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The cili rrincha 20 Bui Jeremial said, I'lley shall not die gats, eren Negal-sliarezer, Samdeliver thee. Obey, I beseechi thee, gar-nebo, Sarspchiin, Rab-saris, Nerthe voice of the LORD, which I speak gal.sharezer, Rab-mag, with all the unto thee: 60 it shall be well unto residue of the princes of the king of lice, and thy soul shall live.

Babylon. 21 But if thou refuse to go forth, this 1 And it came to pass, that wlien is the word that the Lord batlı showed Zedekiah the king of Judah saw them,

und all the men of war, then thiey 22 And, behold, all the women that ded, and went forth out of the city by are les in the king of Judali's houyc viglit, by the way of the king's gar. shall be brouglit lorth to the king of den, by the gate betwixt the two walls: Babylon's princre, and those women and he went out the way of the plain. oballs:ly, 'Thy friends have set thee on, 5 But the Chaldeans' army pursued aud bave prevailed against thee: tly after them, and overtook Zedekiah in reet are suink in the mire, and wey tbe plains of Jericlio: and when they, are turned away back.

liad taken bim, they brought hun tip 23 So they shall bring out all try to Neliuchadrezzar king or Babylon 10 wives and thy children io the Chalde- P.iblab in the land or Hamathi, wliere ans: and thou shalt not escape out of he gave judgment upon bim. their land, but shall be taken by the 6 Then the king of Babylon slew the band of the king of Babylon; and song of Zedekials in Riblah before his thou shall cause this city to be burned eyes: also the king of Babylon slew wity fire.

all the nobles or Judah. 2:41 Then said Zedekiah unto Jer-7 Moreover he put out Zedekiab's einiali, Let no man know of these eyes, and bound bin with chains, to words, and thou shalt not die. carry hiin to Babylon.

26 But if the princes licar that I have 8 1 An the Chaldeans burned the talked with thee, and they come unto king's bouse, and the bouses of the thee, and say unto ibee, Declare unto people, with fire, and brake down the 18 now what thou hast said unto the walls of Jerusalem. king, hide it not from us, and we will 9 Then Nebuzar-adan the captain ol not put thee to death; also what the Die guard carried away captive into king said unto thee:

Exbylon ile remnant of the people 26 Then thou shalt say unto them, Ithat remained in the city, and those presented my supplication before the lat fell away, that fell to bin, with king, that he would not cause ine to the rest of the people that remained. return Lo Jonathan's house, lo die 10 But Nebuzar.adan the caplain of ciere.

the guard lest of the poor cf the peo27 Then came all tlie princes unto ple, which had nothing, in the land of Jeremili, and asked hini: and he told Judalı, and gave them vineyards and them according to all these words that fields at the same time. the king bad commanded. So thes 11 Now Nebuchadrezzar king of jelt off speaking with himo; for the Babylon gave charge concerning Jer maller was not perceived.

euial to Nebuzar-adan the captain of 28 So Jeremial abode in the court the guard, saying, urlbe prison until the day that Jerusa 12 Take liiin, muud look well to him, leo was taken ; and lie was there when and do him no barm; but do unlo lim Jerusalem was taken).

even as lie sball gay unto thee. CHAP. XXXIX.

13 So Nebuzar-ndan the captain of IN N the ninth year of Zedekiah king the guard sent, and Nebushasban, Rab

of Judalı, in the truth month, came saria, and Nergal-sharezer, Kab-may, Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon and and all the king of Babylon's princes, all liis army agaiust Jerusalem, and 14 Even tbey sent, and took Jere. They besieged it.

miah out of the court of the prison, And in the eleventh year of Zede- and committed him unto Gedalial tho kiah, in the fourth piouth, the niuth son of shikam, the son of Slapliani, day ol'the nouth, the city was broken what he should carry friin hone: solie

welt ninong the people. 32nd il!ilic princes of the king of 15 1 Now thic word of the roma Billy! Cantala, sat in tid irid. came unto Jcrow:i::!:, while ine wir

Jeremiali released

orang priam pliut up in the court of the prison, dwelt with hun among the people sayinlys

thill were lcit in the land. 16 Go and speak to Ebed-nelech the 717 Now when all the captains of the Eliopian, saying, Thus saith the forces which were in the fields, even Lord or losts, the God of Israel, Be- they and their men, beard that the bold, I will bring iny words tipon this king of Babylon bad made Gedaliai cily for evil, and not for good; and the son of Abikam governor in the they shall be accomplished in that day land, and liad coininitted unto laius before thee.

meil, and women, and children, and 17 But I will deliver thce in that day, or the poor of the land, of thein tlat enith the LORD; and thou shall not be were not carried away captivelo Babgiven into the hand of the men of ylon; whun lliou arl arraid.

8 Then they came to Gedaliah to 18 For I will surely deliver thee, and Mizpalı, even Ishmael the son of Ne thou shalt not fall by the sword, but thanian, and Johanan and Jonathili thy life shall be for a prey unto thee; the sons of Karenh, and Seraialı the because thou hast put tlıy trust in inc, son of Taulunethi, and the song op anith tlie Lond.

Epha the Netoplachite, and Jezanih

the son of a Maachathite, they and CHAP. XL. HL word whiclicome to Jeremiah 9 And Gedaliah the son of Abikain,

their meit.


but ye,

zaradan the captain of the guard liad and to their men, saying, Fcar nint 113 let him go from Runab, when he liad serve the Chaldeans: dwell in the land, taken bin, being bound in chains and serve the king of Babylon, and it among all that were carried away cap- shall be well with you. tive of Jerusalein aud Judah, which 10 As for me, behold, I will divell were carried away captive unto Bab- at Mizpali, lo serve uie Chaldean, ylon,

which will come unto us: 2 And the captain of the guard took gatliec ye wine, and summer-fruits, Jereinial, and said unto him, The nod oil, and put them in your resscla, LORD thy God hattı pronouucco this and dwell in your cities that ye have evil upon this place.

takei), 3 Now the Lord hath brought it,and I Likewise, when al: the Jews that done according as he linth Baid: be were in Moab, and anong the Amcause ychiave sinned against the LORD, wonites, and in Edoin, and that 1007C and bave not obeyed his voice, there in all the countries, heard that the fore this thing is come upon you. king of Babylonlacl lest a remnant of Lund 110w, behold, I loose thee this Judnl), and that he had set over them lay from chains which were upon Gedaliah the son of Alikam, the sou thy land. If it seem good unto thee for Slaplian; 10 come with me into Babylon, come, 12 Even all the Jews returned out of and I will look well unto thee; but it all places whither they were driven, it seen ill unto theme to come with me and came to the land of Judab, lo into Babylon, forbear: behold, all the Gedaliali, unto Nizpal, anl gathered and is before thee: whither it seein- wine and suinmer-fruits very much. eth good and convenient for thue lo 13 | Moreover, Johanan the son of thither F).

Jareal, and all the captains of the 5. Now while he was not yet gone forces that were in the fields, caine lo back, he said, Go back aleo tu Geda. Gedalialı to Mizpali, liah lhe son of Alikam, the son of 14 And said nato_him, Dost thou Shaphan, whom the king of Babylon certainly know that Baalis the king of fath made governor over the cities of lie Ammonites hath sent Işluael Lue Judali, and well with him among the son of Nathanialt to stay thee? But people; or go wlieresoever it seeineth Gedalialı the son of Alikam believed convenient unto thee to go. So the tliein not. caplain of the guard gave him victuals lo Then Johanan the son of Kareal And a reward, and let liim go. spake to Gedalial in Nizpal secretly,

6 Then went Jeremial unlo Gedalialı saying, Let me go, I pray thee, and ) te gou of Alikan 10 Mizpali, and will play Ishmael ile son or Nethani


Gedaliah and

Olhci's sluir. all, and no man shallknow it: where-j lialı, ruas it which Asn the king hard fore should lie slay thice, that all the made for fear of Baasha king of 1.sJews which are gathered unto three rael: and Islimael the son of Netbashould be scattered, and the remnant bial filled it with them that were in Judali perisha?

slain. 16 But Gedalial the son of Alikam 10 Then lehmael carried away carsaid unto Jolanan the son of Karealı, live all the residue of the people that 'Thou shalt not do this thing; for thou were in Mizpalı, even the king's daughspe.kest sely of Ishmael.

ters, and all the people that remained CHAP. XLI.

iu Mizpal), wlion Nebuzar-ndan lie NOVO

W it came to pass in the seventh captain of the guard had committed

month, that Islamnael llie son of Lo Gedaliah the son of Abikaun: nid Nethaniah, the son of Elislama, of the Islunael the son of Nellaniah carried seeul royal, and the princes of the king, then away captive, and departedto go even ten inch with bim, came unto over to the Ammoniteg. Gedaliali the son of Alikain to Bliz- 11 T But when Jolanan the son of pall; and there they did eat bread lo- Karealı, and all the captains of the pellier in Mizpali.

forces that were with lini, leard of all 2 Tlien arose Ishmael the son of Ne- the evil that Ishmael the son of Ne thaniab, and the len men that were taniah bad done, with him, and oiote Gedilialı the son 12 Then they took all the men, and of Alikam, the son of Slaplıun with went to tiglit with Islimael the son of The gword, and slew him, whoin the Netlanials

, and found him by the great king of Babylon bad made governor waters that are in Gibecn. over the land.

13 Now it came to pass, that when all 3 Ishmael also slew all tice Jews that the people which were with Ishibael were willi liim, even with Gedalialı, saw Johanan the son of Kareah, and at Mizpal, and the Challeans that all the captains of the forces that were were found there, and the inen of with him, then they were glad.

1.1 So all the people that Islimael had 4 And it came to page the second day carried a wily captive from Nizpal) aller le liad slain Gedalial), and 110 cast about and returned,and wept unto man knew it;

Johanan the son of Karcalı. 5 That there came certain from She- lñ But Ishmael the son of Nethanialı cliem, from Suiloli, and fi'oin Samaria, escaped from Jolanan with eight inco), even fourscore neil, laving their and went to the Ammonites. bearis slaven and their clothes rent, 16 Thou took Johanan the son or and having cut themselves, with offer Kurealı, and all die captains of the ings and incense in their liud, to bring forces that were willi hiin, all the them to the liouse of the Lord. reinnant of the people whom lie bad

Cand Ishuael the soul of Nethanial recovered from Islunacl the son or went forth fion Nlizpali lo meet them, Neuianialı, from Mizpali, aner thrill weeping all along as he went: and it had slain Gedaliah tlie son of Abikar caune to pass, as lie met thein, be said seven mighty men of war, and the wo. unto llen, Coine to Gedaliab the son men, and the children, and the cumuche, of Abikan.

wliom he had brought again from 7 And it was so, when they came into Gibeon: the midst of the city, that Ishmael the 17 And they departed, and dwelt in son of Nethanial slew them, and cast the babitation of Chimlam, whicho them uto the midst of the pit, he, and is by Belli-lehem, to go to enter inisi the men wat were with hiin.

Egypt, 8 But ten men were found among 18 Because of the Chaldeans: for then that said unto Ishmael, Slay us Wiey were afraid of them, because not; for we liave treasures in the Islimael the son of Nethanialı had slan field, of wheat, and of barley, and of Gedaliah the son of Abikain, whom oil, and of honey. Sc le forbare, and the king of Babylon made governor in blew then not among Weir brethren, the land. 9 Nury the pit wherein Islınael had


THENall the of wlion he had slun becillise or Goda.

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Jolangit's request

10 Jeremita Gilet Jezuiali the son of Hosliaialı,aodi 14 Saying, No; but we will go into Dils che people, liom the least even un- the land of Egypt, where we shall see to the greatest, came near,

110 war, nor hear the sound or die % and said wito Jerennial the propli trumpet, nor have hunger of bread; et, Let, we bescechi thee, our suppli- and there will we dwell: calion be accepted before thee, and 15 And now therefore hear the word pray for us unto the Lord thy God, of the LOND, je remnant of Judalı; even for all this remuant; (for we are Thus saith the Lord of hosts, the Gou left but a few of many, as thine eyes of Israel, If ye wliolly sel your faces do beholl us:)

lo cuter into Egypt, and go to sojouri 3 Tlat the LORD thy God may show there ; (13 the way wherein we may walk, 16 Then it shall come to pass that and llie thing that we inay do. tlie sword, which ye feared, sliall over:

4 Then Jerennial the prophet said Lake you there in the laod of Egypti unto them, I have heard you; behold, and the famine, wliereof ye were I will pray unto the Lord your God afraid, shall follow close after you according to your words; and it shall there in Egypt; and there ye shall come to pass that whatsoever thing die. the Loro shall answer you, I will de 17 So shall it be willi all the men clare it unto you; I will keep noihing that set their faces to go into Egypt, back from you.

lo sojourn there: they shall lie by the 5 and they said to Jeremialı, The sword, by the laninc, and by the pesLord be a true and faithful witness Lilence; and none of them suall rebetween us, if we do not even accor. main or escape from the evil that I ding to all things for the which the will bring upon them. LORD thy God stall send thee to us. 18 For thug saith die Lond or hosts,

o Whether it be good, or whether it the God of Israel, As inine anger and be evil, we will obey tlic voice of the iny lury fall been poured forth upon LORD our Gud, to whom we send the inliabitants of Jerusalem; 60 slal} thee; that it may be well with us, my fury be poured forth upon you, when we obey the voice of the Lord when ye shall enter into Egypt: aou cur God,

je shall be an execration, and an as7 1 And it came to pass after ten tooislımcut, and a curse, and a redays, that the word of the Lord came proach; and yc shall see this place no unto Jeromialı.

8 Then called he Johanan the son of 19 | The Lord bath said concerning Karealı, and all the captains of the you, Oye remnant of Judah, Goye forces which were with him, and all not into Egypt: know certainly tball the people from tho Icast even to the latre admonished you this day. greatest,

20 For ye dissembled in your liearts, 9 And said unto thein, Thus sailli the wen ye sent me unto the Lond your LOND, the God of Israel, unto whom God, saying, Pray for us unto the şe sent me to present your supplica. Lond our God; and according unto tion before him;

all Wat the LORD our God sliall say, LO IC ye will sull abide in this land, so declare unto us, and we will do il. Lien will I build you, and not pull 21 And now I have this day declared you downl; and I will plant you, and it lo you; but ye have not obeyed ilie not pluck you up: for I repent me ol' roice of the Lord your God, nor any the evil that I liave done uulu yoll. thing for thic wlich lie hadi sent me

11 Be not afraid of the king or Buby. unto you. lon, of wbom ye are afraid ; be not 29 Now therefore know certainly atraill of lim, saith the Lond: for 1 what ye shall die by the sword, by the am with you to save you, and to de- lamine, and by the pestilence, in tlin liver you from liis land.

place whether ye desire to go and lo 12 And I will show mercies unto you sojourn. thathe inay lave mercy upon you,aud

CHAP. XLIII cause you to return in your owuland.

Jeremialı bacl made an and of in this land, neither obes the voice oliwrenking unto all the people all the dhe LORD your God,

words the LORD them Gou, fur


13. But if se sny, we will not .3*. ||| ANPerit came to pass, that when

The conquest of


Egypt foretold which the Lord their God nad sent putteth on his garment; and he sha!) uini lo llen, even all these words, go

forth from thence in peace. 2 Then sprake Azariah the son of Ho- 13 He shall bre:ik also the

images of shaiah, and Johanan the son of Kare- Beth-sleinesli, tlal is in the land of Ah, and all the proul inei, saying unto Egypt: and the houses of the gods ut Sereinial, Tlou speakest falsely: the the Egyptiang shall lie burn with fire. Lord our Gout hall not sent thee to

CILAP. XLIV. Bay, Go not iuto Egypt to sojourn there:

3. But Baruch this son con estilo see: THEcord that came to Jeremiah us into the land of che Chaldeans, that well in the land of Egypt, whichi they miglit put us to death, and carry dwell at Migdol, and at Talipanhes, us avay captives into Birbyloo. and at Nopli, and in the country wil

4 Su Jolunan the son of Kareal, and Pathros, saying, all the captains of the forces, and all 2 Thus saith the LORD of bosts, the the people, obeyed not the voice of the God of Israel; Ye have seen as the Lond, to dwell in the land of Judah. evil that I have brought upon Jerusa

5 But Johanan the son of Karealı, lem, and upon al die cities of Judalı; and all the captains of lie forces, took and, behole, this day they are a desc all the remnant of Judib, that were lation, and no man dwelletle therein, returned (rom all nations whither they 3 Because of their wickedness while bad been driven, to dwell in the land they bave committed to provoke nu of Judah;

to anger, in that they went to burn in 6 Even men, and women, and child cense, and to serve other gods, whoin dreu, and the king's daughters, and they knew 110!, neither they', je, nor every person that Nebuzar-adari the your fathers. captain of thic guiird liad left with 4 Hlowbeit I sent unto you all iny Gedaliah the son of Alikani, the son servants the prophets, rising early and of Shaphan, and Jeremials the proph-sending them, saying, Oh, do not this et, and Bruch the soul of Nerialı. abominable thing that I bate.

Û So they came into the land of á But they learkened not, nor inEgypt; for they obeyed not the voice clined their car to turn froin their of the LORD, Tbus caine llicy even wickednes.9, lo vuru no incense uolo to Tabpantes.

other gods. 81 Then came the word of the LORD 6 Wherefore my fury and mine an unto Jeremiah ia Tabpanlies, saying, ger was poured fortlı, and was kiis

9 Take great 81011es in thy hand, and dled in the cities of Judal and in the hiile them in the clay in die brick streets of Jerusalem; and they are kiln, which is at the entry of Phara- wasted and desolate, is at this clay. oli's liouse in Tahpaules, in the sighll 7 Therefore now thus saith the Lord, of the inen of Judal;

the God of liosts, the God of Israel; 10 And say unlo thein, Thus saith Wlierelore commit ye this great evil the Lord ol'losts, the God of Israel, against your souls, to cut off from Beliold, I will send and take Nebu- man and woman, child and suckling, chadrezzar the king of Babylon, my out or Judalı, 10 leave you none to rescrvant, and I will set his throne upon main; these stones that I have biv; and he 8 11 that ye provoke me unto wraila sliall spread bis royal pavilion over with the works of your hands, burning

incense unto other gods in the land oli 11 And when be cometl, he shall Egypt, whither ye be goue to dwell, Anile the land of Egypt, and deliver that ye might cut yourselves oll, audi such as arc for dealb, to death; and that ye might be a curse and a regucli as are for captivity, to captivity; proach among all the nations of thio and such as are for the sword, to the earth? givord.

9 Have ye forgotten llie wickednek 12 And I will kindle a fire in the of your fatliers, and the wickedness of buuses of the gods of Egypt; and be the kings of Judah, and the wickeil shall burn them, and carry them wway' ness of their wives, and your 09:11 Priptivng; and he shall may himself wickedness, and the wickedness of wild die land of pl, as a shepherd your wives, which they live conto

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