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6 Happy are the people whose strength is in thee.

7 Who, passing the ways through the valley of Bacah, drink of the spring ; whose pools are filled with water.

8 They travel from strength to strength, till every one of them appear before GOD in Zion.

90 JEHOVAH ! god of hosts! hear my prayer ; hearken, O God of Jacob !

IO O GOD! our shield ! behold and regard the face of thine anointed.

11 For one day spent in thy courts is better than a thousand upon earth.

12 Therefore, I would choose rather to be in the porch of the house of God, than to dwell within the tents of the wicked :

13 For JEHOVAH, the God of hosts, is a guard and a shield: JEHOVAH bestoweth favour and honour ; nor doth be with-hold any good thing from those who live an holy life.

14 O JEHOVAH ! God of hosts! happy is the man who placcth his trust in thee.


PSALM LXXXV. DOST thou become favourable unto the land, O JEHOVAH? Dost thou bring back the captive sons of Jacob ?

2 Dost thou take away the iniquity of thy people? Hast thou forgiven all their sin?

3 Hast thou withdrawn all thy wrath ? Dost thou turn from the fierceness of thine anger?

4 Restore us, o GOD! our saviour, and stay thine indignation against us.

5 Wilt thou be angry with us for ever? Wilt thou continue thy wrath through all generations ?

6 Wilt not thou turn and revive us, that thy people may rejoice in thee?

7 Show us thy mercy, O JEHOVAH ! and grant is thy salvation.

8 I will hearken what JEHOVAH, our GOD, will say, when he shall speak peace to such of his people, and his servants, as shall cease to return to folly.

9 Truly his saving power is near to those who fear him, when his glory dwell eth in our land :

10 Mercy' and truth meet together ; justice and peace embrace each other :

II Truth

1 Truth springeth from the earth ; and justice looketh down from heaven :

12 Yea, JEHOVAH giveth prosperity; and our land yieldeth its increase :

13 The just prospereth in his presence ; because he placeth his footsteps in the way of Jehovah.


INCLINE thine ear, o JEHOVAH ! and answer me ; for I am afflicted and indigent.

2 Preserve my life, for I am merciful : O GOD! save thy servant, who trusteth in thee.

3 Have compassion on me, O JEHOVAH! for I call upon thee all the day long.

4 Rejoice the heart of thy servant, for unto thee, O JEHOVAH ! I raise


soul : 5 For thou, o JEHOVAH ! art good and forgiving, and abounding in mercy toward all who call upon thee.

6 Hearken unto my prayer, O JEHOVAH! and attend to the voice of my supplication.

7 Io the day of my distress I call upon thee, for thou answerest ne..

8 Among

8 Among the gods there is none, O JEHOVAH ! like unto thee ; neither any of their works like unto thy works.

9 All nations, whoin thou hast made, shall come, and shall worship before thee, O JEHOVAH ! and glorify thy name :

10 For thou art great, and doest wonderful things ; thou alone art god.

Il Teach me thy way, o JEHOVAH ! and I will walk in thy truth; inine heart shall rejoice in the fear of thy name.

12 I will praise thee, O JEHOVAH ! my GOD! with my whole heart ; and I will glorify thy name for ever.

13 For thy mercy hath been great toward me; and thou hast delivered my life from the grave beneath.

14 The proud, o God! rise up against me, and an assembly of violent men seek my life; they set not thee before them.

15 But thou, o JEHOVAH ! art a compassionate and gracious GOD; slow to anger, and abounding in mercy and truth :

16 Look towards me, and be gracious unto ine ; give strength unto thy servant, and save the son of thine handınaid. 17 Show in my favour a token of thy

goodness, goodness, that those who háte me may see it and be ashamed ; and be convinced that thou, o JEHOVAH ! dost help and comfort



The foundations of Jerusalem are upon the holy mountains : JEHOVAH loveth the gates of Zion better than all the dwellings of Jacob.

2 Extraordinary things are related of thee, o thou city of GOD! 3

I will celebrate Rahab and Babylon for men of knowledge ; lo! Philistia 'also, and Tyre with Chaldea :

4. But of Zion it shall be said, “ Such an one was born there ; this man and that man were born in her; and this samedid lay her foundations.”

5 The most high, JEHOVAH, when he enrolleth the nations, shall record that such an one was born there :

6 Singers, as well as players on instruments, shall celebrate Zion; all their springs of praise shall be exhausted on thee.


O JEHOVAH ! GOD of my salvation ! I


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