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views and interests may be represented in the permanent organization of the Association. These last shall be nominated by the President of the Association, and confirmed by a vote of the delegates present. The President and other officers of the Association shall be Chairman and officers of the Executive Committee.


Section 1. The meetings of this Association shall be held annually. Its daily sessions shall be opened with some appropiate form of religious service; and its rules for the transaction of business shall be those which usually govern the proceedings of similar bodies. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper shall be administered at every meeting of the Association.

SECT. 2. The societies and receivers in connection with this Association, will be represented in the General Convention as an Association; and it shall be the duty of the Executive Committee, after consultation with the several societies, to appoint the delegates.

SECT. 3. In relation to all matters not recited in the above provisions, the Association adopts for its guidance the Rules of Order and Standing Recommendations of the General Convention of the New Church in the United States, so far as they are applicable.

Sect. 4. This Constitution may be altered at any annual meeting of the Association, by a majority of the members present.



1. It shall be the duty of the President of the Association to preside at all meetings; to administer the Holy Supper, when requested; and to report annually to the General Convention the state of the several societies composing it, together with such information with regard to Isolated Receivers within the limits of the Association, as he may be possessed of.

SECRETARY. 2. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a fair and faithful record of the proceedings of the Association ; provide that the records be present at every meeting; preserve them during his continuance in office, and transmit them to his successor. (1863, page 101; amended 1865, 4 and 17.)

3. That the Secretary cause public notice of the next meeting to be given annually. (1855, 4 and 17.)



President. – Rev. S. F. Dike, Bath.
Secretary. Rev. G. F. Stearns, Richmond.
Corresponding Secretary. — J. P. Baxter, Portland.
Treasurer. - Oliver Gerrish, Portland.

Ministers and Committee of Ministers.
SAMUEL F. Dike, Ordaining Minister
Silas E. SYLVESTRE, Licentiate

Bath. Portland. Richmond. Portland.

Executive Committee. The President, the Ministers, the Secretary, and the Treasurer, and the following appointed members: – B. Kingsbury, Jr., Portland; J. B. Swanton, Bath; H. B. Hoskins, Gardiner; I. S. Whitman, Bangor; Dr. J. C. Boynton, Richmond; G. H. Billings, North Monmouth; and J. H. Morse, Mt. Vernon,

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YARMOUTH, Oct. 12, 1871. In the absence of the Presiding Minister, the meeting was called to order by the Secretary.

On motion of Mr. Perry, it was

Voted, That until the meeting shall have been permanently organized by the calling of the Roll, the Rev. Joseph Pettee be requested to act as Chairman.

The credentials of delegates were called for, and the following Roll was prepared :

Ministers. Rev. Messrs. Joseph Pettee, Abiel Silver, Warren Goddard, J. P. Perry, T. O. Paine, John Worcester, C. A. Dunham, James Reed, W. H. Mayhew, L. G. Jordan, S. S. Seward, and T. F. Wright.

Delegates. Boston. Messrs. D. L. Webster, Joseph Andrews, W.J. Cutler, James Young, Horace Smith, Alfred W. Parker, E. Waldo Cutler, F. A. Dewson, F. B. Brown, and Charles T. Norton.

BRIDGEWATER. Messrs. J. A. Hyde, E. H. Sprague, Thomas Cushman, and Abram Washburn.

ABINGTON. – Messrs. Benjamin Hobart, and F. M. Shaw.

NORTH BRIDGEWATER. - Messrs. Lyman Clark, R. A. Stoddard, J. C. H. Eaton, and Wm. N. Harlow.

East BRIDGEWATER. — Messrs. Jonah Edson, James Howard, and Samuel Keene.

YARMOUTH. Messrs. James Park, Evander D. Fisher, Chauncey Conant, and Benjamin Hallet, 2d.

Fall River. – Messrs. Lemuel Pettee, Theo. D. W. Wood, and Benjamin K. Lovatt.

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BROOKLINE. - Messrs. J. W. Edgerly, and W. B. Hazeltine.

PROVIDENCE. Messrs. Samuel Darling, Thomas Hope, Hugh Crawford, and Edward M. Tyler.

Boston HIGHLANDS. Mr. John Hunt.
The Roll was called.

The meeting having been constituted by the calling of the Roll, Mr. Perry offered the following, which was adopted :

Resolved, That the Assistant of the Presiding Minister be requested to preside ex officio at all meetings of the Association when the Presiding Minister is absent.

The Orders of the Day were read and taken up.

A Committee consisting of Messrs. Goddard, Webster, and Jordan, was appointed to nominate the elective officers for the ensuing year, and it was

Ordered, That the election take place immediately after the recess.
The Committee of Ministers was unprepared to report.
The Joint Committee presented its Report.
A communication from the Presiding Minister was read.

The Report of the Massachusetts New Church Union was read by the President, Mr. F. A. Dewson, and was laid upon the table, to be taken up after the recess.

The Report of the Rev. Joseph Pettee, as Assistant of the Presiding Minister, was read.

At noon the Association took a recess till 2 1-4 P.M.

Religious services were conducted by Rev. W. H. Mayhew, and a discourse was delivered by Rev Joseph Pettee.

The collection for the Union was taken up, amounting to eighty-seven dollars.

Afternoon Session. The Roll was called. The minutes of the morning session were read and approved.

The Report of the Nominating Committee was received and adopted, as follows:

For Secretary. - Rev. Theodore F. Wright.

For Committee of Laymen. Messrs. Sampson Reed, Theophilus Parsons, David L. Webster, Joseph M. Marsh, A. T. Low, and F. A, Dewson, of the Boston Society; Ephraim H. Sprague, of Bridgewater; Benjamin Hobart, of Abington; Wm. N. Harlow, of North Bridgewater; Jonah Edson, of East Bridgewater; Nath. S. Simpkins, of Yarmouth; B. S. Hale, of Lowell; N. Cook, of Mansfield; Francis Pratt, of Pawtucket; Nahum Leonard, of West Bridgewater; John Westall, of Fall River; Nathan Foster, of Springfield; William A. Wellman, of Brookline ; Julius A. Thompson, of Taunton; S. M. Cate, of Salem ; Thomas Hope, of Providence; H. M. Warren, of Newtonville; George Phinney, of Wal

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