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16 Ye lofty hills, ye hills of Bashan ! ye swelling hills, ye hills of Bashan !

17 Why, ye swelling hills ! are ye jealous of the hill whereon god delighteth to reside; whereon JEHOVAH will reside for ever?

18 GOD's chariots of war are numerous; thousands of seraphs are with them : JEHOVAH was amidst thein in the holy place of Sinai:

19 With these, thou mountest aloft ; thou leadest thy prisoners captive; thou receivest presents of men, even rebels, as forfeited unto thee.

20 Praised be Jehovah, the God who daily preserveth us :

21 The GOD who has saved us; for it is to JEHOVAH, our GOD, that we owe our escapes from death.

22 But God hath wounded the heads of his enemies; the bairy crowns of those who persist in wickedness.

23 “ I will bring them back," said JehoVAH, “ from Bashan, as once from the depths of the sea :

24 “ That thou mayest bathe thy fect in the blood of thinc enemies, and even thy dogs may lick up the same.

S 2

25 Behold


25 Behold the processions of cop ! the processions of my king and my GOD into his sanctuary.

26 The singers precede, the minstrels follow ; in the midst are damscls playivg on timbrels.

27 They praise God in company together; the offspring of Israel praise JEHO

28 Here are Benjamin, though youngest, their leader ; the princes also of Judah, their strength; and the princes of Zebulon, and of Nephthali.

29 Exert, O GOD! thy might; confirm, O GOD! what thou hast done for us from thine own heavenly palace : then shall kings bring presents unto thee to Jerusalem, 30

Check the wild beasts Wibich live among the reeds, and the assembly of the potent lords of nations, who tread on tiles of silver : 31 Disperse the people who delight in

Let ainbassadors come from Egypt : let Chush hasten to give her hand to GOD.

32 Sing unto GOD, ye kingdoms of the carth! sing praises unto JEHOVAH :


33 Praise

33 Praise him who rideth on the highest heavens from all ages : lo! how loudly he thundereth with his voice !

34 Ascribe ye power unto God, whose excellency is over Israel, and whose strength is above the clouds.

35 Treinendous is god froin his sanctuary : the God of Israel giveth strength and power to his people: Praised be GOD!


SAVE me, o GOD ! for the waters flow, even to the endangering my life.

2 I sink into deep mire, where I cannot stand : Iam come into deep waters, where the flood overwhelmeth me.

3 I ain wearied with crying, my throat is parched ; mine eyes are wasted with looking for my GOD.

4 They who hate me without cause, are more numerous than the hairs of mine head ; and mine enemies, who wish to destroy me, are powerful. I repay them what I never took away.

5 O GOD! thou knowcst my folly; and my sins are not hidden from thee.

S 3

6 But

6 But let not those who trust in thee, O JEHOVAH ! God of hosts! be abashed because of me: neither let those who seek thee, o God of Israel ! be put to shame for

my sake:

7 For on thine account I suffer reproach; and on thiné account I am loaded with ignominy:

8 I am become a stranger to mine owa brethren, and an alien to mine own mother's sons.

9 Because my zeal for thine house consumeth me; and the reproaches of those who reproach thee, fall upon me.

10 When I weep and fast, it is made a subject of reproach ;

i When i clothe myself with sackcloth, I become a byc-word with them.

12 They who sit in the gate calumniate me; and the drunkards make songs

upon me.

13 But as for me, I address my prayer unto thee, o JEHOVAH! in thine own seasonable time : according to thine infinite goodness, O GOD! hear, and assure me of my preservation. 14 Deliver ine from the mire, that I may


not sink : let me be rescued from those who hate me, and recovered from the watery deep.

15 Let not the flood of waters overwhelm me; nor the whirl-pool swallow me up; neither the grave close upon


16 Hear me, o gov! according to thy great goodness; regard me according to thine infinite kindness.

17 Hide not thy face from thy servant; but hasten to help me in my distress.

18 Draw nigh unto me, and deliver me; rescue me from mine enemies.

19 Thou knowest what reproach, what shame and dishonour I have borne ; and mine adversaries are all before thee.'

20 Reproach hath broken mine heart, and I am full of anguish : I looked for some one to condole with me, but there was not one; and for some one to comfort me, but could not find him.

21 With my food they gave me bitter hyssop to eat ; and, in my thirst, they gave me vinegar to drink.

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