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Sidan 73 - Thus the Chou Li depicts a governing system which, in all essentials, prevailed in middle and late feudal Chou in the various states and has its roots in the system pertaining to late Yin and early...
Sidan 105 - Some Aspects of the Technical Development in the Manufacture of the Chinese Pottery Wares of Pre-Ming Age.
Sidan 137 - ... ^"has no passive sense and the verb seldom takes a complement of result. The recipient of the action expressed by the verb may be placed either at the beginning or at the end of the sentence; (1) a (2) (3) Sentences with "£j£" generally indicate the passive voice.
Sidan 164 - Yvon3 distingue ces deux fonctions en disant que le est dans le premier cas article, mais pronom dans le second. Le superlatif pur, qui. peut s'opposer au comparatif, n'apparaît que devant un adjectif isolé ou postposé : ce paysage est le plus beau (cp.
Sidan 164 - La construction superlative ordinaire : le plus beau paysage est aussi plus compliquée qu'elle ne le paraît : il faut l'interpréter comme le le plus beau paysage, ainsi que l'a proposé M.
Sidan 71 - Fang), the patriarchal method of procedure in the marriage of royal princesses, and various events at the end of the Yin and the beginning of the Chou...

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