Ovid: The Metamorphoses, Book X-XV. The Epistles

A. J. Valpy, 1833

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Sida 150 - But suffer inmate souls secure to dwell, Lest from their seats your parents you expel ; With rabid hunger feed upon your kind, Or from a beast dislodge a brother's mind.
Sida 84 - Forc'd him t' exert the king for common good, And pay our ransom with his daughter's blood. Never was cause more difficult to plead, Than where the judge against himself decreed: Yet this I won by dint of argument ; The wrongs his injur'd brother underwent, And his own office, sham'd him to consent.
Sida 73 - Dost thou not blush, to spend thy shafts in vain On a degenerate and ignoble train ? If fame, or better vengeance, be thy care, There aim : and, with one arrow, end the war.
Sida 163 - To inclose his body, and his soul expel. Ill customs by degrees to habits rise, 111 habits soon become exalted vice : What more advance can mortals make in sin, So near perfection, who with blood begin ? Deaf to the calf that lies beneath the knife, Looks up, and from her butcher begs her life...
Sida 151 - And as the fountain still supplies her store, The wave behind impels the wave before; Thus in successive course the minutes run, And urge their predecessor minutes on...
Sida 164 - Kill noxious creatures, where 'tis sin to save ; This only just prerogative we have : But nourish life with vegetable food, And shun the sacrilegious taste of blood.
Sida 76 - And he who shunn'd all honors gain the best ; And let me stand excluded from my right, Robb'd of my kinsman's arms, who first appear'd in fight. Better for us, at home...
Sida 148 - And plough'd with pains, thy else ungrateful field ? From his yet reeking neck to draw the yoke, That neck, with which the surly clods he broke ; And to the hatchet yield thy husbandman, , Who finish'd Autumn, and the Spring began J Nor this alone ! but Heav'n itself to bribe, We to the gods our impious acts ascribe : First recompense with death their creatures...
Sida 84 - There in the midst of arms, I plead our cause, Urge the foul rape, and violated laws ; Accuse the foes, as authors of the strife, Reproach the ravisher, demand the wife. Priam, Antenor, and the wiser few...
Sida 86 - Were promis'd to the spy for his nocturnal deeds : And let dull Ajax bear away my right, When all his days outbalance this one night. Nor fought I darkling still : the sun beheld With...

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