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Rogers preached to the minister and the

PEMBROKESHIRE. church, from 1 Cor. iv. 2. and Psalm

On December 10, 1817, Mr. Isaac cxxxiii. 1.

Johns, and Mr. James Thomas, were ora dained co-pastors of the Baptist church, at Moleston, Pembrokeshire. Brother

William Evans, of Cwmvelin, prayed; DEAN STREFT, SOUTHWARK.

Brother D. Rees, of Froghole, delivered On Thursday, May 7, 1818, Mr. J. M.

the introductory discourse, and offered Cramp, late of Stepney Academy, was

the ordination prayer ; Brother B. Davis, set apart to the pastoral office, over the of Tyfynnun, gave the charge, from 2 Tim. church, in Dean-street, Southwark, where

ii. 15; and brother T. Jones, of Rhyde the Rev. W. Button presided, in a high-wilym, addressed the church, from Heb. ly respectable manner, during a period

xiii. 22. of forty years. The Rev. Thos. Thomas commenced, by reading the scriptures and prayer. The Rev. T. Griffin de

SWANSEA. livered the introductory discourse, de. scribing the constitution of a gospel On December 29, 1817, Mr. David church, and asked the usual questions. | Thomas, late student at Abergavenny, -The Rev. T. Cramp, of St. Peter's, was ordained, at Mount Hermon, near Thanet, (Mr. C.'s father,) offered the Swansea ; Mr. D. Bowen, of Velin Voel, ordination prayer. The Rev. Dr. New- prayed; Mr. J. Harris, of Swansea, de. man gave the charge from 2 Tim. ii. 15. scribed the nature of a gospel church, The Rev. Tim. Thomas addressed the and offered up the ordination prayer; church, from Rom. i. 11, 12 ; and the charge was delivered by Mr. J. Watkins, Rev. Dr. Rippon concluded the interest of Carmarthen, from i Pet. iv. 16; and ing service with prayer. The hymns Mr. Daniel Davies, of Velin Voel, adwere read by the Rev. S. Brawn, of dressed the people, from 1 Thess. v. Loughton, and Messrs. Coombs, Rey- | 12, 13. nolds, Green, Pope, and Clarke, students

at Stepney.


On the 10th of February, 1818, Mr.

W. Michael was ordained to the pastoral On Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. office over the new church (which was 24, and 25. 1817; a new Meeting-house formed on the same day) at Saron, was opened, at Llangollen, Denbigh-Carmarthenshire ;. Mr. D. Bowen, of shire, for the use of a small church form. Velin Voel, introduced the service ed there, which was formerly a branch of by prayer; Mr. D. Davies, of the same the Baptist church, at Glynn. The Meet. place, delivered the introductory dising-house is 33 feet by 27, inside. Wed course-charge by Mr. J. Watkins, of nesday afternoon, at six, brother John Carmarthen, from Jer. xx. 9. Sermon to Edwards began hy reading and prayer ;

the church, by Mr. Tim. Thomas, of brethren B. Owen, of Llanrwst, and R.

Aberduar, from Eph. v. 27. Sermon to Edwards, of Lixwen-Green, preached

the congregation in general, by Mr. from Cant. v. 16, and Isa. liii. 12.

D. D. Evans, of Carmarthen, from Matt. Thursday morning, at ten, two sermons

xii. 29. were preached, by brethren R. Williams, of Glynn, and S. R. Davies, Llansantffraid, from John, xvii. 2. and Ps. xl. 2.

GARN. At two, brethren J. Edwards, of Ruthin, and C. Evans, Llangefin, preached from Nov. 24 and 25, 1817, Mr. Evan 2 Cor. v. 14, 15, and Rom. viii. 3, 4.- | Jones, and Mr. Rowland Peter, were set Det at six, when brother J. Pritchard, apart to the ministerial office, at Garn, Pwllhili, preached from Acts, i. 25, and Carnarvonshire. Public worship comS. R. Davies, from Matt. xxv. 10. Demenced with reading the scriptures and votional services were conducted by bre- prayer, by Mr. Peter; Mr. Jones thren, R. Edwards, $. Edwards, and J. preached from Rev. ii. 10; and Mr. Davies. May this littie one soon be-/ Ambrose, of Banger, followed, from come a thousand. The hearers were Jer. xxiv, 7. Very numerous, and seemed to be under Met Tuesday morning, at ten o'clock, serious impression.

commenced with reading a part of the

scriptures, and prayer, by Mr. Jones ; | nations, by the liberality of a few indivi. Mr. Evans, minister of the place, stated duals, with a view to express their gra. the nature of a gospel church, asked titude to God, whilst promoting the best the usual questions, and received from interests of their fellow-creatures. To the minister a concise and satisfactory | those who have the means, we would confession of faith. The ordination say, “ Go ye and do likewise.” prayer, with the laying on of hands, was offered up by Mr. Ambruse ; Mr. Evans gave the charge, from 2 Cor. iii. 6 ; Mr. Ambrose addressed the church,

NOTICES. from Heb. xii. 7, and concluded the interesting services with prayer.

N. B. Mr. Jones was ordained as an GENERAL MEETINGS itinerant, through the county of Car.

Of the Baptist Denomination in London. narvon, and Mr. Peter as a co-pastor with Mr. Evans, over the church of

r the church of 'uesday, June 23. A Sermon at Dr. Garn.

Rippon's, at half-past six o'clock in the evening.

Wednesday, 24. Sermons for the Bap.

tist Mission. In the morning, at eleven NEW CHURCH FORMED. o'clock, at Great Queen-street' Chapel,

Lincoln's-inn-fields, by the Rev. F. A.
Cox, of Hackney. In the evening, at

Sion Chapel, Mile End, at six o'clock,

by the Rev. S. Saunders, of Frome. On May 15, 1817, seven persons who The Baptist Itinerant Society will had received their dismission from the meet at seven in the inorning, at the Baptist church, at Bridlington, were City of London Tavern, Bishopsgateformed into a separate chorch, The street. ministers present, on this occasion, were

Thursday, 25. Mr. Hague, Mr. Sykes, and Mr. Beard,

In the morning, at

eight o'clock precisely, the Ministers and of Scarborough, Mr.Harness, of Bridlington, Mr. Arbon, of Hull, and Mr Nor.

| Messengers of the Baptist Churches will

meet at Dr. Rippon's, Carter-lane. manton, of Driffield. In the afternoon, twelve persons were added, who had

At twelve o'clock, the, Annual Ser. been previously baptized by their pre mon before the Stepney Institution, at sent minis

Salter's-hall Me

all Meeting, by the Rev. T. increased to thirty-two members, and Coles, of Bourton, Gloucestershire. '. appears to be in a very prosperous ! At six o'clock in the evening, at state.

Prescott-street,Goodman's-fields, a meet|ing for prayer, &c. on behalf of the


Friday, 26, at six o'clock in the morn. ing, the Members and Friends of the

Baptist Irish Society, will breakfast,"at BODDICOT, OXON.

the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgate Lord's-day, April 26, 1818, the church street, and the Chair will be taken at and congregation, under the pastoral care seven, of the Rev. Evan Herbert, entered on their newly-erected chapel. The Rev. Wm. Read, of Warwick, commenced the

society FOR THE Relief services of the day, by reading the scriptures and prayer. The Rey. Win. Shen

OP stun, from London, preached in the Superanuated Baptist Ministers, morning, from Zech. iv. 7; and in the afternoon, from Eccl. ii. 5. to crowded

1 Tue Committee of this Society respectaudiences. Mr. Holmes, of Wantage, fully inform their Brethren, that the time delivered a discourse in the evening, limited, by the rules, for the admission from Isa. Ix. 7. Mr. Herbert concluded of Ministers ordained before the 24th of in prayer. We are happy to state, that | June, 1816, will expire on the 24th of the expenses of this house, which will this month; After which, such ministers accommodate about 500 persons, have cannot be admitted into this Society, been defrayed, with the exception of without resorting to the provisions of the a handsome collection, and a few do.' 18th rule.

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Rev. Richard Davis,

of Mmonth Dock'. Engraved by Preemanfor the

Bapitist Magazine.

Published July 202828 by Button & Son Paternoster Row.


Baptist Magazine.

JULY, 1818.


AMONG the signs of the pre-testants have been guilty of the sent times, there is perhaps no same: but both parties are more one more awful and alarming, enlightened now, and better disthan the daily increasing growth posed towards each other!" Such of Popery; and the almost uni- is the common cant of the day, to versal apathy that prevails among which is added, a general cry those who call themselves Pro- against a steady regard to printestants, who seem to imagine ciple, as the spirit of bigotry; and there is no danger to be appre 1" so they wrap it up." Nor are hended: but our forefathers, who the Papists insensible of this; nor had felt what Popery was, and do they fail to foster, and take had seen its effects, were very every advantage of it. To a differently disposed towards it, piteous moan about what they and would have trembled to con- have chosen to call emancipation, template what is now beheld with they now add positive and high perfect indifference, if not with demands; and can assume a tone complacency! They could not which themselves could scarcely endure Popery, and they felt it to have supposed possible a few be their duty to “ resist unto years since, and which Protesblood" its dreadful abominations, tants would not have heard, at and to teach their children to hold that time, without indignation and it in abhorrence; but the present horror! ... age is more enlightened, and we Their worship also, which was are instructed to regard Popery conducted with privacy, and in as a perfectly harmless thing in bye places, is now performed the sight of God and man. The with all imaginable pomp. And silly couplet is still reiterated : chapels are erected in the most "For modes of faith let graceless zealots

public situations; and in this fight;

country, Ireland) far exceed, in a His can't be wrong, whose life is in the general way, the parish churches, right !”

Pope. in size and elegance; and in some " It is superstitious, to be sure, towns they have bells to call the and their ceremonies are very people together; nor are they ridiculous ; but there are no ashamed or afraid to exhibit their doubt, some good and very ho-mummery, and bring out “ THE nest people among them; and as | HOST” into the streets, to at. to their persecutions, why Pro. tract attention as much as pose VOL. X,

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