. VII. 111onth Bul, (which is the cighth 13.1 Aud king Solomon sent and rinth,)

the house finished retched Hiram out of Tyre. througlioul all the paris thereof, and 1-2 He was a widow'a son of the tribe according to all the fashion of it. Solo Niphtali, and his father was a noul was lie seven years in building it. lor Tyre, a worker in brass: and lic CHAP. VII.

wag lilled with wisdoun, and under UT Solomon was building luis own standing, and cunning to work all isherl all his house.

Solomon, and wrought all bis work. 2 T He built also the house of the 15 For le cast two pillars of brass,ol forest of Lebanon; the length thereof eighteen cubits liigba apiece: auda line was a hundred cubits, and the breadth ol'twelve cubila did compass either on 'thereof illy cubits, and the leighit them about. thereof' tbirty cubils, upon four rows 16 And he made two ch:1piters o/ hill cedar pillars, willi cedar beams molten brass, to set upon the tops of upon the pillars.

the pillars: the lieight of the one chapŠ And it was corered with cedar itet nuns live cubils, and the Deiglic of above upon the beains that lay on the other chapiler was live cubits: Cortyfive pillars, seen in a row. 17 Hud nets of checker-work, and

+ And there iccre windows in three wreatlıs of chain-work, for the chaplows, and liglit was against light infiters which were upon the top of the three ranks.

pillars; seven for the one chapiter,and 5 And all the doors and posts ruere serrn for the other chapiter, square with the windows and light 18 And be inade the pillars, and two vas against light in three ranks. rows round about upon the one nei.

6 1 And he malle a porch or pillars; work, to cover the chapiters that were the length thereof rus bisty cubits, and upon the top, will pomegranates: an] the breadth thercor thirty cubits: and so did he lor lhe ollier chapiler. the porch was before them; and the 19 And le chapiters that were upon other pillars and the thick beam were the top of the pillars were of lily-work before them.

iu the porch, Jour cubite. 7 l Then he made a porch for the 20 And the chapiiers upon the two throne wliere iie iniglit judge, even the pillars had pomegranate's also above, porch of judgment; and it was cover- over against the belly wbichi aculis by ed with cedar from one side of the the net-work; and the pomegranates door to the other.

22cre live hundred in rows round about 8 | And his house where he dwelt upon the other chapiter. land another court within the porchi, 21 And he set up the pillars in the which was of the like work. Solomon porch of the temple: and le sclupi made also a house forl'haraoh's daugh- the right pillar, and called the traine ter, wborn he liad taken to wife like thereof Jächin: and he set up the left unto this porch.

pillar, and called the name thereo: 9 All these were of costly stones,ac- Bonz. cording to the measures of hewed 22 And upon the top of llie pillars stones, sawed with saws, within androws lily-work; so was the work of without, even from the foundation the pillars fiuislied. unto the coping, and so on the oulsiile 23 11 And be made a mollen sea, ten toward the great court.

cubits from the one brin to the other; 10 And the foundation was of costly it was round all about, and lsis hieight stones, even great stones, stones of ten was live cubits; and a line of thirty cubite, and stones of right cubits. cubits did compass it round about.

11 And above were costly stones,after 24 And under the brim of it l'ound the measures of hewed stones, and about there were knops coorpassing Cedars.

it, ten in a cubit, compassing the sea 12 And the great court round about round about: the knops were cast in was with three rows of liewed stones, two rows, when it was cast. and a row of cedar beans, both for the 25 It stood

Lijmou twelve

Oxen, three inner Court of the house of the Lorn, looking toward the north, and thrce curd for thie vorch of the house. looking toward the west, wiatres

Ornments of

the leniple. luoking toward the couth, and three bases: all of them had one casting, looking toward the east: and the sea one measure, and one size. l'ils set above upon them, and all llieir 38 1 Thien made lic ten lavera of binder parts were inward.

biass: one laver containel forty baths; 26 And it wus a land-breadth thick, and every laver was lour cubits; and and the briin thereof was wrouglit like upon every one of the ten bases one the brim of a cur, with flowers of laver. lillies : it contained two thousand 39 And he put live bases on the right baths.

side of the liouse, and five on the leli 27 || Aud he made ten bases of brass; side of the liouse: and lie set the sea on sour cubits runs the lengur of one base, the right side of the house eastward, and four cubits the breadth thereof; over against the south. and three cubits the beiglit of it. 40 | And Hiram made the lavers,

28 And the work of the bases was on and the shovels, and the baso113. So tliis manner: they had borders, and Hiram made an end of doing all the the borders were between the ledges: work that he made king Solomon for

29 And on the borders that were be- the house of the LORD: twech the ledges were lions, oxen,sud 41 The two pillara, and the 1100 cherubiins: and upon the ledges there bowls of the chapiters that were 011 nous a base above: and beneath the the top of the two pillars; and the liona and oxen 1oere certain additional two net-works, to cover the two bowis made of thin work.

of the chapitera wbich werd upon the 30 And every base bad four brazen top of the pillars: wheels, and plates of brass: and the 12 And four hundred pomegranates lour corners thereofbad undersetters : for the two networks, even two rows under the laver mere undersetlers or poinegranateg for one net-work, to molten, at the side of every addition. cover the two bowls of the chapitens

31 and the mouth of it within the that were upon the pillars; chapiter and above was a cubit; but 43 and the len bases, and ten lavera he mouth thereof ruas round, aller un the bases; the work of the base, a cubit and a 44 And one sea, and twelve oxen un. hall: and also upon the mouth of it der the sea ; were gravings with their borters, four 45 And the pots, and the shovels,and 6quare, not round.

the basons: and all these resgels, 32 And under the borders were four which Hiram made to king Solonion wheels; and the axle-trees of the for the house of the Lond), weile of Wheels roere joined to the base: and bright brass. the beight of a vlieel was a cubit and! 46 In the plain of Jordin did the king ball a cubit

cast then, in the clay-ground between 33 And the work of the wheels was Succoth and Zarthan, like the work of a chariot-wbeel; llieir 47 And Solomon left all the regsels axle-trees, and their naves, and their unweighed, because they were exfelloes, and their spokes, were all ceeding many: neizber was the weight molten.

of the brass found out. 34 And there were four underselters 43 And Soloinon made all the rease is to the four corners of one base: and that pertained unto the house of the the undersetlers were of the very base Lond: the altar os gold, and the table itsell.

of gold, whereupon the shew-bread 35 And in the top of the base was ruas, there a round compass of a half a cubit 49 And the candlesticks of pure gold, ligh: and on the top of the base the five on the right side, and live on the ledges thereof and the borders thereor left, before the oracle, with the flowwere of the same.

ers, and the lamps, and the tongs of 36 For on the plates of the ledges gold, thereor, and on the borders thereolbe 50 And the bowls, and the anuiters, graved cherubims, lions, and palm- and the basons, and the spoons, and the irees, according to the proportion of censers, of pure gold; and the linge every one, and additions round about. of gold, both for the doors or the innen 37 Aster iliis manner he made the ten house, the most holy place, and for

Dedication of

Lire lemple. the doors of the liouse, to wit, or the 11 So that the priests could not stand temple.

to minister because of the cloudt, for 51 So was ended all the work that the glory of tbe LOND liad filled the king Solomon made for the house of House of the Lord. the LORD. Aud Solomon brought in 12 ! Then spake Solomon, The Lond the thing which David his lather liad said that he would dwell in the thick dedicated: chin the silver, and the darkness. gold, and the vessels, did he put ainoa 13 I muve surely built thee a house to he ireasures of the house of the Loiv. dwell in, a settled place for thee to CHAP. VIII.

abide in for Cver. MHEN Solomon assembled the el. THER

14 And the king lurned his face ders of Israel, and all the leads about, and blessed all the congregation of the tribes, the chief of the fathers of Israel: (and all the congregation of of the children of Israel, unto king Israel stood ;) Solomon in Jerusalem, that they nights 15 And he said, Blessed be the LORD bring up the ark of the covenant olibe God of Israel, whichi spake with his LORD out of the city of David, which mouth unto David oy father and hati is Zion.

with his hand fulfilled it, saying, 2 And all the men of Israel assem- 16 Since the day that I brought forti blend themselves unto king Solomon at my people Israel out of Egypt, I chose the least in the month Ethanim, which no city out of all the tribes of Israel to is the seventh montls.

build a house, that my name inight be 3 And all the elders of Israel caine, therein; but I chose David to be over and the priests look up the ärk.

my people Israel. 4 And they brought up the itk orthe 17 and it was in tlie heart of David LORD, and the tabernacle of the con my father to build a house for the gregation, and all the holy vessels that name of the LORD God of Israel. were in the tabernacle, even those did 18 And the Lord said unto David my the priests and the Levites bring up. father, Whereas it was in thy heart to

5 And kiny Soloinon, and all the con- build a house unto my mone, thou gregation of Israel, that were issen-didst weil that it was in ily lieart. bled unto him, wucre with hin before 19 Nevertheless thou shalt not build the ark, sacrificing sheep and oxen, the house ; but thy son that shall come that could not be cold bur numbered forth out of Lhy loins, lie shall build jur multitude.

the louse unto my nadie. 6 And the priests bronght in the ark 20 And the Lord bath performed his of the covenant of the Lond unto his word that lie spike,and i am risen up place, into the Oracle of the house, to in the room of David my father, anu the most holy place, cuén under the sit on the throne of Israel,as the LORD wings of the cherubims.

promised, and have built a house for 7 for the cherubims spread forth the name of the LORD God of Israel their two wings over the place of the 21 And I have sei there = place for Ark, and the cherubims covered the the ark, wherein is the covenant of the ark and the stares thereot above, LORD, which lie made with oc: fa

8 And they drew out the staves, that thers, when lie brought them out of the ends of the slaves were seen but in the land of Egypt. tlie holy place before the oracle, ilou 22 1 And Solomon stood before the they were not seen without: and ihere allar of the Londin the presence of all they are unto this clay.

the congregation of Israel, and spread There 101s nothing in the ark sare forth his hands toward heaven: thie two tables of stone, which Nioges 23 Anal he suid, LORD God of Israci, put there at Horeh, when the LORD there is nu God like thee, in leavesi made a covenant with the children or above, or on earth beneathi, who keeplamel, when wey came out of the land est corenant and mercy with thy ser: of Egypt

vants that walk before thee with all 10 And it came to pass, when the their heart: priests were coine out of the holy Wlio bast kept with thy servant place, that the cloud filled the house David my father that thou proiniseust of die LORD.

Thim; thou spakest also witii Wy Solomon's prayer.


Solomori's prayer inouth, and has fulfilled it with thyfiliere is no rain, because they have hand, as it is this day.

sinved against thee; if they pray to 25. Therefore now, LORD God of Is. ward thie place, and confese thy name, rael, keep with iby servant David my and turn from their sin, wlien thou rather thal thou promisest liim, say, ailielest them: ing There slial nol fail thee a man in

36 Then bear thon in heaven, and my sight to sit on the tuone of Israel; forgive the sin of thy servants, and of so that thy children take heed to their thy people Israrl, that thou teach them way that they waik before me as thou the good way wherein they should hast walked before me.

walk, and give rain upon lliy land 26 And now, O God of Israel, let thy which thou hast given to thy people word, I pray thee, be verified, which for an inderitance. thou spakest unto thy servant David 37 11 there be in the land faininemy facher.

il' there be pestilence, blasting, mil27 Bui will God indeed dwell on the dew, locusts, or is there be caterpillar; earth? bebold, the heaven, and licar. if their enemy besicge them in the en of heavens, cannot contain thee; lund of their cities, whatsoever plague, flow mucli less this liouse that I have whatsorter sickness there be ; buildled?

38 What prayer and supplication so 28 Yet liare thou respect into the ever be made by any man, or by all prayer of thy servant, andto luis aup thy people Israel, which shall know plication, O Lord iny God, to hearken every man the plagne of his own unto the cry and to the prayer which heart, and spread lurth his hands thy servant prayeth before thee to-day: toward this house:

29 That thine eyes may be open lo- 39 Theo leier thou in heaven thy ward this house night and day, even dwelling place, and forgive, and do, toward the place of which thou hast and give to every man itccording 10 said, My name wall be lliere: that his ways, whose heart thou knowest; thou mayest bearken into the prayer (lur thon, eren thou only, nowest the which thy servant shall make toward hearts of all the children of men ;) slis place.

40 That they may fear thee all the 30 And hearken thou to the supplica- lays that liiey live in the land which tion of lliy eervant,and of thy people tvou gavest into our fathers. Israel, when they shall pray toward 41 Moreover, concerning a stranger, this place: and bear thou in licaven that is not of thy people Israel, but thy and when thou cometh out of a far country for thy hearest, forgiv.

name's sake; 31 1 If any man trespass ngainst bis 42 (l'or they shall hear of thy great Flpighbour, and an vath le laid "pon naine, and of thy strong hand, and on aim to cause liim to swear, and the thy stretched-oul arm;) when he sliall cath come before thine altar in this come and pray toward this house: louse :

43 Hcar ihnu in beaven thy dwelling32 Then liear thou in heaven, and do, place, and do according to all that the and judge thy servants, condemning stranger calleth to thee for: that all the wicked, 10 bring his way upon his people of the earth may know they headl; and justifying the righteous, to name, to tear thee, as do thy people give him according to bis righteous. Israel; and that they may know that

this house, which I have builded, is 33 | When thy people Israel be smit-called by thy name. ten down before the enemy, because 44.1 If thy people go out to battle they have sinned against thee, and against their enemy, whithersoever sball turn again to ibee, and consess thou shalt ecnd them, and shall pray thy name, and pray, and make suppli- unto the Lord toward the city which cation unto thee in this house: thou hast chosen, and locard the

3. Then hear thou in heaven, and house that I liave built for thy name: Corgive the sin of thy people Israel, 45 Then hear thou in heaven their and bring them again unto the land prayer and their fupplication, and which thou gavest unto their fathers. maintain their cause. 36 T Wbe heaven is shut up, and 46 If they sin against thee, (for there


file blesseth


the congregation. is no man Wiat sinneth, not, and thoughaih uot filed one word of all bis be angry with them, and deliver them good promise, which lie promised by to the enemy, so that tbey carry thein ile hand of Moses his serrant. away captives unto the land of the 57 The LORD our God be willi 118, n3 enemy, far or near;

he was with our fathers; let brim not 17 yet if they shall belhink them. leave us, nor forsake us : selves in the land whither they were 58 That lie may incline our hearts carried captives, and rrpent, and make unto bin, to walk in all his ways, un supplication unto thee in the land or to keep his commandinents, and his thein that carried thein captives, say- statules, and bis judgments, which lie ing, We have sinned, and have done commanded our fathers. perversely, we have coinnilted wick. 59 And let these my words, whereedness;

with I have made supplication before 48 And so return unto thee with all the LORD, be migl unto the Lord our their heart, and with all their soul, in God day and night, that be maintai the land of their enemies which led the cause of bis servant, and the calism? them away calive, and pray unto of his people leraulat all timce, as the thee toward the land which thou gar- malter shall require ; est unto their fathers, the city which 60 That all the people of the earii thou hast choscu, and the liouse which may know that the Lord is God, one I have built for this name :

that there is one (lse. 19 Then hear thou their prayer and 61 Let your heart therefore be nero their supplication in heaven why dwell rect with the LORD our God, to walk ing-place, and maintain their cause, in luis statules, and to keep liis coni

50 And forgive thy people that bave mandments, as at this day. sinned against thee, and all their trins 62 1 And the king, and all Israel with gressions wherein they have trans Lim, offered sacrifice before the LORD. gressed against thce, and give tbem 63 And Solopion offered a sacrifice of compassion before then who carried peace ofierings, which be offered unto diem captive, that they may have the LORD, two and twenty thousand compassion on them :

osent, and a liundred and twenty thou. 61 For they be thy people, and thine sand sheep: so the king and all the inlerilance, which thou broughtest children of Israel dedicated the lious! forth out of Egypt, from the midst or of the LORD. tie surnace or iron :

6-4 The eame day did the king hallow 62 Thaliline eyes may be open unto the middle of the court that was bethe supplication of the surrant, ind fore the house of the Lord : for there unto the supplication of thy people be offered burnt-ofteriors, and meatIsrael, to bicarken into them in all offerings, and the fat of the peace-ofthat they call for unto tliee.

Terings; because the brzen altar that 53 For thou dicat separate thiem from was before the LORD reas loo little to among

all the people of the earth, to be receive the burut-olerings, uid meat thine inlieritituce, as thou spakest by offerings, and the fall the peacethe hand of Moses thy servant, when oilerings. thou brouglitest our litliers out of 65 T And at that time Solomon iielda Egypt, O Lord God.

least, and all Israel with him, a great 64 and it was so, that when Solo- congregation, from the entering in or mon had made an end of praying all Hamath unto the river of Egypt, be this prayer and supplication unto the fore the Lord our God, seven days Lond, lie arose from before the altar and seven days, eren louricen days. of the Lord, from kneeling on his 06 On the ciglith day be sent the peo. knees with leis bands spread up to ple away; and they blessed the king, beaven,

and went onto their tents joyful and 55 And he siood, and blessed all the glad of heart, for all the goodness that congregation of Israel with a loud the Lord had done for David bis ser voice, saying,

rant, and for Israel bis people. 56 Blessed be the Lons, that liath

CHAP. IX. given rest unto his people Israel, according to all that he promisedlere Anbit came to pass,when Soloinon

liad finished ile building of thi


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