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To the Right Honourable


Earl of Dorset and Middlesex,

Lord Chamberlain of His Majesty's Houshold,

Knight of the Mof Noble ORDER of the GARTER, &c.

YOY HE Wishes and Desires of all good

Men, which have attended your Lord-

ship from your Firlt Appearance in the World, are at length accomplish'd in your obtaining those Honours and

Dignities, which you have so long deserv'd. There are no Factions,

you irreconcil. able to one another, that are not united in their Affection to you, and the Respect they pay you. They are equally pleas'd in your Prosperity, and wou'd be equally concern'd in your Amiation. Titus Vefpafian was not more the Delight of Human-kind. The Universal Empire made him only more known, and more powerful, but cou'd not make him more beloy'd. He had greater Ability

of doing Good, but your Inclination to it, is not Jess: And tho' you cou'd not extend your Beneficence to so many Persons, yet you have loft as few Days as that excellent Emperor; and never had his Complaint to make when you went to Bed, that the Sun had Mone upon you in vain, when you had the Opportunity of relieving some unhappy Man. This, my Lord, has justly acquir'd you as many Friends, as there are Persons who have the Honour to be known to you: Meer Acquaintance you have none; you have drawn them all into a nearer Line: And they who have convers’d with you, are for ever after inviolably yours. This is a Truth so generally acknowledg'd, that it needs no Proof: 'Tis of the Nature of a Girit Principle, which is receiv'd as soon as it is propos'd; and needs not the Reformation which Descartes us'd to his : For we doubt not, neither can we properly say, we think we admire and love you, above all other Men: There is a Certainty in the Proposition, and we know it. With the same Afsurance can I say, you neither have Enemies, nor can scarce have any; for they who have never heard of you, can neither Love or Hate you; and they who have, can have no other Notion of you, than that which they receive from the Publick, that you are the best of Men. After this, my Testimony can be of no farther use, than to declare it to be Day-light at High-noon: And all who have the Benefit of Sight, can look up as well, and see the Sun.

'Tis true, I have one Privilege which is almost particular to my self, that I saw you in the East at your first arising above the Hemisphere: I was as soon sensible as any Man of that Light, when it was but just Mooting out, and beginning to travel upward to the Meridian. I made my early


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