When Angels Fall From Heaven?

Trafford Publishing, 13 sep. 2006
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This is a story of creation. This is a story of what happens when one of God's creations rebels against Him and others into rebellion as well. This is a story of how all things work together for good for those who love God . This is a story of how Satan's existence fits into God's plan of creation. This is a story of how God creates a race of beings that will constantly grow, throughout all eternity, in knowledge, power, wisdom and righteousness, with no limits to what they could eventually accomplish. This is a story of how Satan unwittedly assists in this (that without the temporary existence of Satan these beings could not exist). This is not only a Bible story; it is a BIBLE STUDY COURSE. This book is for those who read the Bible for themselves with the desire to learn the truth. It is not intended for those that read only what their religious leaders tell them to read and then discard all other scriptures that disagree with their beliefs. All things should be tested according to the Word of God. Men make mistakes and are not infallible. All beliefs should be tested individually by the reader to confirm or disconfirm their validity. It is the desire of the author that the readers of this book will not just read what is written but will study each and every reference in order to more completely understand the subject matter under examination. [I do not believe that the Bible should be interpreted according to an individual's beliefs; but rather an individual's beliefs should be examined in detail according to the Bible's teachings. One should not change Bible truths to match what he or she believes. Rather, one's individual beliefs should be changed (if necessary) to match what the Bible says.] May the Holy Spirit guide you in your search for truth and may the Bible prove itself that what truths you have may be reinforced (and any erroneous beliefs may be discarded in favor of true Bible doctrines); for only those with a true knowledge of scriptures will be able to survive in these last days - Isa. 33:6.

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