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11 Hearken, o princess! be attentive, and lend thine ear; forget thine own people and thy father's house :

12 That the king may take pleasure in thy beauty ; for now he is thy lord, bow . down to him :

13 So shall Tyre bring its gifts to thee and the rich also among thy people shall entreat favour.

14 The queen is all-glorious in her appearance; her robe is of wrought gold.

15 She shall be brought unto the king: in raiment of needle-work, and her virgincompanions shall attend her :

16 They shall be brought unto thee with joy; and shall enter into the king's palace with rejoicing and exultation.

17. The place of thy fathers shall be supplied by sons, whom thou shalt make princes through all the land.

18 I will render thy name memorable through all generations: so that the peoples shall celebrate thee for ever and ever.



GOD is our hope and, our strength; a ready, helper in the time of distress,

2 Therefore, we will not be afraid, though the cartb itself should be shaken, and the mountains be carried into the midst of the


3 Though its waters should roar and rage; and the mountains should quake from the swelling of the same.

4 Yét a limpid river (Siloal] would gladklen with its streams the city of GOD, the sacred abode of the most high.

5 GOD being in tlie midst of her, therefore she shall not be shaken ; for God will come early to her aid. : 6 When nations raged, and kingdoms were in motion to invade her ; be only uttered his voice, and the earth melted.

7 JEHOVAH, the God of hosts, was with us; the God of Jacob was our fortress.

8. Come, and behold the mighty works of JEHOVAH: what wonders he baih done in the land. 9 It is he who causeth wars to cease a


from its boundaries; who breaketh the bow, and snappeth the spear asunder, and burneth the chariots of war with fire.

10 “Be at rest," saith be, “and acknowledge that I am GOD: I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted throughout the earth.”

II JEHOVAH, the God of hosts, is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.


CLAP your hands, all ye people ! sing unto our GOD with the voice of triumph :

2 For JEHOVAH, the most high, is to be feared ; he is the great king over all the earth.

3 It is he who bath subjected peoples unto us; and put nations under our feet:

4 For us he hath selected our inheritance; even the glorious inheritance of Jacob, his beloved.

5 Let God be extolled with a shout; JEHOVAH, with the sound of the trumpet.

6 Sing ye praises, sing praises unto GOD; sing ye praises, sing praises unto our king:

7 For God is king over all the earth ; sing praises, therefore, unto him with a melodious voice;

8 Unto God, who reigneth over the nations ; unto God, who sitteth on his holy throne.

9 There assemble the princes of the people, the people of the God of Abraham :

10 For unto God, supremely exalted, belong-th the earth.


GREAT is JEHOVAH, and highly to be praised ; in the city of our GOD, his holy mountain.

2 Beautiful is the situation of mount Zion, and the delight of the whole land : on the north side is the city of the great king ; in her palaces, God is known as her sure defence.

3 For, lo! when the associated kings had come over together against her ;

4 As soon as they saw her, they were astonished ; they were confounded, and hastily retreated :

5 There, a trembling seized on them i and sorrow like that of a wornan in travail :

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6 Or,


6. Or, like the cast wind, which in a moment dasbeih in pieces the ships of Tarshish.

7 We now see, what we have often heard, concerning the city of JEHỌVAH, the God of hosts, concerning the city of our. GOD;--that God hath established her for

8. We meditate, O GOD! thy lovingkindness, in the midst of thy temple.

9 As thy name, O GOD! so shall thy praise resound unto the ends of the earth : thy right-hand is full of.righteousness !

10 Let mount, Zion, rejoice ; let the cities of Judah exult; for thy judgments, O JEHOVAH ! are just.

11 Walk about Zion, and go round here, and number her towers :

12. Mark well her bulwarks, and count, her, palaces; that ye may tell these things. to the next generation.

. 13 Surely this God will be our GOD; surely he will be our guide for, eyer and ever.


HEAR this, all ye peoples ! give ear, all se inhabitants of the world!

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