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fidelity which he has exhibited in the discharge of his duties as Chairman of the Committee on the Manuscripts of Swedenborg, and that said Committee be continued.

Resolved, Also, that the thanks of the Convention be tendered to the Rev. E. J. Broadfield and the Rev. John Hyde, of England, for the active sympathy and co-operation and aid they have rendered to Prof. Tafel in furtherance of his mission.

61. The following resolution was adopted :

Resolved, That the suggestion of the Trustees under the will of Mrs. Rotch, made in their statement to the Convention, has the approbation of the Convention.

62. The Report of the Missouri Association was read by the Rev. J. P. Stuart.

63. The Rev. J. P. Stuart presented his Report as Ordaining Minister of the Missouri Association.

64. The Rev. J. P. Stuart offered the following preamble and resolutions; the resolutions were adopted, and the preamble was laid upon the table :

Whereas, It was the practice of Swedenborg to place his books in the great libraries and academies of the world, thus indicating that the propagation of the New Doctrines must begin from the chief seats of learning; and,

Whereas, He said that the Doctrines would be received first by the clergy, and by them communicated to the people; therefore,

Resolved, That we observe with great pleasure the operations of the American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society in publishing the works of Swedenborg, and in giving complete sets of the same to the principal public libraries of our country; and that we commend this great work to the sympathy of the New Church in America.

Resolved, That we, having learned from the Report of the American New Church Tract Society that they have sent a set of their tracts, on the Doctrines of the Church, during the year, to ten thousand clergymen of the Old Church, take pleasure in commending this work to the co-operation of the Church, and that we express our hope that funds will be provided for the continuance and enlargement of these operations.

Resolved, That we would especially indicate as suitable depositories of these and like gifts the several military and naval depots of our Army and Navy, and the Public Libraries that are connected with the same.

Resolved, That inasmuch as the colleges, academies, universities, and normal schools are now, as they ever have been, centres of great and wide-spread influence on the community, we commend to the especial consideration of our several associations, ministers, and missionaries, the vital importance of reaching these institutions by lectures and the bounteous distribution of tracts near to them, if not in the halls of the institutions themselves; and that we recommend to our churches the importance of giving timely aid to our missionaries who may attempt this work.

65. Mr. S. Reed offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That the Board of Publications be authorized to publish one or more of the works of Swedenborg in raised letters, for the use of the blind.

66. The tellers then made their report, announcing the result of the election of officers, as follows:

President, — The Rev. Thomas Worcester. Vice-President, — J. Young Scammon. Secretaries, - The Rev. Willard H. Hinkley, Francis A. Dewson. Treasurer, Mr. Thomas Hitchcock.

Executive Committee, - John R. Hibbard, Chicago, Ill. ; Oliver Gerrish, Portland, Me.; Sampson Reed, David L. Webster, Boston, Mass. ; William H. Benade, Pittsburgh, Pa. ; Benjamin F. Glenn, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Milo G. Williams, Urbana, 0.; Jacob L. Wayne, Cincinnati, O.; Chauncey Giles, New York; Lyman S. Burnham, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Edward C. Mitchell, Detroit, Mich.; Willard G. Day, Baltimore, Md.; James P. Stuart, St. Louis, Mo.; Glendy Burke, New Orleans, La.; Herschel V. Johnson, Bartow, Ga.; John Hitz, Washington, D. C. ; William R. Marshall, St. Paul, Minn. ; Frederick W. Tuerk, Berlin, Canada ; John C. Ager, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Committee on Ecclesiastical Affairs, — Revs. Samuel F. Dike, John R. Hibbard, Chauncey Giles, Joseph Pettee, Edward C. Mitchell, William H. Benade, John C. Ager, Frank Sewall, Frederick W. Tuerk, James Reed, Jabez Fox, John Goddard.

67. A communication was read from the President of the American New Church Sabbath-school Association, asking that a day be set apart, at the next session of the General Convention, for their business, which, on motion, was referred to the Executive Committee.

68. The Rev. J. R. Hibbard was elected Superintendent of Missions.

69. The Rev. F. Sewall read the Report of the Committee on Foreign Correspondence. On motion, the reports were referred to the Executive Committee, to take such action thereon as it may deem expedient.

70. The Rev. W. B. Hayden offered the following resolutions, which, on motion, were referred to the Executive Committee :

Resolved, Thatethe Convention hears, with much pleasure, the gratifying intelligence of the auspicious inauguration of the New Church in Denmark and in Italy, as also in Bohemia, in Austria, and in Sweden.

Resolved, That we here renew our expressions of sympathy and confidence in the two missionary enterprises named in the Report of the Committee on Foreign Correspondence, namely: the Scandinavian Society for the printing and dissemination of the writings of the New Church, of which Mr. Marston Niles is President, and Mr. William Winslow the Treasurer; and the Italian Mission, in charge of the Rev. Frank Sewall and Mr. A. E. Cerqua, in this country, and Prof. Loreto Scocia, and other friends of the Church, in Italy.

Resolved, That we cordially recommend the cause of these missions to the liberal support and co-operation of the members of this Convention.

71. The Rev. W. B. Hayden offered the following resolution, which, on motion, was referred to the Executive Committee :

Resolved, That the moneys now in the hands of the Rev. J. C. Ager, contributed towards a Building Fund, be placed in the hands of the Treasurer of the Convention, and the Fund so created be under the control of a Standing Committee of five (5), to be loaned for building purposes, on such plan as they may adopt, and that they be desired to make a suitable appeal to the Church for an increase of the Fund.

72. Mr. M. G. Williams made a partial report on behalf of the Committee on Revising the List of Societies and Receivers, and asked leave to complete their work and report to the Committee on the Journal. This request was granted, and it was voted that the Committee place the States and Territories on the list in alphabetical order.

73. The Rev. C. Giles offered the following resolutions :

Resolved, That instead of the Sub-Committee of the Executive Committee, now called the Board of Publications, a Board of twelve Trustees be appointed, to be called The New Church Board of Publications, to which shall be committed the whole subject of the publications of the General Convention.

Resolved, That the said Trustees shall arrange themselves into three classes, the first class to serve one year, the second class two years, the third class three years, and that after the expiration of the term of service of the first class, four Trustees, to be nominated by the Board, shall be elected annually by the Convention, or its Executive Committee, to serve three years. The remaining members of the Board shall have power to fill any vacancies which may occur during the interim of the meetings of the General Convention.

Resolved, The said Trustees, or a majority of them, shall elect their own officers, and appoint Euch agents and em

ployés as they may see fit, and remove the same at pleasure. They shall have authority to determine how many of their number shall be necessary to constitute a quorum, and to take such action as they deem necessary to enable them to carry out efficiently and wisely the object of their creation.

Resolved, That this Board be instructed to proceed immediately to raise a fund of $50,000, for the permanent establishment of a Publishing House, or houses, at their discretion. The said Board shall have full power to cause to be translated, edited, printed, and published, such books, pamphlets, tracts, and periodicals, and to establish such agencies for their sale, as in their judgment may be useful in promoting the spread of the Heavenly Doctrines of the New Jerusalem, and in building up the kingdom of the Lord in the hearts and understandings of those who receive them.

74. It was moved that the Resolutions be adopted, and referred to the Executive Committee, with full power to appoint the Board, and carry the resolutions into effect. The motion was adopted.

75. The Vice-President announced the appointment of the Standing Committees.

76. The Rev. Mr. Wright offered the following Resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That the thanks of the Convention are due, and are hereby tendered, to the Chicago Society of the New Jerusalem, for the use of its beautiful temple, and to the New Church people of Chicago, for their eminently successful efforts to make the visit of their guests a delightful one.

77. On motion of Mr. Hinkley, it was

Resolved, That the thanks of the Convention be returned to Mr. O. Brewster, for a copy of the Transactions of the National Congress, on Penitentary and Reformatory Discipline. Adopted.

78. On motion of Mr. Williams, the amendment to the Constitution, which was laid upon the table, was taken up

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