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Daniel informed


of the tincs, of bis palace between the scas in the of the river, Huw long shall it be to glorious holy innuntain: jet lie shall the end of these wonders: coine 10 liis end, and voue shall help! 7 And I beard the man clothed in nim,

linen, which was upon the waters of CH AP. XII.

the river, when he held up 119 riyle Antonia de

stund up, the great prince which and sware log bim that liveth for standet for the children of thy people; erer, that it shall be for a time, times, and there shall be a time of trouble, and a ball; and when he shall bave such as never was since there was a accomplished to scatter the power of nation, even to that same time: and at the holy people, all these things shalı that time thy people shall be deliver be finished. ed, every one that shall be found wril- 8 And I heard, but I understood not: ten in the book.

then said I, O my Lord, wliat shall be 2 And many or them that sleep in the end of these things. the dust of the earth shall awake, I And be siid, Gothy' way, Daniel ; some to everlasting lise, and some to for the words are closed up and sealedi ename and everlasting contempt. till the time of the end.

3 And they that be wise shall shine as 10 Niany shall be purilied, and made the brightness of the firmament; and white, and tried; but the wicked shall they that turn many to righteousness do wickedly: and none of the wicked as lie stars for ever and ever.

shall understand; but the wise shall 4 But thou, O Daniel, slilt up the understand. Worils, and seal the book, eren lo the 11 And from the time that the daily time of the end: many shall run to sacrifice shall be taken away, and the and lio, and knowledge sliall be in. abomination that maketh desolate aut creaseil.

up, there shall be a lbousand two hun 5. Tlien 1 Daniel looked, and, be- dred and ninely days. hold, there stood otlier two, the one 12 Blessed is he that waitelli, ani on this side of the bank of the river, comeili to the thousand rechundree! rund the other on that side of the bank and live and thirty days. of the river

13 But go thou fly way till the end 6 Aud one said to the man clothed ve: for tliou shalt rest, and stauid in ji linen, which nous pon the walers/tly lot at the end of the days.


to cease the kingdom of the house of

Isracl. THL word of the Lord that came o And it shall come to pass it that TH

unto Hosea the son of Beeri, in day, that I will break the low of Ismit the days of Uzzin!, Jotham, Aliaz, jel in the valley of Jezreel. and Hezekiah, kings of Judali, and in 6 1 And she conceived again, and the days of Jeroboain the sou of Joash, bare a daughter. And God said unin king of Israel.

him, Call lier nane Lo-ruhamah: for 2 The beginning or llie word of the I will no inore liave mercy upon the Lond by And the LORD said house of Israel; but I will utterly lo Hogea, Go take unto thee a wise or take them away. whoredoms, and children of whore. 7 But I will have mercy upon the iloms: for the land bath comınitted house of Judalı, and will save them in PORN.

thein ly bow, nor by sword, nor by 3 So be went and took Gomer the battle, by borses, nor by horsemen. daughter of Diblaim; which conceiv 8 T Now when she bad weaned Lro. red, and bare him a gun.

ruliamah, she conceived and bare a - Au the LORD snid unto bini, Callison. liis name Jezreel; for yel a litile while, 9 Then saill God, Call his name LO and I will avenge the blood ordeweel animi: for ye are 1100ny people, and uponilie liouse of Jehn, and will cause I will not be your God.

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for idolatry. 10 1 Yet the number of the children, cease, her feast-days, her new 100119 of lsruel shall be is the sand of the and her sabbaths, and all her bolem ipa, which cannot be measurerl marfcasts. numbered ; and it shall come to piss, 12 and I will destroy lier vines and cial in the place where it was sa ici her fig-lrces, wlereol she bathi Galli, WILO tliem, Ye are not my people, These are my rewards that iny lovers there it shall be said unto them, Yc are bave given me: and I will make lisen the sons of the living God.

a forest, and the bcasts of the field Il Then shall the children or Judah shall eallliem. and the children of Israelbe gathered 13 And I will visit upon her the days logether, and appoint themselves one of Baalin, wherein she burned incens Divad, and they shall coine up out of to liiem, aud she decked herself with the land ; for great shall be the day of her car-rings and her jewels, and she Jezreel.

went alter lier lovers, and forgal ine, CHAP. II.

saith the Lord. AX ye unto your brethren, Amini; 14 T Therefore, behold, I will allure

hier, and bring her into the wilderness, 2 Plead with your mouler, plead: for and speak comfortably unto her. she is not my wife, neither am I her 15 And I will give her hier vineyards Jusband: Jet berlierefore put away from thence, and the valley of clor lier whoredoms out of her sight, and for a door of hope: and slie shall sian her adulteries from between her there, as in the days of her youth, and breasts ;

as in the day when she cane up out 3 Lesi I strip her naked, and set her of the land of Egypt. as in the day Urat alle was born, and 16 And it shall be at that day, saitia make her 19 a wilderness, and set her the Lundua lliou shalt calline lshi; like a dry land, and sliy lier with and salt call me no more Baali. thirst.

17 l'or I will take away the names 4 And I will not have mercy upon of Baaliin out of her mouilt, and they lier children; for they lic the children shall no more be remembered by their of wlioredoms.

6 For their mother lath played the is And in that day will I make a harlot; she that conceived them bath covenant for then will the beasis of done shamefully: for alle said, I will the field, and with wie lowls of hen

alier my lovers, that give me my ven, and with the creeping things of bread and my walcr, my wool and myllic ground: and I will break the bowy slax, inine oil and my drink.

and the sword and the battle out of' tlie 6 TT Therefore, behold, I will hedge cartli, and will make them to lie down up thy way with thiorus, and make sfely. a wall, thit she shall not find her 19 And I will betroth thee unto nie paths

for ever; yea, I will betrolli iliee uutu 7 And Blic shall follow after her lo me in righteousness, and in Ludgment, ers, but she shall not overtake them; and in Joving-kindness, and in mer: und sie shall seek them, buc shall not cies. find them: then shall slie say, I will 20 I will even betroth thee into me go and relum to niy first husband; for in liithfuluess: iud thou shall know then was it better with me lan nww.the LONU.

8 For she did not know that I gave 21 And it shall come to pass in that her corn, and wine, and oil, and mul. day, I will lear,saith the Lord, I will tiplied her silver and gold, which they hear the heavens, and they slınil hear prepared for Bual.

the earth. 9 Therefore wiil I return, and take 22 And the earth shall lear the corn, away my coru in the time thereof, and the wine, and the oil; and they illd my wine in the season thercot, ishalliear Jezreel. and I will recover ny wool and my 23 An I will sow her unto me in Dax given 10 cuver lier nakedness. the cartı; and I will have mercy upont

10 And now will I discover her lewd her that had not obtained merry; and dress in the sight of her lovers, and I will say to them which were not my gone shall deliver her out of iny hand. people, Thou art my people; and they il I was also chiusu all lier mirth lulshall say, Thou ar my God


God's judgments



against the people. and they set their heart on Weir ini

yet, love a woman beloved of her 9 And there shall bé, like people, friend, yet an adult ress, according to like priest: and I will punish them the love of the Lord toward the chil. for their ways, and reward them their dren of Israel, who look to other gods, doings. nud love ligong of wine.

10 For they aliall eat, and not liave 2 So I bought her to one for fifteen enough: they shall conunit whorepieces of silver, ud for a boner or duin, and shall not increase: because Darley, and anall loiner of burley: they have lett off to take lieed to the

3 And I said unto lier, Thou shalt LOLD. abide for me maly days; thou shalt 11 Wlioredom, and wine, and new not plily the harlot, and thou shall not wine, lake away the leart. be for another man: so will also be 12 II My people ask counsel at their for Lee.

stocks, uld their glatl' declareth unto 1 For the children of Israel shall when : for the spirit of whoredoins abide many days without a king, and hath causrd them tu crr, and they have without a prince, and without a sacri- goue a whoring froin under their God. fice, wil without an image, and willi- 13 They facritice upon the tops or out ani ppoliod, and without lempiin: the nountains, and burn incensed upon

5 Alterward shall the children of the hills, auder onks, and proplars, and Israel return, and serk the Loadiheir elis, because the shadow thereof is God, imu Disiel their king; aud alall good: therefore your daughters shall learile Lord and luis goodness in the commal whoredom, awd your spouses latter days.

shall commit adultery. CHAP. IV.

14 I will not punislı şour daughters LTEAR the word of the LORD, yewlienthey commit whoredom,!1or your

ball 4 Couli'oversy with the inliivit. for the uselves are separated willi 2uts of the liund, because there is no wiores, and they sacrilice will ltartruth, nor mercy, nor knowledye of lots: therefore the people that Jotlı God in the land.

uut uiderstand shall fall. 2 By gw carmy, and lying, and killing, lá Though thou, Israel, play the ani yle atling,itud coinmitting induliery, brlot, yet let nor Judab otletid; und they break out, and blood loucleth come not ye unto Gilgal, weither go blood.

ye up 10 Belhaven, uior swear, The 3 Therefore shall the land mouru, LOID liveth nud errly one that dwellelli therein in For Israel slideth back as a backshall linguish, with the beasts of the living heiler: now the Louilt will feed field, and with the lowls of beaven: them ita a lumb in a large place. yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be 17 Eplıram is joined to idols; lelliin Link psi itay.

alone. 4 Yellet no man strive, or reprove

18 Their drink is sour; they have another: for thy people are as they committee whoredom continually: her t!al scrive with the priest

rulers with shame do lorp, Give ye. 5 Therefore shall thou fall in the day, 19 The wind batli bound bier up in and the prophet also shall fall with her wings, and they shall be arslained thee in the niglit, and I will destroy because of their sacrifices. thy motber.

CHAP. V. Lule People are deset censed as lack Hereretenisowo priests; and jected knowledge, I will also rejecu give ye ear, 0 house of the king; for thee, that ibu shult be 10 priest to judgment is loward you, because se me: goeing thou last forgollen the have been suare on Mizpal, and a low of thy God, I will also forget thy het spread upon Tabor, chikirin.

2 And the revolters are profound to 7 A, they were increnged, so they make slangliter, though I have been a sinned against nie; therefore will i rebukier or thein all. change their glory into slune. 3 I know Epbraim, and Israel is not 8 They eat up the sin of my people, bic froin me: for noiv, o Eplırain,

In exhortation

10 reportance thou committest wlioredoin, and Israfis prepared as the morning: and ina cl is defiled.

shall come unto us as the rain, as the 4 They will not frame their doings latter and loriner rain unto the eart)i. les turn unto their God; for the spirit 4 TO Eplam, what shall I do unto or wliorrdoms is in the midst of them, Lee? O Judali, wliat shall I do uto and they have not known the LORD. theei lor your gnudness is 18 a nori

6 And the pride of Israel doth testifying cloud, and as the early dew it goelli 10 lis lice: therefore alall Israel and away. Eplurain fall in their iniquits' ; Judah 5 Therefore have I liewed lutem by also snäll fall will thein.

the prophets; I have alain thein Isy 6 They shall go with their pocks and the words of my mouth and loy with their berds to seek the LORD; judgments are as the light that goclis but they shall not find him: lie halb fortli. willidriwni bimsell'froin them.

6 For I desired mercy', and not sacri. 7 Tipy bare dealt treacherously fice; and we knowledge of Gud mole against ile Lori); for they have be-Juliaus burnt offerings. gollen strange children: low sliall a 7 Bul they like men bare transgress. monili devour them with their pored the covenant: there have they dealt tions.

treacberously agilist me. 8 Blow ye the corneliui Gibeali, and 8 Gilead is a city of them that work the trumpet in Ramah: cry aloud at iniquity, and is polluled with blood. Betti-aven, alter thee, Benjamin. 9 And as lroups of robbers wait for a 9 Ephraim shall be desolate in the man, so the company of priests vurder day of rebuke: among the tribes or in the way by consent: for they com Israel have I made known that whiclı mit jewdnesa. sliall surely be.

10 1 lave seen a horrible thing in 10 The princes of Judalı were like the liouse of Israel: there is ille then that remove the bound; there whoredom of Epliraim, Israel is de fore I will pour out my wrath upon bled. them like water.

1] Also, o Judah, he balli eet a liar ll Ephraim is oppressed and brok vestlordiee, when I returned the capen in judgment, because be willingly livity of my people. walked alter the commandment.

CHAP. VII. 12 Therefore rvill I be uuto Ephraim as a mots, and to the house of Judah WH

HEN I would have liealed 18. 18 19ttendea

rael, then the iniquity of Epla 13 Wheu Ephraimn saw his sickness, raim was discovered, and the wickedand Judah sam liis wound, then went nėss of Simaria: for they committalsr Ephraim to the Assyrian, and seul 10 hood: and the thief consell in, and king Jareb: yet could lie noi leal you, the Iroop of robbers spoileth wille nor cure you of your wound.

out, 14 For I will be unto Ephrain as a 2 And they consider not in their sion, and as a young lion to the house hearts that I remember all tlicir wick of Judalı: 1, even I, will lear and go cdress: vow their own doings lase Away' ; I will take away, and donc beset them aboul, tbey are before niyo shall rebelle him.

lace. 15 I will go and return to my place, 3 They make the king glad with till they acknowledge their ofence, llieir wickedness, and leir princes and seek my lace: in their affliction with their lies. they will seek me early.

4 They are all adulterers, as an overt CHI AP. VI,

beated by the baker, whoccaseth lions YOME, and let us return unto the raising after he bath kneeded the

will he:ll us; he bath smilten, and he 6 In the day of our king the princes will bind us up.

have made him sick with botiles of 9 Aller two days will lie revive us : wine; he stretched out his hand withi in the third day he will raise us up, scorners. and we shall live in his sight.

6 For tlicy lave inade ready their 3 Tlien shall we know, if we follow licart like an oven, while they lie in un LU kuow the LORD: hip going forth wail: their baker slccpeth all the Israelites thercatored


for their idolatry. night; in the mornuig it barnetlı as a thee off: mine anger is kindled against laining fire.

them: how lo:ig will it be ere they at7 They are all hot as an oven, and tain to innocency? have devoured their judges: all their o For froin Israel svas it also: thie kings are fallen : there is none anong workloan made it; therefore it is no: then that calleth unto me.

Cod: but the call of Sunaria shall be 8 Ephraim, he hath mixed himself broken in pieces. among the people; Ephraila is a cake 7 For they have sown the wind, and not turned.

they shall reap the whirlwind: it halı 9 Strangers have devoured bis stalk: the bud shall yiell no meal : strength, und lie knoweli it not: yea, it' so be it yield, the straugers shall grey hairs are bere and there upon swallow it up. biin, yet he knoweth not.

8 Ismel is swallowed up: now shall 10 And the pride of Israel testisieth they be annoug the Gentiles 13 il vessel to his luce: and they do not return to wherein is no pleasure. the LORD their God, nor seek him for 9 For they are goue up to Assyria, all this.

il wild ass alone by linsell: Ephrain 11 | Epirin also is like a silly dove lach hired lovers. witbout leart: they call to Egypt, 10 Yea, though they have hired they go to Assyria.

among the nations, now will I gather 12 When they shall go, I will spread then, indi bey sball sorrow a litile for my pet upon them; I will bring them the burile of the king of princes. dow as die fowls of the leaven; 1 11 Bucluse Ephraim halb made many will chastise them, as their congrega- altars to sin, altars shall be wto him sion liath licard.

to sin. 13 Wo unto them! for they have med

12 I liare wrillen to him the great froin nie: destruction unto Wienn! be things of my lawy, but they were cause they have transgressed yainst counted as a strange thing. ne: though I have redeeined them, 13 Tliey sacrifice flesta for the sacriyet they liave spoken lies against inefices of mine ufferings, and eat it; but 1.1 And they lave not cried untoine the LORD accepteth When not; now

all their lieart, when they bowled will be remember their iniquily, and EXCn their beds: they assenble them- visit their sins; they shall retuin lo Kelves lor corn and wine, and they re. Egypt. Trel against me.

14 For Israel bath forgotlen his Ola 15 Though I have bound and strength.ker, and buildetli temples; and Judith and their arms, yet do they imagine hath multiplied leuced cities: but I mischief against me.

will send it fire upon liis cities, uit il 16 They return, but not to the NIost shall devour the palaces thereol. Higli: lley are like a deceitful bow:

CHAP. IX. their priuces shall fall by the sword REJOICE not, O Ismel, for joy, 19 fior the rage of their tongue:

this shall be their derision in lie land of a whoring froin thy God, thou hast Egypt.

loved a reward upon every cornelloor, CHIP. VIII.

2 The floor and the wine-press shall SET ET the trumpet to thy mouth. He not feed then, and lie new wine shall

shull come as an eagle against the tail in her. house of the LORD, because they lave 3 They shall not dwell in the Lord's transgressed my covenant, and tres land; but Ephrain slill return to pissed against my law.

Egypt, and they shall eat uncleild 2 Israel shall cry unto me, My God, things in Assyria. ve kuow thee.

4. They shall not offer wine-offerings 3 Israel liucl cast off the thing that to the Lono, neither shall they be is good: the enemy stall pursue bim. pleasing unto him: their sacrilicet

+ They have set up kings, but not by shall be unto them as the bread of me; they have made prince, and I mourners; all that eat thereof small kuew it. 0t: of their silver and their be polluted: for their bread for their goll bare liiey made them idols, that soul shall not come into the house ui llorage may be cut oil.

the LORD. ö Thi ciui, o Simariil, lould casil 5 What will get in the solema


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