Free Prisoners: A Story of California Life

Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1877 - 258 sidor

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Sidan 191 - PRISONER OF CHILLON. MY hair is gray, but not with years, Nor grew it white In a single night, As men's have grown from sudden fears : My limbs are bow'd, though not with toil, But rusted with a vile repose, For they have been a dungeon's spoil, And mine has been the fate of those To whom the goodly earth and air Are bann'd, and barr'd — forbidden fare...
Sidan 249 - So shalt thou rest, and what if thou withdraw In silence from the living, and no friend Take note of thy departure ? All that breathe Will share thy destiny. The gay will laugh When thou art gone, the solemn brood of care Plod on, and each one as before will chase His favorite phantom ; yet all these shall leave Their mirth and their employments, and shall come, And make their bed with thee.
Sidan 113 - Why should I live ? Do I not know The life of woman is full of woe ? Toiling on and on and on, With breaking heart, and tearful eyes, And silent lips, and in the soul The secret longings that arise, Which this world never satisfies M-' Some more, some less, but of the whole Not one quite happy, no, not one ! URSULA.
Sidan 133 - Nor, should Apollo with his silver bow Shoot me to instant death, would I forbear To do a deed so full of cause so dear. For with a heaven-sweet woman I will lie, Though straight I stoop the house of Dis, and die.
Sidan 68 - It's good to be honest and true; It is good to be off with the old love Before you be on with the new.
Sidan 181 - Wege, Schon fallen die Tropfen schwer. Und schwer von Mariechens Wangen Die heisse Thräne rinnt, Und weinend in ihre Arme Schliesst sie ihr schlummernd Kind. „Wie schläfst du so ruhig und träumest, Du armer, verlassener Wurm, Es donnert, die Tropfen fallen, Die Bäume schüttelt der Sturm ! „Dein Vater hat dich vergessen, Dich und die Mutter dein ; Du bist, du arme Waise, Auf der weiten Erde allein ! „Dein Vater lebt lustig, in Freuden, Gott lass es ihm wohl ergehn ! Er weiss nichts von...
Sidan 154 - Lord, dost thou wash my feet? 7 Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; hut thou shall know hereafter.
Sidan 129 - I will make it my constant study to promote her happiness. I have often told you that my parents died whilst I was young, and left me to the care of an uncle lately returned from the East Indies, where he had acquired a considerable fortune. • My inclinations led me to the army, and my uncle had procured me a commission.
Sidan 172 - Wetherell was sentenced to imprisonment, in the State's prison at San Quentin, for the term of seven years.
Sidan 225 - Backwards," came into my hands I built many a Spanish castle out of its materials; but after my altruistic emotions, excited by its reading, had subsided, and I came down to bedrock Nature, my castles crumbled, and " folded their tents like the Arabs, and as silently stole away.

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