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Samaritan's idolatry.

II KINGS. Bic-chiut's good relg). in all the sins of Jeroboan wliicl be their own gods, aller the manner or diri; lbey departed not from then ; thie nations whom they carried away

23 Until the LORD removed Israel ont trong thence. of his sigbit, as he had said by all his 3-4 Unto this day they do after the serváow the prophets. So was lsrael Corner manners: they fear not the carriedi away out of their own laud to LORD, neither thu they alter their stit Assyria unlo this day.

lutes, or after theirordinances, or alier 24 1 And the king of Asgyria brought the law and commandment which the men frun Babylon, and from Cullman, LORD commanded the children of Ja and froin Ava, and froin Hannith, and cob, whou lie named Israel: from Sepharviim, and placed them in 35 With whom the LORO lad madeir the cities of Sanaria instead of the covenant, and charged them, saying, children of Israel; and they possessed Ye shall not lear other gods, nor bow Samaria, and dwelt in the cities tliere yourselves to them, nor serve them, of

nor sacrifice tollen: 25 And so it was, at the beginving or 36 But the LORD, wbo brought you their dwelling there, that they feared up out of the land of Egypt with great not the Lond; therefore the LORD power, and a stretched out arm, wim Bent lions among them, which slew shall ye lear, and bin shall ye worsome of them.

ship, and to him shall ye do sacrifice. 96 Wherefore they spake to the king 37 And the statutes, and the ordinad. of Assyria, saying, Tlle nations wlucb ces, and the law, and the command thou mel removed, and placed in the ment, which he wrote for you, ye shall cities of Samaria, know not the man observe to do for evermore; and ye ner of llie God of the land; therefore shall not fear other gods. be liath sent lions among them, and, 39 And the covenant.lhat I have made bebold, they slizy them, because they with you ye shall not forget; neitber know not the manner of the God of the shall je fear olher gous. Jand.

39 But the LORD your God


slili 27 Then the king of Assyria com fear; and lie sha! deliver you out of manded, saying, Carry thilber one of the band ol all your enemies. the priests whom ye brought from 40 Hoxbeit they did not hearken, but thence; and let them go and dwell they did after their lornier maner. tliere, and let him teach them the 41 So tlıse uitious lcared the Lord, manner ol'tlie God or tlıe laud. and served their grieven images, both

28 Then one of the priests, whom their children, and their children's they had carried away from Samaria, children: as did their fathers, so do came and dwelt i Brlit-el,iuud lauplit they unto this dir. there how they sliculd lear the LOilD.


TOW it came to pass, in the third of their own, and put them in the year Houses of the higlo places which the of Israel, that Hezekiab the sou of Samaritans had made, every nation in Abaz king of Judatlı began to reign. Their cities wherein lloj dwelt. 3 Twenty and five years old wils lie 30 And the inen of Babylon macie when he began to reign, and lic reignSuccotin-Benot, and the men of Cuth ed twenty and nine years in Jerusamade Nergil, and the men of Hamath len: his molber's warne also was Abi, made Agbima,

the daughter of Zechariab. 31 And the Aviles made Nibhaz and 3 And he did that which was right in Tartak, and the Sepbarvites buin: the sight of the LORD, according to all their children in Gre to Adrammelech that David his father did and Ananmelech, the gods of Sephar 41 He removed the high places, and vaini,

brake the images, and cut down the 32 So they feared the LORD, and made grovrs, and brake in pieces the brazen unto tbemselves of the lowest of the Serpent that Moses hird made; for unto priests of the high places, which sacri- those days the children of Israel did liced for them in the houses of the high burn incense to it: and he called it places.

Nehushtan. 33 Thiey reared the LORN, and served 6 He trusted in the Tord God of is

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Ile Israclitus
C{{{P. XII.

Citi rieu captive rael; 30 liat after him n3 none like, froin Lachishi lo kiug Hezekialı with hun among all the kings of Judah,nor a great bost against Jerusalem. And ar!? tbal were before him,

licy went up and came to Jerusalen). o Forlie claje to the LORD, and de. And when they were come up, they qarted not from following hin, but ciime and stood by the conduit of the kept his commandments, which the upper pool, which is in the highway LORD commanded Nloses.

of the luller's field. 7 And the Lord was with liin; and 18 And when they had called to the he prospered whithersoever he went king, there came out to them Eliakim fortlı: and he rebelled against the the son of Hilkiah, wbich was over king cr Assyria, and screed bim nut. the bouschold, and Shebna the scrilir,

8 e smote the Philistines, even unto and Joab tlieson of Asaph the record. Gaza, and the borders thereor, from er. the lower of the watclunan to the 19 And Rab-shekeli said unto their fenced city.

Speak ye now to Hezekiah, Tlus said y | And it came to pass, in the Courth the grcat king, the king of Assyria, year of king Hezekiah, which was the What confidence is this wherein thou seventh year ol' Hoshea son of Elab trustest? king of Israel, that Shalmaneser king 20 Thousayest,(but they are but yaio of Assyria came up against Saunaria, words,) I have counsel and stiengilı and besieged it.

for llie war. Now on wliom dost thoil 10 Anuat tlie end of three years they trust, Urat thou rebellest against me? look it; cven in the sixth year of lIez 21 Now, behold, thou trustest upo: .ekiah, (that is the ninth year of Ho.the staff of this bruised seed, even up shea king of Israel,) Sainaria was on Egypt, on which is a nan lean, it taken.

will go into his hand, and pierce it: so 11 And the king of Assyria did carry is Pharaoh king of Egypt unto all tbai away Israel untoassyria,and put them trust on bin. in Halab and in Habor by the river of 22 But if ye say unto ine, We trust Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes; in the loill) our God: is not that lie

i? Because they obeyed not the voice wlose bigh places and whose allara of the Lord their God, bulliangress. Hezekial lad taken away; and ballı cu liis covenant, and all that Moses said to Julab and Jerusalem, Yesball the serrant of the LORD commanded, worship before this allar in Jerusalem and would not hear them, nor do them. 23 Now therefore, I pray thee, give

13 | Now in the fourteenth year of pledges to my lord the king of Assyria, king Hezekiah did Sonnacherib king and I will deliver lliee two thousand of Assyria, come up against all the horses, il' thou be able on thy part in fenced cities of Judah, and took tliem. set riders upon them.

14 And Hezekialı king of Judah sent 24 How theo wilt iliou turn away the to the king of Assyria to Lachis,sily-|(ace of one captam of the least or any ing, I have offended; return liom me: master's servants,and put thy trust on that which thou puttest oil me will 1 Egypt for chariots and for lorsemen? bear. And the king of Assyria ap 25 Am I now come up without the pointed unto Hezekiah king of Judul Lord against this place to deslioy it? Cree hundred talenis of silver, and the LORD said to ine, Go up against thirty talents of gold.

this land, ilud destroy it. 15 Aad Hezekiah gave hind all the 24 Then said Eliakiin the son of Hilsilver that was found in the liouse of kiah, and Shebna, and Joab, unlo R:16!!! Lond, and in the treasures of the naked, Speak, I pray thee, to thy serkin's house.

Vants in the Syrian language; (lor we 16 At that time did Hezekialı cut off understand it;) and talk not with us the gold from the noors of the tein. iii the Jews' linguage in the ears of file of the LORD, and fiom the pillars the people that are on the wall. which Hezekiah king of Judalı had 27 Bui Rab-shakel said unto them, overlaid, and gave it to the king of Hath my master sent me to thymaster, Assyria.

and 10 thee, lo speak these words? 17 1 And the king or Assyria sent hall he not sent me to the men whuch Tarina and R 59:18is an Rab-shekellsit on the wo!, 1,11.! thing is calilidir Rab-shcke.e's blasphemy. 11. KINGS. He-clian sendis tu Isaian. own dung, and drink their own piss, 2 And he sent Eliakim, which wus with you?

over the household, and Sbebna Le 28 1 Then Rab-shakeh stood, and scribe, and the elders of the priests, Cried with a loud voice in the Jews' covered with sackcloth, to lsaiah the language, and spake, saying, Hear the prophet, the son of Amoz. word of the great king, the king of 3 And they said unto him, Thus saith Assyria:

Hezekial, This day is a day of trouble, 24 Thug saith the king, Let not Heze au of rebuke, and blaspliery: for kial deceive you; for be shall not be the children are come to the birth and able to deliver you out of his land: there is not strength to bring forth.

30 Neither let Hezekiah make you 4 It may be the Lond thy God will trust in the LORD, saying, The Loild bear all the words of Rab-shaken, will surely deliver us, and this city whom the king of Assyria his master shall not be delivered into the hand of bath sent to reproach the living God; the king of Assyria.

and will reprove the words which the 31 Hearken not linto Hezekiah: for Lond thy God hath beard: wherefore thus saith the king of Assyria, Make Iin up thy prayer for tlie remnant that an agreement with me by a present, are lell. and come out to me, and then eat yel 6 So the servants of king Hezekiah every man of bis own vine, and every came to Isajal. one of his fig.tree, and drink ye every 6 | And lsaialı said unto them, Thug one the waters of his cistern:

shall ye say to your master, Thus saith 32 Uutill come and take you away the LORD, Be not afraid of the words to a land like your own laud; a land of which thou hast lieard, with wlich corn and wine, a land of bread and the servants of the king of Assyria vineyards, a land of oil olive and of have blasphemed ine. boney, tiat ye may live, and not die: 7 Behold, I will send a blast upon and hearken not unto Hezekialı, wlien him, and lie shall hear a ruinour, and ie persuaded you, saying, The Lond shall return to his own land; and I will deliver us.

will cause hiin to fall by the sword in 33 llath any of the gods of the na- his own land. lions delivered at all liis land out of 81 So Rab.shakeh returned, and the hand of the king of Assyria ? found the king of Assyria warring

34 Where are the gods of Hamath, against Libnah; for he had heard that and of Arpad ? wliere are the gods of' he was departed from Lachish. Sepharvaim, Hena, and lvalı? havel 9 And wiien belieard say or Tirlizthey delivered Samaria out of my kah king of Ethiopia, Bebold, be i: hand ?

come out to fight against thee; lie sent 35 Who are they among all tbe gods messengers again unto Hezekialı, say, of the countries, that have delivered ing, their country out of my hand, that the 10 Thus sliall ye speak to Hezekialı LORD should ueliver Jerusalem out of king of Judah, saying, Let not thy God

in whom thou trustest deceive thee, 36 But the people held their peace, saying, Jerusalein shall not be deliver: and answered him not a word: lorthe ed into the hand of the king ofAssyria. king's commandment was saying, An 11 Behold, thou hast heard what the Bwer bim not

kings of Assyria have done to alllauds, 37 Then came Eliakim the son of by destroying them utterly; and shalt Hilkialı, which was over the house. thou be delivered? hold, and Shebna the scribe, and Joah 12 Have the gods of the nations de the son of Asaphi the recorder, to Hez-livered them which my fathers have ekiah, with their clothes rent, and told destroyed; as Gozan), and Harem,and him the words or Rab-shakeh. Rezepli, and the children of Eden CHAP. XIX.

which were in Thelasar? ND it came to pass, when king 13 Where is the king of Hamath,and

my hand ?

his clothes, and covered himself with city of Sepharvaim of Hena,and Ivah? sackcloth, and went into tlie house of H 1 And Hezekiah received the let. Wie Lond.

ter of the band of the inessenger, and

Hlezchial's pray/c1".


Sewachcr'il slas, read it: And Hezekian went up into, be to lay waste fenced cities inco ruin the house of the LORD, and spread it sous heaps. celore the Lond.

26 Therefore their inhabitants were 16 And Hezekialı prayed before the of small power, they were dismayeu LORD and said,0 LORD God of Israel, and confounded; they were asthe grass woich dwellesi Lelween the cheru. of the field, and as the green berb, as bims, thou art the God, even thou the grass on the house-tops, and as alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth; corn blasted before it be grown up. viou bast made beaven and earth. 27 But I know thy abode, and thy

16 LORD, bow down thine ear, and going out, and tby coming in, and thy hear; open, Lord, thine eyes, and rage against me. see; and hear the words of Senna. 28 Because thy rage against me, and cherib, which hath sent bim to re- ty tumult is come up into mine ears, proach the living God.

therefore I will put my book in thiy 17 Or a truth, LORD, the kings of nose, and my bridle in thy lips, and I Assyria have destroyed the nations will turn thee back by the way by aod their lands,

which tliou camesto 18 And have cast their gods into the 29 And this shall be a sign unto thee, fire: for they were no gods, but the Ye shall eat this year such things as work of men's bands, wood and stone; grow of themselves, and in the second therefore they have destroyed thein. year that wbich springetin of the same; 19 Now therefore, O LORD our God, and in the third year sow ye,and rear, I beseech thee, save thou us out of luis and plant vineyards, and eat the fruils hand that all the kingdoms of the earth thereof. inay know that thou art tbe Lond 30 And the remnant that is escaped God, even tliou only.

of the house or Jullah shall yet again 20 | Then lsaiah the son of Amoz take root downwari, and bear fruit sent to Hezekiah, saying, Tlus saith upward. the LORD God of Israel, Thal which 31 For out of Jerusalem shall 80

forth thou hast prayed to me against Sen- a remnant,und viey that escape out of nacherib king of Assyria Thare heard. mount Zion: the zeal of wie Lord or

21 This is the word that the LORD hosts sball do this. halb spoker concerning him; The 32 Therefore thug saith the LORD virgin, the daughter of Zion, bath de concerning the king of Assyria, He spised thee, and laughed thee to scorn; shall not come into this city,norshiont the daughter of Jerusalem hath shaken an arrow there, nor come before it her lead at thee.

with shield, nor cast a bank against it. 22 Whom hast thou reproached and 33 By the way ibat he caine, by the blasphemed? and against whom haal same shall he return, and shall not thou exalted thy voice, and listed up come into this city, saith the LORD, thine eyes on bigo? cuen against the 34 For I will defend this city, to save Holy One of Israel.

it, for mine own sake, and for iny ser. 23 By thy inessengers thou hast re- vant David's sake. proached the LORD, and hast said, / 36 11 And it came to pass that night, With the multitude of iny chariots 1 that the angel of the Lord went out, am coine up to the height of the moun- and smote in the camp or die Assyrians tains, lo the sides of Lebanon,and will a hundred lourscore and five thougand; cut down the tall cedar-trees thereof, and when they arose early in the mornand the choice fir trees thereot; and I ing, behold, they were alldead corpses. will enter into the lodgings of his bor- 36 So Sennacherib king of Assyria ders and into the forest of his Carmel. departed, and went and returned, and 24 I bave digged and drunk strange dwelt at Nineveli

. walers, and with the sole of my leet 37 And it came to pass, as he was bave! dried up all the rivers of be. worshipping in the house of Nisroch sieged places.

This god, that Adranmelech and Shia25 Hast thou not heard long ago how rezer his sons smole bim with thic I liave dove it, and ol'ancient times sword; and they escaped into the land Lali hara forned it? now llave I of Armenia; and Esarladdon bis Bou brought it to pass, that thou shouklest reigned m his stead.

Hezel:ial's pracy.


Mirusick's M100 CHAP. XX.

of his precious things, the silver, and TNtlosc days was Hezek di sick unto tie gold, and the spices, and the pre


son of Amoz cane to him, and suid his armour, and all that was found in unto him, Thus snith the Lorn, Set liis treasures: there was nothing in his lliy house in order; for thou shalt die, House, nor i all liis dominion, that and not live.

Hezeki:ch slowed llein not.
2 Then he turned his face to the wall, 14 1 Then caine Isaiali the prophet
and prayed unto the Lord, saying, unto king Hezekiah, and said unto

3 I beseech thee, Londremember him, What saw these men? and from
now how I have walked before tliec in whence came they unto thee? And
truth, and with a perfect heart, and Hezekiah said, They are come from a
have done that inhich is good in lliy lar country, even lion Babylon.
sight. And Hezekialı wept sore. 15 And lie Bail, What bare they seen

1 And it came to pasg, alore Isaia! in thy house? And Hezekial angwerwas gone out into the middle court, led, All the things that are in my

liousc that ilic svord of the LOND cine to lile they seen: there is nothing among bim, saying,

my treasures that I have not slioved 5 Turn again, and tell Hezekial the them. captain of my people, Thus saith the 16 And Isniab said unto Hezekiah, LORD, the God of Daviil thy filler, 1 hear the word of the Lord. liave licard thy prayer, I have seen thy 17 Behold, the days come, that all lears; beliold, I will heal thee: on the ibat is in this bouse, and that which third day thou shalt go up unto the thy fathers bave laid up in store untu house of the Lord.

this day,sliall be carried into Babylon: 6 And I will add unto thy days liftcen nothing shall be leli, saith the LORD. years; and I will deliver thee and this 18 And of thy sous that shall issue city out of the brand os the king or As from Vice, which thou shalt beget. syria: and I will delend this city for all they take itway; and they shall mine own sake, and for my servant le enuclis in the palace of the king of David's sake.

Birby Im. 7 And Iswal said, Take a lump of 19 llwn said Hezekinh unto Isaiali, 598. nod they took and laid it on the Good is the word of the LORD whichi bile, and he recovered.

lliou hast spoken. And he said, Is it 81 An Hezekialı said unto Isaial, not good, il peace and truth be in my Whác shull be the sign that tlie LAND days? will heal me, and that I shall go up 20 T And the rest of the acts of Hezinto the house of the LORD the third ekiali, and all his miglit, and bow lic day?

made a pool,and a conduit,and brought And Isaial said, This sign shalt thou water into the city, are lhey not writhave of the LOR), that the Lord will ten in the book of the Chronicles of dotle thing that lie tatlı spoken: shall the kings of Judah? the shadow go forward len degrees, or 21 And Hezekiah slept with his fago back ten degrees?

thers : and Nanasseh his son reigned 10 and Hezekial answered, it is a in luis stvad.

ten degrees: nay, but let the shadow Mens She began to reign, anıl
light Uring for the shadow to go down
return backward ten degrees.

11 And Isaiich the propliet cried unto reigned fifty and live years in Jerusa-
the Lond: and he brought the shadow lem. And bis mother's name
ten degrees backward,by which it had Hephzi-balı.
gone down in the dial of thaz. 2 And he did that which was cvil in

12 1 At that time Berodach-baladan, the sight of the Lord, alter the abom.
the son of Baladan, king of Babylon, inations of the beatlien, whom the
sent lellers and a present unio Heze LORD cast out before the children of
Kia!: for he had head that Hezekial Israel,
bad been sick.

3 For he built up again the high pla: (3 Jud (Iezekinl bearkened unto ces whic! Hezekiah his father huiles thcal, and showed thein all tre bouges roycut, und be real pitaliy fue

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