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GENESIS 1. 26.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.

THE Sacred Volume, from the first Chapter of which these words are taken, is denominated, THE BIBLE, that is, the Book, to intimate that it is divinely excellent, and that no other book, however excellent, is worthy to be compared with it. It is justly so denominated, for it can be proved to be the book of God, and, unlike every other composition, its contents are sublime, inspired, and necessary truth. It informs us of every thing with which it becomes us to be acquainted. It informs us how this


wondrous world was made, what changes it has undergone, and how it shall finally be dissolved. But what is of particular importance, it gives us the most accurate and minute information concerning ourselves. It informs us in what state we were created; how we fell from that state, and to what a state of guilt, of ruin, and of misery we are now reduced, and what means the wisdom and grace of God have appointed to restore us to a greater than even our primeval happiness. It is to the first of these onlythe state in which we were created,—that our attention is now called.-When God had created all his other works, and " saw that they were good," He then said,-"Let us make man."—And how was He to make him?" Let us make man," said the Eternal, “in our image, after our likeness."

Curiosity to know the history of the family or society to which we belong, seems to be a principle natural to the human mind. We carefully inquire into this history; and every circumstance connected with it, assumes importance in our eyes, however trifling it may appear in the in the eyes of others.

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