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10 Shall I say ; ' “ At least the darkness will veil me;" but the night is bright around me ; yca, the darkness will not hide me before thee :

11 And the night is as bright as the day; the darkness is as shining light.

12 Surely thou didst form my reins; thou didst cover me in my mother's womb.

13 I will praise thee, o JEHOVAH ! for I am awfully made ; wonderful are thy works, and my soul knoweth it well.

14 My substance would not be hidden from thee, though I were made in secret ; though I were curiously formed beneath the earth :

15 Thine eyes wonld see mine imperfect limbs; and, in thy book, all of them would be written, as soon as they were formed, before they were united.

16 Yet of how great value have thy thoughts concerning me been ! O GOD! how many have been their excellencies !

17 If I should count them, they would be more than the sand. Thou hast cast off mine enemies, o JEHOVAH ! from thy people.

18 Yea, 18 Yea, thou, O GOD! hast slain the wicked, and the men of blood :

19 They are removed from me who provoked thee by their wicked purposes, and made light of thy testimonies.

20 Do I not hate those who hate thee, O JEHOVAH? Yea, I am displeased with those who rise op against thee :

21 Yea, I do hate them with a perfect hatred, and look upon them as mine enemies.

22 Search me, O GOD! and discover mine heart ; sift, and discover my thoughts: 23 Look well if there be


idolatrous disposition in mc; and lead me in the way everlasting


DELIVER me, o JEHOVAH ! from the injurious man; preserve me from the violent man:

2 Who study mischief in their hearts, and excite enmities all the day long.

3 They sharpen their tongue like that of a serpent; the poison of aspics is under their lips.

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4 Keep me, O JEHOVAH! from the hands of the wicked man ; preserve me from the violent man, for they are contriy. ing to supplant me.

5 The proud set a trap for me, and spread a net of cords for my feet; they plant snares for me on the way side.

6 I say unto JEHOVAH, “ Thou art my GOD:” Hear, O JEHOVAH! the voice of my petition !

70 JEHOVAH! my God! the strength

my salvation ; the covering of in the day of battle:

8 Grant not, O JEHOVAH! the desires of the wicked man, but make his devices to fail. 9

Let not those who surround me lift up their heads ; let the iniquity of their own lips overwhelin them.

10 Let burning coals fall upon them ; cast them into pits, that they may rise no

of my

my head


11 Let not the man of an evil tongue be established in the land ! let calamity pursue the violent man to his ruin ! 12 I know assuredly that JEHOVAH


2 D

will assert the cause of the oppressed, and the right of the needy.

1; Doubtless, therefore, the righteous will praise thy name, and the just will dwell in thy presence.


O JEHOVAH! I invoke thee, hasten unto me; hear my voice now I call upon thee:

2 Let my prayer be accepted, like the incense before thee; and the lifting up of mine hands, like the evening-sacrifice.

3 Place, o JEHOVAH ! a watch upon my mouth, and a guard upon the door of

my lips.

4 Let not mine heart incline to speak evil : let me not sin presumptuously with the impious, the workers of iniquity; neither suffer me to partake of their dainties.

5 Let the righteous kindly correct me and reprove me; but let not the oil of the wicked anoint mine head : yea, let my prayer be ever against their wickedness.

6 When their princes on the sides of the rock were dismissed in safety; they heard the words of JEHOVAH, that they were sweet :


7 But our bones have been scattered at the mouth of the grave, as when one breaketh up, and plougheth the ground.

8 Nevertheless, mine eyes are upon thee, O JEHOVAH! my God! while I make thee my refuge, leave not my life defenceless :

9 Preserve me from the trap they have set for me, and from the snares of the workers of iniquity.

10 Let the wicked fall into their own toils together; but let me ever escape thein.

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I CALL unto JEHOVAH with my voice; unto JEHOVAH do I make my supplication :

2 1 pour forth my complaint before him; I declare to him my distress :

3 While my spirit fainteh within me ; saying,

“ Thou knowest my path; and in the way in which I should walk, the.proud have laid a soare for me.”

4 When I look on my right-hand, and see that there is none to deliver me, that there is no way left to escape, and that there is not one who careth for my life: 2 D 2

5 I cry

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