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2 O JEHOVAH! my God! when I cried unto thee; thou didst restore me to health :

3 Thou, O JEHOVAH ! broughtest back my life from the grave; thou preservedst me from descending into the pit.

4 Sing unto JEHOVAH, o ye his pious ones! and commemorate, with praise, his holiness.

5 For, although there is reproof in his frown, there is life in his favour: there may be sorrow in the evening, but joy cometh in the morning.

6 In my prosperity, indeed, I thought I should never be shaken; because thou, JEHOVAH ! hadst been pleased so firmly to establish my mountain.

7 But thou withdrewest thy countenance; and I was suddenly dismayed.

8. Then I invoked thee, O JEHOVAH! and to thee I made supplication. 9

“ What gain," said I, can arise from my blood, when I shall have


down to the pit? will dust praise thee? or, will it declare thy truth?

10 “ Hear, o JEHOVAH! and be gracious


unto ine;

O JEHOVAH ! be thou mine helper."

in Then thou turnedst my mourning into mirth; thou strippedst me of my sackcloth, and clothedst me with a robe of joy.

12 Therefore, my tongue shall praise thee without ceasing ; O JEHOVAH! my GOD! I will praise thee for ever.


In thec, o JEHOVAH ! I place my trust, let me never be confounded; rescue me for thy justice's sake.

2 Incline thine ear unto me: and hasten to rescue me. 3

Be thou unto me a tower of strength, and a fortress of defence to save me.

4 For thou art my rock, and my fortress; lead and direct me for thine own name's sake.

5 Draw me out of the snare which mine enemies have laid for me ; for thou, O JE, HOVAH! art my strength.

6 Into thine hands, I recommend my life; rescue me, o JEHOVAH! GOD of truth.

7 Thou

7 Thou, O JEHOVAH ! hatcst those who worship idols ; but I place my trust in thec.

8 I will exult and rejoice in thy goodness ; because thou hast considered mine affliction, and adverted to the distress of

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my soul :

9 Because thou hast rescued me from the hand of mine enemy; and set my feet in a place of liberty.

10 Be gracious unto me, o JEHOVAH! for I am in distress: mine eye; yea, my soul, and my body are wasted with vexation !

11 My life is consumed with sorrow; and my years with sighing !

12 My strength is exhausted by affliction : and my bones are corroded with grief!

13 I am the reproach of all mine enemies; a burthen to my neighbours : mine acquaintance are afraid of me, and they who see me abroad, avoid me.

14 I am forgotten as one dead ; I am out of remembrance, like a vessel that has been lost.

15 When I hear the slander of the multitude, fcar encompasscth me on every side ;

I say

while they consult together against me, and conspire to take away my life. 16 But my trust is in thee, o JEHOVAH !

• Thou art my GOD : 17 “My time is in thine hands : rescue me from the hands of mine enemies and persecutors.

18 - Show thy servant the light of thy countenance : save me, o JEHOVAH! for thy goodness' sake.

19 “Let me not be ashamed, O JEHOVAH! for I have called upon thee : but let the wicked be confounded, and put to silence in the grave.

20 “Let the lips of falsehood be silenced, which speak hard things against the innoccnt, with haughtiness and contempt.”

21 How great is thy goodness, O JEHOVAH ! which thou reservest for those who revere thee: and hast prepared, in despite of the sons of men, for those who place their trust in thee !

22 Thou hidest them, in the covert of thy presence, from the insults of men ; thou hidest them, in thine inmost sanctuary from contentious tongues. 23. Praised be JEHOVAH ; who hath


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shown me distinguished kindness in a fortified city.

24 In my consternation, I had said “I am utterly cut off from thy regard :" 25 But thou heardest

iny supplication, when I cried unto thee.

26 'Love JEHOVAH, all ye his pious ones; for JEHOVAH protecteth those who are faithful, but abundantly repayeth the insolent


27 Be firm, and take courage, all ye who place your trust in JEHOVAH !

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HAPPY is he whose transgression is pardoned ; and whose sin is forgiven.

2 Happy is the man unto whom JEHOVAA imputeth not iniquity; and in whose spirit there is no deceit.

3 While I was deaf to remorse, my bones were wasted from iny daily complaining :

4. For thine hand was heavy upon me day and night ; and my moisture was changed like unto the drought in suin



At length, I confessed my sin unto thee;


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