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GOD that made him, to learn his will, and to become like unto him, holy, just, and good. Teach him, above all things, to abHor falsehood and lies; and to love and cultivate truth and integrity, which will make bim amiable in the eyes of all, and acceptable to GOD. Tell him, that he is to love and do good to all men, because all are equally the children of GOD with himself, and the objects of his fatherly kindness and care that he is born not for himself only, but for others; to serve his country and mankind by promoting truth, and virtue, and the public good.

To this early care of instructing your child, must be added your own invariable good example, that be, at no time, be witness to any words, or behaviour, inconsistent with virtue and innocence; and that the name of GOD, in particular, be never mentioned before him, but with the utmost seriousness and reverence: because it is by imitation chiefly that our characters are insensibly formed from our infancy, and the impressions then made are seldom effaced afterwards.

Be, therefore, thus watchful over this precious charge of heaven committed to F3


you, that it receive no injury in your hands. And sow in him betimes these seeds of piety, charity, sincerity, and all goodness: for otherwise the weeds of evil will spring up of course, in such a world as this, which it may be difficult afterwards to root out. And although no pains that you can take, will ensure success; yet, whatever happens, you will have discharged your duty, and not have the guilt and mortifying reflection. of having contributed to the ruin and misery of those you love. But, if your labours. are successful, and generally true is the wise man's remark, "Train up a child in, the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it;" it will be a source of the highest and purest pleasure. and satisfaction to you; and you will have the joy of leaving behind you those, who may do good in the world, when you shall be no more in it.

May the supreme father and governor. of all things, direct and bless you in the faithful discharge of your duty, for his glory, the good of mankind, and the ad~. vancement of the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Where there are other sponsors who present the child to be baptized, and not the parents, the minister may thus begin the exhortation:

YE who have now undertaken the care of this child, which naturally belongs to the parents, must take heed and remember that he is also a child of GOD, for whom he is to be educated and fitted: and if, through your,


F 4




HEAR the words of our lord Jesus Christ to his apostles;

"Go ye, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them into for, with reference to] the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit." Matt. xxviii.


Hear also what the apostle Peter saith: "Repent, and let every one of you be baptized into [or, with reference to] the name of Jesus Christ, for a remission of sins; and he will receive the gift of the holy spirit." (Acts ii. 38.) We also read, in the book of the acts of the apostles, that certain disciples were "baptized into [or, with reference to] the name of the lord Jesus Christ." Acts xix. 5.

And the same apostle writeth further; "The baptism which saveth us, is not a cleansing of the filth of the body, but an


answer of a good conscience unto GOD." 1 Pet. iii. 21.

The minister, addressing himself to the person to be baptized, shall say;

You are come hither to be baptized: I demand, therefore,

Are you firmly and earnestly resolved to renounce every thing that is evil, the vain pomp and glory of the world, with all covetous desires, and all vicious inclinations, so that you will not follow them, nor be led by them?

Answer. I am so resolved.

Minister. Do you believe Jesus of Nazareth to be the Christ?

Answer. I believe it with my whole


Minister. Will you


be baptized into this

Answer. This is my desire.

Minister. Will you then obediently keep GOD's holy will and commandments, and walk in them all the days of your life?

Answer. I will endeavour so to do; and I depend upon the blessing of GOD to assist and support me.

¶ Then

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