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seen, and the foundations of the world were discovered ; at thy rebuke, O JEHOVAH! at the blast of the breath of thy displeasure.

16 He stretched his hand froin above, and lajd hold on me ; he drew me up out of many

waters : 17 He delivered me from my powerful enemies, and from those who hated me; because they were too strong for me.

18 They had surprised me in the day of distress : but JEHOVAH was my support.

19 He brought me forth into a wider space ; he delivered me, because he was pleased with me.

20 Jehovah requited me according to mine innocence ; he recompensed me according to the cleanness of mine hands.

21 Because I had kept the ways of JEHOVAH; and had never revolted from my God:

22 Because his judgments had been before me; and I had never rejected his statutes:

Because I had ever been sincere before him ; and had kept myself from injusticc :

24 JEHOVAH hath requited me according to mine integrity; and according to the cleanness of mine hands in his sight.


25 To the merciful, o JEHOVAH ! thou art merciful ; with the sincere, thou dealest sincerely.

26 To the pure, thou also art pure ; but with the stubborn, thou dealest according to their stubbornness.

27 For thou savest those who are depressed ; but humblest the haughty,

28 'Tis thou, o JEHOVAH! who lightest my lamp: JEHOVAH, my God, enlighteneth my darkness.

29 Enabled by thee, I bound over fences; by the help of my God, I leap over walls.

30 GOD is perfect in all his actions ;. the word' of JEHOVAH is tried by fire: he is a shield to all who place their trust in him.

31 For, who is GOD, beside JEHOVAH? who is a firm rock, beside our GOD?

32 It is GOD who girdeth me with strength; and maketh me to move without difficulty :

33. He maketh my feet like hinds' feet; he inaketh me to stand firm on high places.

34 He traineth mine hands to war; and maketh mine arins like a bow of stecl. 35 Thou coverest me with thy saving


shield, and with thy right-hand thou supportest me; and thine indulgence maketh me great.

36 Thou makest ample room for my steps; that my feet may not slip.

37 I pursue mine enemies, and overtake them; I return not, until they are routed.

38 I wound them, so that they cannot rise; they fall beneath my feet.

39 For thou girdest me with strength for the battlc; thou subduest mine enemies under me:

40 Thon makest me to tread on the necks of mine eneinies ; and I utterly destroy minc adversaries.

41 They cry for help, but there is none to save: they cry unto JEHOVAH, but, he doth not answer them.

42 I beat them as small as dust before the wind; I tread upon them like dirt in the streets.

43 Thou hast delivered me from mine of'ponents; and hast placed me at the head of nations :

44 A people whom I knew not, are become subject unto me ; as soon as they hear my mandates, they obey.

45 Foreign 45 Foreign nations, although feignedly, yet obey me; foreign nations shrink with fear, and tremble in their own strong holds.

46 JEHOVAH liveth ; therefore, praised be my rock; and exalted be the God who hath saved me.

47 He is the God who avengeth my cause ; and subdueth nations unto me.

48 It is he who hath rescued me from all mine enemics, and raised me above mine adversaries : thou hast delivered me from the violent man.

49 Therefore, I will praise thee, O JEHOVAH! among the nations; I will sing praises unto thy name :

50 Who art the safeguard of his chosen king; and showeth loving-kindness unto his anointed, unto David and his posterity

for ever.


In the Morning prayer, p. 50.


MAY JEHOVAH hear thee in the day of distress! may the go- of Jacob protect thee!

2 May he send thee help from his sanctuary; and strengthen thee from Zion !

3 May be remember all thine offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifice!

4. May he grant thee thine heart's desire; and accomplish all thy purposes !

5 May JEHOVAH grant thee all thy requests ; that we may rejoice in thy deliverance, and triumph in the name of our God.

6 Nay, I know assuredly that JEHOVAH will save his anointed, and will favour him, from his holy heavens, with the saving strength of his right-hand.

7 Let some boast of their chariots, and others of their horses ; but we will glory in the name of our GOD.

8 They shall be brought down, and fall: but we shall be exalted, and stand firm.

9 O JEHOVAH ! save the king; hear us when we invoke thee.


O JEHOVAH! the king rejoiceth in thy might; and greatly exulteth in being saved by thee :

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