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-Yet how many live, as if religion was no concern of theirs!-as if there was no God; no judgment; no heaven; no hell.-They may, sometimes, have their convictions that all is not right; they may, sometimes, have their fears, that "sin shall not pass unpunished," and that as they are sinners, their state is awfully dangerous; but soon again, they stifle their convictions; dismiss their fears; lull their consciences asleep, and flatter themselves, that however iniquitous their conduct, "the Lord will not



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see; the Lord will not regard it." "be not deceived, God is not mocked "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he "also reap. To them, who by patient con"tinuance in well doing, seek for glory, "and honour, and immortality, eternal "life; but unto them that are contentious "and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath, tri"bulation and anguish."-" The wages of "sin is death." Let us all then fly from sin, as we would fly from destruction, and follow Jesus, who alone can cleanse us from its pollution and free us from its guilt. "Let the wicked forsake his way, "and the unrighteous man his thoughts,

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"and let him return unto the Lord, and "He will have mercy upon him, and to our "God, for He will abundantly pardon." Sinner, return then, and plead for pardon and "eternal life." Return, and linger not in the territories of destruction. Mercy calls upon thee, and refuse not the call of mercy. Escape, before the long night set in, and the thick darkness overwhelm thee. Come penitent, to God, and let this be thy humble, ardent prayer-" Lord, cast me "not away from thy presence! be merciful "to my unrighteousness, and my sins, and iniquities, remember no more! I am, "indeed, unworthy: but worthy is the "Lamb that was slain !-O through Him,



may, even, I be accepted and blessed, “and obtain an inheritance among them "that are sanctified !"

Let this subject ALARM ALSO THE HYPOCRITES. Brethren, "The wages of sin is "death," and however you may impose upon others, or even upon yourselves, remem❤ ber, I beseech you remember, that your sins are not blotted out. You talk, indeed, much and loud about religion; but it is mere talk: you are not “trans

formed by the renewing of your mind.”

You make a blazing profession; but you bring forth none of "the fruits of the spi"rit." You have neither righteousness, nor mercy, nor faith. You have the form of godliness; but you never felt its power. Your character is more loathsome and abominable than even that of the profligate himself. You attempt to deceive, not only men, but God. You insult his omniscience, and bring a disgrace upon religion, which no other character can bring. How then, shall you stand in the judgment! Instantly, abandon your "refuge of lies ;" renounce "the hidden things of dishonesty : "repent, and believe the Gospel, and bring Do "forth fruits meet for repentance." this, if you wish the salvation of your souls: for God is a God of truth, and "the word "hath gone out of his mouth,"the hope of the hypocrite shall perish.—The wages of his sin, is death indeed.

But while this subject should rouse the careless, and alarm hypocrites, it should, likewise, STIMULATE EVEN CHRISTIANS.Christians, you are blessed among men! Over you, sin hath lost its dominion. "there is no condemnation-You are



"in Christ Jesus, and walk not after the "flesh, but after the spirit." But still, the remains of sin are within you; you have not, as yet, reached perfection. Be not then "high minded, but fear," and guard against every temptation to evil.—“ The 66 wages of sin is death." You, however, "shall never perish :" you are the heirs of "eternal life;" but remember, it is possible for you, by your blacksliding, to "grieve "the Holy Spirit," and lower yourselves in the scale of existence.-Every sin, into the commission of which you suffer yourselves to be surprised, is a stain upon your character, and a diminution of your joy. Through all eternity, your happiness shall, exactly, correspond to your holiness. Hate, then, sin, the opposite of holiness, with an ever-growing hatred; be emulous of the highest bless, and therefore, be "instant in

prayer to the God of peace," that He may "perfect what is lacking in your faith;" that He may "sanctify you wholly, and preserve


your whole spirit, and soul, and body "blameless, unto the coming of our Lord "Jesus Christ," when you shall emerge in glory, to sorrow and die no more; but to enjoy "eternal life," EVERLASTING FELICITY!



ROM. VI. 23.

The gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

WHAT astonishing folly is daily shown by the human race! They seem, too often, to be averse to every thing that is their true interest. They generally covet the approbation and applause of man, while they as generally neglect the approbation and applause of God. But what are the approbation and applause of man, that they should engross our minds, and become almost the sole object of pursuit? Can they make us either truly great, or truly happy? Can they ward off the arrows off affliction, or

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