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The Association authorized, at its meeting, the licensing of Mr. L. P. Mercer, of East Rockport; and the Executive Committee have also since authorized the licensing of Mr. T. A. Plantz, of Pomeroy.

The Rev. C. Day Noble, having been called to Chicago, has removed thither from Cleveland. Mr. Lewis P. Mercer, licentiate, preaches regularly for the churches at East Rockport and Cleveland, besides making a monthly visit to the newly-organized society in Toledo.

The Rev. Frank Sewall, having accepted the Presidency of Urbana University, has removed to Urbana. He still retains his pastoral connection with the Glendale parish, and visits the church there from time to time. The Rev. J. H. Einhaus officiates regularly in Glendale, in the absence of Mr. Sewall. A series of evening services in the German language has also been held by Rev. Mr. Einhaus, with good attendance.

In Cincinnati the church and Sunday-school is reported as being in a very flourishing condition. The abolishment of pew-rents, and the making the church free to all, seems to be a much-approved step. A large and interesting mission Sunday-school has been caried on the past winter with gratifying success. The children numbered over a hundred, and were mostly poor and uncared for. The church in Cincinnati has also opened a free New Church Library and Reading-room in the basement of the church, which is open daily in the care of a librarian. The ladies of the church have engaged largely in charitable labors for the poor,

and other causes.

The Glendale Parish has received from Stockholm the ten handsome folio volumes, now completed, of the photolithographs of the MSS. of Swedenborg, edited by the Rev. Prof. R. L. Tafel, for which it became a subscriber last year. The books are very beautiful, and highly prized, and the parish is highly gratified at having been able to further, by its aid, this important publication.

At Richmond, Indiana, a church has been organized within the society previously existing, under the pastorate of the Rev. George Field. With the assistance of brethren in Cincinnati, Chicago, and elsewhere, the society bas been enabled, during this year, to pay off all its church debt, and finds itself, at present, in a flourishing and encouraging condition.

Reading meetings have been maintained, without formal organization, at Napoleon, in the northern part of the State. It is in contemplation to organize a parish at Toledo, to comprise a number of small circles of brethren in the neighboring towns and villages, with a view to supporting a common pastor, and holding united services from time to time. We hope to report this accomplished next year.

The Rev. E. A. Beaman continues in the employment of the Cincinnati Society as missionary, and visits extensively in both Ohio and the adjoining States.

Under the labors of Mr. L. P. Mercer, who has undertaken the mission work of the Northern, or Lake, District, a vigorous new society has been


formed in Toledo, which, we hope, will soon be added to our Association roll.

The Corresponding Secretary reported to the Association that he had circulated, during the last year, three hundred copies of the “ Index to the True Christian Religion,” among the lawyers of this State.

The Urbana University has just completed its first year since its reorganization under President Sewall. About fifty pupils have been in attend

The Board of Trustees, at its recent annual meeting, have elected Dr. Thomas F. Moses, A. M., to the Professorship of Natural Science, and appointed Mr. Iljalmar H. Boyesen Instructor in the Latin and Greek languages. The Rev. Frank Sewall, as President of the University, fulfils the office of pastor to the students, attends to their doctrinal and religious training, and to the college instruction in mental and moral science. The college holds, free from debt, a beautiful location, adjoining the city of Urbana, of thirty acres, with suitable buildings adapted to our immediate need.

The College Faculty, now regularly organized, consisting of gentlemen of culture, and thoroughly imbued with the principles of the Church, are united in the single purpose of building up here a New Church school of higher grade, in which not only the youth who attend shall be brought under the influence of the Church's instruction and worship, but also where students may pursue their researches in Natural Science in the light of spiritual truth, and in harmony with the Word of God. The Trustees believe that they are justified in appealing to the Church at large for a liberal support and cordial co-operation in this effort to build up a New Church college.

The Foster Hill New Church Home School, near Glendale, has continued in the hands of its excellent matron, Miss E. J. Trott, assisted, during the past year, by an accomplished young lady teacher. The attendance has been small, but the school a pleasant one, possessing many qualities which New Church parents especially value.

A numerous New Church Society in Wyoming, near Cincinnati, not connected with the Association, laid the corner-stone of its new house of worship on the tenth of May, the present year. The community is a new and growing one, and the prospects of the congregation would seem to be very encouraging.

The church in Cincinnati has contributed $100 to the General Convention Mission Fund; the church in Glendale, $21.65; the church in Urbana, $30. Appended is the table of statistics of this Association :

Report of Statistics of the Ohio Association of the New Church for the Year

Ending May 14, 1871.

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Two societies return no reports.

Respectfully submitted,

FRANK SEWALL, President Ohio Association. URBANA, O., May 12, 1871.

THE PENNSYLVANIA ASSOCIATION. The Pennsylvania Association reports about the same statistical standing

as last year.

Questions concerning the doctrines, referred to the Ecclesiastical Committee, are still before that Committee, who will report at the next fall meeting

Missionary work has been assigned to, or rather continued with, Rev. N. C. Burnham, the extent of which may be estimated from his frequent papers to our several religious journals.

Appropriate resolutions, referring to the removal (to the spiritual world) of Rev. T. P. Rodman, were read, and unanimously adopted. Besides suitable reference to his pastoral and family loss, mention was made of him as “ faithful, and devoted, and wise in his pacific counsels and advice, as a member of this Association."

We send, as delegates to the Convention, Messrs. E. B. Warren, B. F. Glenn, Fleck, D. M. Candless, J. L. Koether, and J. Pitcairn.



Since our last report to the Convention, our temple has been rented. It is used on Sundays for public worship, and through the week it is occupied by temperance and beneficial societies. The society remains the same in number as last reported. Some of the members attend worship with the society at Broad and Brandywine Streets, and others with our friends of the Philadelphia Society, Cherry Street. We are unable to send delegates to the present Convention, but hope your meetings will be pleasant and profitable, tending to the extension of our Heavenly Doctrines, and to the peace of our Holy Jerusalem.

We send seven dollars for the uses of the Convention.
PHILADELPHIA, June 8, 1871.



To the General Convention :

Owing to the absence of our Secretary, this report has been delayed until now, but not too late, it is hoped, for insertion in the Journal. Rev. Mr. Brickman was with us on his missionary visit to Galveston last winter, and recently also on his way home. He administered the sacrament of the Holy Supper during both visits, and baptized five adults.

Our public worship has been uninterrupted since our report to last Convention. A gradual increase of interest is shown in the doctrines of the Church by the attendance at worship, and the number of additional read

But we greatly need the services of a pastor to hold our society more closely together, and to secure more extended usefulness. We hardly feel able, as yet, to offer suitable compensation for such services, although we are hopeful, from year to year, of it. In the meantime we must rely on missionary visits; and, in this respect, the work of Mr. Brickman in popularizing the doctrines has been useful.

Our Sunday-school has been open all the year. The children like it, and the teachers cheerfully perform their duty. Our report shows fifty scholars and six teachers. The average attendance at public worship is sixty, and at Iloly Supper, forty-five. The total members, 106.

Report of Statistics of the New Orleans New Church Society. New Jerusalem Church Society of New Orleans —Glendy Burke, Leader, Average attendance at Holy Supper

45 Average attendance at public worship

60 Baptisms

5 Added to membership

5 Deaths and remo

1 Sunday-school teachers

6 Sunday-school scholars


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G. BURKE, Reader.

SAN FRANCISCO SOCIETY. Report of Statistics for the Year ending April 1, 1871. San Francisco Society of the New Jerusalem – Joseph Worcester, Minister. Number of Church-members, or communicants

33 Average attendance at Holy Supper

29 Average attendance at public worship

75 Baptisms

2 Confirmations

3 Added to membership

4 Sunday-school teachers .

4 Sunday-school scholars .



The society has maintained, regularly, public worship throughout the year, meeting at 10 1-2 a. M., every Sunday. No addition of members has been made, but the general uses of a New Church Society are, in a measure, carried on. The Book Depository, established three years ago, is maintained. Some work is being done in the way of gratuitous distributions of books and tracts. The Building Fund receives some contributions from time to time. The Sunday-school is in session every Sunday afternoon, but numbers in attendance are few. The want of a minister is severely felt by all. Statistics of the First New Church Society of Milwaukee, Wis., for the Year

ending May 31, 1871. First New Church Society of Milwaukee – E. R. Persons, Leader. Number of Church-members, or communicants

21 Average attendance at Holy Supper

18 Average attendance at public worship

40 Deaths and removals

1 Sunday-school teachers

1 Sunday-school scholars.

19 E. R. PERSONS, President.



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Report of Rev. A. J. Bartels. To the General Convention of the New Jerusalem :

DEAR BRETHREN, In accordance with the rules and custom of the Convention, I desire to submit a brief report.

Since the last meeting of the Convention, I have not been able to give my undivided attention to the work of the ministry. This was owing,

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