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I Jehovah reigns: the king of kings-Patrick . If friendless in the vale of tears I ftray,—Mrs. Barb. 143 If high or low our ftation be, -Scott

132 I solid happiness we prize,– Cotton I'll bless Jehovah's glorious name,—Miss Day · 121 Imposture shrinks from light,- Scott

130 Is then the gospel peace and love ? - Mrs. Steele . 69




L Let angry names no more

79 Let ev'ry tongue thy goodness speak,-Watts 31 Life is the time to serve thee, Lord !-- Watts 90 Long as we live, we 'll bless thy name,-Watts . 45 Lord! how myfterious are thy ways !-Mrs. Steele 49 Lord ! how thy wonders are display'd-Watts 5 Lord! I have found 'tis good for me- Watts 114 Lord ! not to earth's contracted span-Pope 129 Lord of the world's majestic frame!-- Jervis 16 Lord ! thou hast search'd and seen us thro';-Watts 36 Lord! we adore thy wondrous name,-Doddridge 32 Lord! we have made thy word our choice, - Watts 74 Lord! what a feeble frame is ours !-Browne . 93

Maker! and sov'reign Lord-Watts.

70 My God! the steps of pious men-Watts 89

Naked, as from the earth we came,-Watts


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O all ye nations, praise the Lord,-Watts. 119
O God! my father, and my king!- Browne ·

O God! our king ! thy various praise-Watts 15
O God! the cov’nant of thy love- Watts
O God! thou spirit, just and wise,

133 Oh! 'tis a lovely thing to fee-Watts

142 O how shall words, with equal warmth,- Addison 62 O Lord! how tender is thy love, --Darwin 109 O Lord ! my best defires suifil, -Cowper

60 O Lord ! our heav'nly king! - Watts

46 On thee, O God! we ftill depend,

82 O praise the Lord, our souls !-W'atts

28 O! that the LORD would guide my ways,-Watts 84 0! that thy statutes ev'ry hour-Watts

64 O thou! the wretched's sure retreat, - Mrs. Carter 30 Our never ceasing fungs shall show--Watts 53

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Peace, my complaining, doubting heart !- Steele 113
Prais'd be the everlasting God,-Watts



Remark, my soul! the narrow bounds - Dodd.

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Shall we forsake that heav'nly friend, ---Jervis 135
Shine on thy creatures, mighty God!-Doddridge ics


Sing to the LORD with joyful voice ;-Watts Sungs of immortal praise belong,-Watts .. 24


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T Take courage now, while God is near ;-Watts III Teach us the measure of our days, - Watts 94 Th' almighty reigns, exalted high, - IVatts

51 The earth, and all the heav'nly frame,

8 The God of heav'n is kind and just:- Jervis 7 The heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord!-Watts 77 The Lord my pasture shall prepare,-Addison 65 The man, whose firm and equal mind — Jervis 140 The spacious earth is thine, O Lord!

93 The spacious firmament on high, -Ad.lifon 19 Th' uplifted eye and bended knee- Mrs. Steele Thee we adore, eternal God! - Watts There is a God, all nature fpeaks,-Mrs. Steele 3 Those happy realms of joy and peace, Mrs. Steele 83 Thou art my portion, O my

God! - Watis 134 Thou didft, eternal God! exist-Mrs. Rowe Thou pow'r fupreme, by whose command I live!

Mrs. Carter 23 Through all the various shifting scene

6 Through endless years thou art the same, -Tate . 39 Through ev'ry age, eternal God !--Watts . . 66 Thus faith the Lord, “ The spacious fields,-Warts 102 Thy influence, mighty God! is felt

48 Thy kingdom, Lord! for ever stands, – Mrs. Steele 11 Thy mercies fill the earth, O Lord! - Watts 85


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Thy name, Almighty Lord !- Watts

150 Thy wisdom, pow'r and goodness, Lord !-- Mrs. Steele 43 'Tis wisdom, mercy, love divine,– Mrs. Steele To-morrow, Lord! is thine,-Doddridge . 95


Vaft are thy works, Almighty Lord !-!Vatts .



W What glory gilds the sacred page, ---Cowper Whate'er thy providence denies — Mrs. Steele 58 When all thy mercies, O my God !-- Addison 61 When fainting in the sultry waste,–Mrs. Steele 104 Wherewith shall we approach thee, Lord !--Browne 100 While some, in folly, pleasures find, -Cotton . 106 While sounds of war are heard around, - Aikin 146 While thee I seek, protecting pow'r !

116 With ardour I 'll thy favour seek ;-Watts . 57 With glory clad, with strength array'd, -Tate 4


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Ye nations round the earth, rejoice-Watts
Ye servants of the Lord ! —Doddridge

105 Yet a few years, or days, perhaps,-Hawkeswortb 88


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