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D'OICE" "519 thou viidst rely on the LOAD, be deliv-away the bigb places and grores oui o! ered them into thy land.

Judithi. 9 For the eyes of the Lord run to 7 T Also in the third year of his reign and fio throuybout the whole eart!),to be sent to bis princes, even to Ben-Dul, slow bimsell strong in the behalf of and to Obadiah, and to Zechariah, and then whose heart is pertect toward to Nathaneel, and to Blicliaial, to teach him. Herein thou lingt done foolislily : in the cities of Judirdi. therefore liom henceforth thou shall 8 And with them he sen! Lerites, even have wall

Shemaiah, and Netbaniah, and Zeba. 10 Then Asa was wroth with the dinle, and Asabel, and Shemisamoth, seer, and put liiin in a prisont-blouse; and Jelonathan, and Adonijili, and for he was in a rage willi bion because Tulsijal, and Tüb-adonijalı, Levites; of Liis thing. And Asa oppressed and with them Elishana and Jeho some of the people the same time. rain, priests.

Il | Aud, behold, the acts of Asa, 9 du chey taught in Judalı,and hard first and last, lo, they are written in the book of the law of the Lord will, ibe book riftbe kings of Judah and ls- them, and went about throughoul ili

the cities of Judalı, and tight the 12 And Asa in the tbirty and ninth people. rear of his reign was discased in his 10 | And Sie rear of the LORD se fiel, until his disease ins excepting all the xingdoms of the land that great: yet in his disease he soultjocure l'ound ilmu! Judah, so that they not tothe Lord, but to the physicians. made my war against Jeholmphat.

13 | And Asa slept with his fathers, 11 Also some of the Philistines brought and died in the one ind fortieth car lehosluplet pre:('71!8, and tribule-sil. of his reign.

rer; and the dritbius brought, bin 11 And they buried liim in his own percks, seven thousand and seren huis sepulclires, which be liad made for red mms, and seven thousand and binell'inilie city of David, and laid seren bundred lie-goals. laim in the bed which was filled with 12 11 And Jchoshap!iat waxed gren sweel olours and divers kinds of spices exceedingly; and lie built in Judalı prepared by the apothecaries'art; and castles, and cities of store, they made a very great burning for 13 And he liad much business in the him

cities of Judab: and the men of war, CHAP 111.

iniglity inen ol' valour, 16072 in Jerusat.

lem. ND Jehoshaphat his sou reigned 17 And these are the numbers of them

in bis stead, and strengthened according to the louse of their fathers: binselling winst Israel.

of Judal, the captains of thousands : And be placed forces in all the Advah the cher, and with him mighty fenced cities of Juda!1, and set gurisons men oirilour three hundred ilousand in the land of Judalı, ind in the cities 15 And next lo him was Jehobanai. of Ephraim, which Asa liis father bad the captain, and with lion two bun Lizkeo.

draw and fourscore thousand. 3 And the Loud was with Jehosha- 16 And next bim was amasialı the poat, because lie valked in the first son of Zichri, who willingly ollered ways of his father David, and sought himself unto the LORD; and with him 2100 urilo Lnäliin:

two hundred thousand inighty men o1 # But sought to the LORD God ol'liis valour. lather, anii walked in his command. 17 And of Benjamin: Eliada a miglinients, and not aller the doings or' ls. ty mau of välour, tud with him armer rael.

men with bow and shield two hundred 6 Tlierelore the LORD establisbed the thousand kingdom in his hand; and all Judil| 18 And next him no$ Jehozabad, and brought to Jehoslutphat presents; and with him a hundred and fourscore he had riches anal' honour in abund. thousand ready prepared for the war.

19 These waited on the king, besides 9 And lis heart was listed up in the those wloin the king put in the lenen Hays of the Lond: woreover lie took! cities throughout al Judali.



Ahab's false

prophets. CHAP. XVIII,

clare good to the kingwith one assent; OTY

bonour in abundance, and joined like one of theirs and speak iliou gond. altioity with Ahab.

13 Aud Micaiah said, is the LOND 2 And aller certain years he went livelli, even what my God saith, that down to Abab to Sanaria. And Alab will I speak. killed sleep and oxen for liim in bun- 14 Anel when he was come to vie dance, and for the people that he had king, the king kuid unto liim, Nicaiali, with him, and persuaded bim to go up shall we go to Ranoth-gilend to battle with him to Ramoth-yileau.

or shall I forbear? And he sail, Guye 3 And Alab king oilsrael said unto up, and prosper, and they shall be dies Jehostaphat king of Judah, Wilt thou livered to your haud. go with me to Ramot-gilead? sud 15 And the king said to liim, How Tie answered him, I am as thou art, many times shall adjure tl'ee that thou and my people as lhy people; and we say nothing but the truth to me in the will be with thee in the war.

dime of the Lond? 4 1 And Jelioshapliat said to be 16 Then he said, I did see all Israel king of Israel, Inquire, I pray thee, scattered upon themountains, as sherg at the word of the LORD to-day. thal have no sliepiierd; and the Lord

5 Therefore the king of Israel gatlier said, These have no master; let them ed together of prophets four hundred returntherefore cvery man to liis house mell, and said into them, Shall we go in peace. to kamot-gileaul to battle, or shall 1. 17 And the king of Israel said to Je. forbear?. And they sail, Go up; for loshaplat, Did I not tell thee that liv God will deliver it into the king's would not propicsy good unto me, but isundze

evil? 6 But Jehoshaphat said, Is there not 18 Again be said, Therefore hear the nere a proplict of the Lord besides, word of the Lond; I saw the LORD that we milit inquire of hiin? sitting upon his throne, and all the 7 And the king of Israel said unto host of caven standing on big rigtig Jelosbaphat, There is yet one hand and on his left. whoon we may inquire of the LORD: 19 Aud the Lori Baid, IV bo slall but I hate bun; for he never prophesi- tice Aliab king of Israel, that lie may ed good imto me, but always evil: the go upanel fallat Ranioth-gilead? Am fame is Micaial the son of Imlit. And one spake, saying alter this manner, Jehoshaphat said, Let oot the king say and another easing alter that mamie.

20 Then there cane out a spirit,iux! 8 And the king of Israel called for stood before the LOHD, and said, I will one of his ollicers, and said, Fetcb entice bin. And the LORD said unio quickly Micaiah the son of Imla. lim, Wherewith ?

9 and the king of Israel and Jehosh-| 21 And he said, I will go out, and be oplul king of Judal sitt either of them a lying spirit in the mouth of all his on his throne, clotbed in their robes, prophets. And the LORI) said, Thou ani Lhey sat in a void place, it the en shall enlice him, and thou shalt also lering in of the gate of Samaria; and prevail: go out, and do quen 80. all the prophets prophesied before 22. Now therefore, behold, the LORD tiem,

bathi put a lying spirit in the mouth of 10 And Zedekialılbe son of Chinaa- these thy proplets, and the Lord hath gali had made himn loms of iron, and spoken evil against thee. sail, Tlius saith the LOID, With theyc 23 Then Zedekialithe son of ChenaaIliou shalt pusla Syria until they be nah cune near, and smote Micaiah up Consumed.

on tbe cheek, and said, Which way 11 And all the proplirta prophesied went the Spirit of the Lord from me 60, saying, Go up to Ramotlı-gilead, to speak unto thee? and prosper: for the LORD shall delis. 24 And Nicaiah said, Behold, thou er it into the land of the king. shalt see on lhat day when thou shalt 12 And the messenger that went to go into an inner chamber to hide thy all Micaiab spake to liien, saying, self

. Wiold, the words of the prophets de 25 Then the king of eraelunid, Toke

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He is sluin

at Ramoll.grad. ye Micaialı, and carry him back to found in thee, in that thou liast takon Ainon the goverior of the city, and away thie groves out of the land, amel to Joash the king's son;

last prepared tby beart to seck Gola 26 And say, Thus saitli the king, Putl 4 Aid Jeloslapliat dwelt at Jerusik this fellow in the prison, and feed bin lem: and he went out again tirougla witli bread of afliction and with wa- the people froin Beer-sheba lu mount ter of alfiction, until I return in peace. Ephraim, and brought them back untu

27 And Micaiah said, Illhou certam- the LORD God of their fathers, ly return in peace, then bath not the 6 | And he set judges in the land LORD spoken by me. And he said, throughout all the fenced cities of Ju Hearker, all ye people.

dah, city by city, 28 So the king of Israel and Jeliosh- 6 And snid to the judges, Take liecit apbat the king of Judah went up to whal je do; for ye julge not for man, Ramotb.gilead.

but for the LORD, who is with you in 29 And We king of Israel said unto the judgment. Jehoshaphat, I will digguise myself, 7 Wherefore now let the fear of the and will go to the battle; but put thou Lord be upon you; lake lieed and do on thy robes. So the king of Israel it : for there is no iniquity with the disguised hingelt'; and they went to Lon our God, nor respect of persong, the battle.

nor taking of gifts. 30 Now the king of Syria had com- 8 T Moreover in Jerusalem did Jemanded the captains of the chariots hosbaphat set of the Levites, and of the that were with him, silying, Figlit se priests, and of the chief of the fatherg not with small or great, save only with of Israel, for the judgment of the the king of Israel.

Lord), and for coutroversies, wlien 31 And it caine to pass, when tlic they returned to Jerusalem. captains of the chariots saw Jehosha. 9 And he charged diem, saying, This phat, that they said, It is the king of shall ye do in the fear of llic Lonny, Jginel. Therefore they compassed faithfully, and with a perfect heart. about him to light: but Jehoshaphat 10 And what cause soever shall come cried out, and the LORD hclped him; to you of your brethren that dwell in and God moved them 6 depart from their cities, between blood and blood, bim.

between law and communinents, sunt32 For it came to pasy, that, when ules and judgments, ye shall even wirn the captains of the chariota perceived them that they trespass not against tlie that it was not the king of Israel, they LORD, and so wrathi come upon you, turned back again from pursuing him. and upon your brethren; this do, and 33And a certain mau drew u bowal ye shall not trespass. a venture, aud smole the king of Israel 11 And, behold, Amariab the chief between the joints of the barness: priest is over you in all matters of the therefore he said to his hariot-man, LORD; and Zebadiah the son of lshTurn thy band, that thou mayest carry inael, the ruler of the house of Judali, me out of the liost; for I am wounded. for all the king's matters: also the le

34 And the battle incrensed that day: vites shall be ofiicers before you. Deal lowbcit the king of Israel stayed lin- courageously, and the LORD shall be sclf up in his chariot ngainst the Syri- with the good. ans until the even: and about the tiine

CHAP. XX. of the sun going down he died. T came to pass aller this also, ikne

ND Jehosliaphat the king of Judah dren of Ammon, and with the other

returned to his house in peace to besides the Ammonites, came against Jerusalem.

Jeloshapbat to battle. 2 And Jehu the son of Hanani the 2 Then there caume some that told seer went out to nieet him, and said to Jehoshaphat, saying, There cometh a king Jehoshaplat, Shouldest thou help great inultitude against thee from bethe ungodly, and love them that hate yond the sea on this side Syria; and, the Lord ? therefore is wrath upon behold, they be in Hazazon-tajuar, thee from before the Lord.

which is En-gedi. 3 Nevertheleos there are good things 3 And Jeloshapbal reared, and som



The prayer of

uchusnama. himself to seek the LORD, and pro- titude; for the ballle is not yours,but claimed a fast throughout all Judah.

God's. 4 An Judah gathered themselves to 16 To-morrow go ye down against gether, to ask help of the Loud: even then: bebold, tbey come up by the out of all the cities of Judalı they came cliff of Ziz; and ye shall find them at to seek the Lord,

the end of the brook before the wil 61 And Jehoshaplat stood in the derness or Jeruel. congregation of Judali and Jerusalem, 17 Ye shall not need to fight in this in the house of the LORD, before the ballle : set yourselves, stand ye still, new court,

and see the salvation of tbe Lord with: 6 And said, O Lord God of our sa you, O Judah and Jerusalem: sear noi, thers, art not thou God in heaveu? and nor be dismayed ; to-morrow go out rulest not thou over all the kinguoins against thein: for the Lord will be of the heathen ? and in thy haud is with you. there no power and night, so that 18 And Jehoshaphat bowed his head none is able to withstand tliee ? witli his face to the ground: and all

7 Ar pot thou our God, who didst Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusadrive out the inhabitants of this land lem fell before the LORD, worshipping before thy people Israel, and gavest it the LORD. to the seed of Abraliam thy friend for 19 And the Levites of the children ever ?

of the Kolatbites, and of the children 8. And they dwelt therein, and have of the Korhites, stood up to praise the built thee a sunctuary thereiu for thy Lord God of Israel with a loud voice vame, saying,

on high 9 I, when evil cometh upon us, as 20 | And they rose early in the niorn!he sword, judgment, or pestilence, oring, and went forth into the wilderness Camine, we stand before this house, and juf Tekoa: and as they went forth, in the presence, (for thy paine is in this hoshiaphat stood and said, Hear me, o house,) and cry unto thee in our afllic. Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusa tion, then thou wilt hear and help. lein; Believe in the LORD your God,

10 And now, beliold, the children of so shall ye be established; believe his Ammon and Moab and mount Seir, prophets, so shall ye prosper. whom thou wouldest not let Israel in- 21 And when he had consulted with vade, when they came out of the land the people, lie appointed singers unto of Egypt, but they turned from them, the LORD, and that should praise the and destroyed then not;

beruly of holiness, as they went out 11 Beliold, I say, hero they reward belore the army, and to say, Praise the us, to conie to cast us out of thy pos- LORD ; for his mercy endurell for grission, which thou hast given us to ever. uilerit.

22 | And when they began to sing 12 0 our God, wilt thou not judge and to praise, the LORD sel ambuslithem ? for we lave so might against ments against the children of Annon, this great company that comel agaiust DIoab, and Nount Seir, wluch were us: neitier know we what to do, but come against Judalı; and they were our eyes are upon thee.

smilten. 13 And all Judalı stood bcfore the 23 For the children of Ammon and LORD, with their little ones, llieir Moal stood up agninst the inhabitants wives, and lbeir children.

of Mount Seir, uiterly to slay and de14 Then upon Jihaziel the son or stroy them: and when they had macie Zecharill, the son of Benaiah, the son an end of the inhabitants of Seir, every of Jeiel, the son of Matlaniali, 1 Levite one belped to destroy another of the sons of Asaplı, came the Spirit 24 And wlien Judalı came toward the of the Lord in the midst of the con- watchi-tower in the wilderne99, they gregation;

looked unto the multitude, and be15. And he said, Hearken ye, all Ju. bolil, they were dead bodies fallen to ciab, and ye inbabitants of Jerusalem, the earth, and none escaped. and thou king Jelioslupil al, Tbus saitli 25 And when Jehoshaphat and bis the LORD (0) you, Be not afraid nor people caine to take away the Apoil of dismayed by season of this greitt mul·lthein, they found among them in abun.

wore three days in gathering or conta N.W.Jeloshaphat slept with his fa.

J.hoshaphat dicih.


Jehor an s curl "eign. dance bolli riclies will the dead, were broken, that they were not able bodies, and precious jewels, which to go to Tarshish. they stripped off for theinselves, more

CHAP. XXI. awaythey


thers, and was buried with l.. spoil, it was so much.

sathers in the city of David. And 26 | And on the fourth day they as- Jehomam his son reigned in lis stead. sembled themselves in the valley of 2 Andlie bad brettirell, the 80118 of Berachäh ; lor'there they blessed the Jehosliaplåt, Azarials, and Jeliei,and LORD : thierelore the name of the Zechariali, and Azarial, and Micliaci, same place was called, The valley of and Sheplatiab: all these were the Berachal, unto this day.

sons of Jehoshaphat king of Israel 27 Then they returned, every man of 3 And their father gave them great Judah and Jerusalem,andJehoshaphat gills of silver, and of gokl, and of preAlthc lore-front of them, to go again cious things, with fenced cities iu JuLo Jerusalem with joy; for the Lord dalı: but the kingdom gave bie to Je. had made them to rejoice over their boram; because he was the first-born. enemies.

* Now wlien Jeloram was risen uplu 28 And they came to Jerusalein with the kingdom of his father, le strength osalteries and larps and trumpets unto ened hiinsell, and slew all his brethren ile house of the Lord.

with the sword, and livers also of the 29 And the fear of God was on all princes of Israel. the kingdoms of those countries, when 5 11 Jehoram as thirty udtwo years they had licard that the Lord foughtful when he began 10 cign, and he against the enemies of Israel. reigned eight years in Jerusalem.

30 So the realm of Jehoshaphat was 6 And lie walked in the way of the .quiet: for his God gave him rest round kings of Israel, like as did the house of About.

Ahab: for he liad the daughter of Abalı 31 91 Aud Jelioshaphat reigned over to wise: and he wrought that which judali: ne was thirty and five years as evil in the cyes or the LORD. old when he began to reign, and le 7 How beit the Lord would not de. seigned twenty and five years in Jeru- stroy the liouse of David, because of Klem. And bis mother's name was the covenant that lo bail made with Azubab the daugliter or Shilbi. David, and as he promised to give a

32 And lie walked in the way of Asa light to him and to his sons for ever. his father, and departed not from it, šī lnlis days the Edomiles revolteci stoing that thich was right in the sight from under the dominion or Judah, of the LORD.

and made themselves a king 33 Howbeit the high places were not 9 Then Jelioram went forth will lis taken away: for as yet the people had princes, and all his chariots will binn; not prepared their hearts into the God and lie rose up by night,and smote the ut iveir falliery.

Edomites which compassed liim in, 34 Now the rest of the acts of Jebol and the captains of the chariots. shapliat, first and last, behold, they 10 So the Edonites revolted from are written in the book of Jehu the under the band of Judal, unto this day son of Hanani, who is mentioned in The same time also did Libnal revolt the book of the kings of Israel. from under his lanil; because he bad

35 || And alter this dici Jelioshiaplat forsaken the Lord God ot his fathers. king of Judalijom bimsell with Aha. 11 Moreover, he made high placcain miah king of Israel, who did very wick tle mountains of Judah,and caused the udly :

inhabilants of Jerusalem to commit 36. And he joined himself with him to fornication,and compelled Judabtheremake ships iu goʻlo Tarshisu:and they 10. made the ships in Ezion-geber. 12 TAnd there came a writing tolim

37 Then Eliezer the sou of Dodaval from Elijah tle propbet, saying, Thus of Mareshan prophesied against Jeho- saith the LonGod of David tuy father, shaplat, saying, Because thou hast Because thou hast not walked in ile joined thyself with Abazialı, tlie Lord ways of Jehoshaphat thy father, 1100 ill hath broken thy works. And the ships the ways of Asa king of Judah,

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