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JOURNAL Of the Fifty-second Annual Meeting of the General Convention of the

New Jerusalem in the United States of America; held in Chicago from Friday, June 9, to Tuesday, June 13, 1871.

Chicago, Friday, June 9, 1871. 1. The Convention met at 10 o'clock, A. M., in the temple of the Chicago Society of the New Jerusalem, on Adams Street. The Vice-President, Mr. J. Young Scammon, took the Chair. The meeting was opened by reading from the Word, and prayer, by the Rev. Chauncey Giles.

2. The Vice-President appointed, as the Committee on Credentials, Mr. M. G. Williams, of Ohio, the Rev. Mr. Jordan, of Mass., and Mr. George F. Root, of Illinois.

3. The Committee received the credentials of delegates, and reported the Roll of the Convention, which, as finally corrected and completed, is as follows:

GEORGIA ASSOCIATION. No Delegates present.

ILLINOIS ASSOCIATION. Ministers. – Rev. John R. Hibbard, Rev. J. H. Ragatz, Rev. J. I. Herrick, Rev. C. Day Noble, Rev. William M. Goodner, Chicago, Ill. ; Rev. George N. Smith, Peoria, Ill. ;


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