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4 But were I to walk in the dark vale of death, I should fear no barm, while thou art with me; thy staff and thy. crook would comfort me.

5 Thou hast spread a table before me ; in the presence of mine enemies, thou anointest mine head, and makest my cup to overflow.

6 Ah! may thy bounteous mercy follow me all the days of my life ; may I dwell in the house of JEHOVAH as long as I live.

PSALM XXIV. THE earth is JEHOVAH's, and all that it contains; the world, and all those who dwell therein :

2 For he it was who laid the foundation above the seas ; and established it above the floods.

3 Who shall ascend the mountain of JEHOVAH ? and who shall stand in his holy place?

4 He who hath clean hands, and a pure heart ; and who hath not addicted his mind to falsehood, nor sworn with intent to deceive.

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5 He shall receive a blessing from JEHOVAH ; and be justified by the God of his salvation.

6 Such is the race of those who seek him ; of those, who desire thy presence, o GOD of Jacob !


up your heads, ye gates! and be ye lifted up, ye lofty doors! that the king of glory may come in.

8 “Who is this king of glory?" It is JEHOVAH, strong and mighty ; even JEHOVAH powerful in battle.

9 Lift up your heads, ye gates! and be ye lifted up, ye lofty doors ! that the king of glory may come in.

Who is this king of glory?". It is JEHOVAH, the GOD of hosts; he is the king of glory.



UNTO thee, O JEHOVAH! I raise my soul; to my GOD! in thee I place my trust : let me not be confounded, neither Jet mine enemies exult over me.

2 Let none be confounded, who look up to thee; let those be confounded, who traitorously prevaricate.

3 Instruct

3 Instruct me in thy ways, o JEHOVAH ! and teach me to follow thy paths.

4 Direct me to thy truth, and teach me; for thou art the top of my salvation.

5 To thee I daily look up, because of thy goodness, O JEHOVAH!

6 Remember, O JEHOVAH ! thy tender mercies and thy kindnesses of former days: obliterate the sins and crimes of my youth, and remember me according to thinc own goodness.

7 Gracious and righteous is JEHOVAH; therefore, he instructeth sinners in the right way.

8 The meek he directeth to justice ; and to the gentle he pointeth out his way.

9 All the paths of JEHOVAH are mercy and truth, to those who observe his prccepts and his testimonies.

10 For thine own name's sake, o JEHOVAH! pardon mine iniquity, although

it be great.

1 Who is the man that revereth JEHOVAH? him he will instruct in his chosen way:

12 That man shall enjoy prosperity ; and bis posterity shall inherit the land.

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The counsel of JEHOVAH is for those who revere him; and to them he maketh known his covenant.

14 Mine eyes are ever directed to JEHOVAH, for he can conduct my feet out of the snarc.

15 Regard me, and have compassion on me ; for I am desolate and afflicted.

16 The sorrows of mine heart are increased ; oh! bring thou me out of my distresses.

17 Draw near, and behold mine afflictions and my sufferings ; and pardon all my transgressions.

18 See, how mine enemies multiply ; and hate me with an outrageous hatred.

19 Preserve my life and deliver me; let me not be confounded, for I place my trust in thee.

20 Let integrity and justice protect me; for my dependance is on thee, O JEHOVAH!

21 Deliver Israel, o GOD! from all his distresses.


JUDGE my cause, o JEHOVAH! I have walked in innocence : my trust hath been in JEHOVAH; therefore, I shall not fall.

2 Examine me, O JEHOVAH! and scrutinize me ; search thou my reins and mine heart.

3. For thy loving-kindness hath ever been before mine eyes ; and I have walked according to thy truth.

I have never dwelt with deceitful persons; neither have I associated with hypocrites.

5 I hate the company of the malevolent; and sit not down with the wicked.

6 I wash mine hands in innocence, when I approach thine altar, O JEHOVAH !

7 That I may make my voice to be heard in thy praise; and recount all thy wonderful works.

8 I love, O JEHOVAH! the house in which thou dwellest ; and the place where thy glory resideth.

9 Join not my soul with sinners; nor my life with blood-thirsty men :

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