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2 Sing unto him, sing unto him a psalm of praise ; meditate on all his wonderful works. 3 Make your

boast of his holy name; let the heart of those rejoice, who seek JEHOVAH. 4. Seek ye JEHOVAH, that ye may

be strengthened ; approach his presence ever


5 O, ye posterity of Abraham, his servant ! o, ye sons of Jacob, his chosen !

6 Recite the wonders which he hath wrought; his miracles, and the judgments of his mouth.

7 He, JEHOVAH, is our GOD; his judgments are known over the earth:

8 He remembereth his covenant for ever; even the promise he gave to a thousand generations :

9 The covenant which he made with Abraham; and the oath which he sware unto Isaac:

10 And what he confirmed to Jacob as an immutable decree; and to Israel for an eternal covenant : 11 Saying; “ To you I will give the


land of Canaan, to be the por


your inheritance :"

12 While they were as yet but few in number, and sojourners in it.

13 When they removed from nation to nation ; from one kingdom to another people :

14 He suffered no man to oppress them; but reproved kings for their sakes :

15 “ Touch not, said he, mine anointed; and do my prophets no harm.”

16 When he called for a famine upon the land, and destroyed the provision of bread;

17 He sent a man before them into Egypt, even Joseph, who was sold for a slave :

18 Whose feet they hurt with fetters, and whose body was cramped with irons ;

19 Until the time that his predictions came to pass ; and the word of JEHOVAH showed bim to be guiltless.

20 Then the king sent, and released him ; the governor of the people set him free:

21 Making him lord of his household : and ruler of all he possessed : 22 That he might restrain his princes at his pleasure, and teach his senators wisdom.

23 Then Israel went down into Egypt; and Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham.

24 When Jehovah had increased his people exceedingly; and made them more numerous than their enemies : 25

When he turned the heart of the Egyptians to hate his people, and to devise stratagems against his servants :

26 Then he sent Moses, his servant; and Aaron whom he had chosen.

27 He ordered wonderful and portentous plagues in the land of Ham; he sent darkness, and hindered them from moving, yet they disobeyed bis word.

28 He changed their waters into blood; and destroyed their fish :

29 Their lands produced frogs, even in the most retired apartments of their kings:

30 He spake, and the moscheto-fly came; and other flies throughout their coast. 33 He spake, and the locust came; and caterpillars innumerable:

gave them heavy storms of hail; flames of fire also were in their land.

32 He blasted their vines and their figtrees; and destroyed the trees on their coast.

31 He

34 Which devoured all the herbage in the land; and consumed all the fruits of their soil.

35 At length, he smote all the first born in their country; even the prime of all their strength.

36 Then he brought forth his own people with silver and gold; nut a feeble person. was among their tribes.

37 The Egyptians rejoiced at their departure, for they were afraid of them.

38 He spread over them a cloud to cover them by day; and fire to give them light by night.

39 At their request, he brought quails ; and gave them plenty of bread from heaven.

40 He opened the rock, and the waters rushed out; the stream flowed in the parched desert.

41 For he remembered his holy promise given unto Abraham, his servant :

42 He, therefore, brought forth his people with joy ; his chosen ones with a song of triumph. 43 He gave them the lands of the na



tions; and they took possession of the labours of the peoples :

44 That they might keep his ordinances, and observe his laws.

PS LM cvt.

chosen ; may

O Give thanks unto JEHOVAH, for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.

2 Who can distinctly rehearse the mighty acts of JEHOVAH? who can proclaim all his praise ?

3 Remember us, o JEHOVAH! with the favour thou usest to show to thy people; and visit us with thy saving power : 4 That we may see the prosperity of thy

; may share in the joy of thy nation, and sing praise with thine inheritance.

5 Happy are they who observe justice, and do righteousness at all times.

6 But we have sinned as our fathers did ; we have acted perversely, and committed wickedness.

7 When our fathers were in Egypt, they regarded not thy wonderful works ; they remembered not the multitude of thy mercies; but were disobedient as they went up from the red-sea.

8 Never

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