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HE bulk of our trade at this branch comes from Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, the Virginias, and Carolinas; but this well-located office at the national center is also on the main line to the great South. No better service to the section along the Atlantic Coast can be had. A realization of our opportunity at this important distributing-point has encouraged us to make most careful and complete preparations for prompt and efficient service.

Read of Our Facilities

Shipping Facilities.

Through railroad service to the heart of the South, main trunk lines north and west, steamship service along the Atlantic Coast, with all contingent facilities for quick handling of freight and express make our location an important one for bee-keepers who live in this great section and want the best bee-supplies with a minimum of delay and transportation expense.

Root Goods are Standard Goods!

Remember that ROOT'S Bee-keepers' Supplies are recognized all over the world as the STANDARD-standard in dimensions, standard in quality. Every part and place fits exactly in the place it was intended for. All parts are made with the utmost care and accuracy, and can be placed in any other hive of the same style without a hitch in fit. Our lumber is selected with a view to getting the best to be procured. It is carefully sorted and thoroughly seasoned. And no less care is taken in the choice of any material whatever that goes into a product which, when finished, is to bear the ROOT label.

Supplies and

Abundant room in this branch enables us to carry a very large stock which represents practically every article in the big Root line. All goods listed in former price lists, and still on sale, are here, together with the new and improved lines shown in this 100th edition of our catalog. Carload lots of fresh supplies continually come from our factory to keep our stock complete. No delay in filling even the largest orders at Washington, is our policy.


We do not charge for packing, boxing, or delivering to freight or express offices here in Washington. We do not prepay any charges unless goods are to be delivered to a prepaid station, as all our prices and quotations are F. O. B., Washington. If no agent at your station, notify us and we will prepay, and bill charges after shipment. Often during the busy season much time can be saved by ordering small shipments sent by express. Your local agent will tell you about what charges will be from here.

The Washington Branch has the benefit of the experience of a manager who thoroughly understands the requirements of those engaged in this business either for profit or pleasure. He couples with his knowledge the desire to make his service valuable to you upon any occasion. Bee-keeping is gaining prominence in the Southland, and it will pay to investigate the opportunities offered by this pursuit in connection with poultry, fruit, and similar alliances. Do not be afraid to make known you wants-come to Washington, or write and we will show you every possible consideration.


333 11th St., Washington, D. C.

Phone, M. 4237--m.

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Untested (after July 1)

Select Untested (after July 1)
Tested, $1.50 each.

24-lb. for Beeway Sections
Showing Four

This case is 11% inches wide, holds 24 sections
4x1% to 1% or 20 sections, 2 or 1 15-16.
No. 11 with 3-inch glass,
No. 11 with 2-inch glass,
No. 1 without glass,

12-lb. for Beeway Sections

10, $2.00
10, 81.90
10, $1.80

Showing Three

Holds 12 sections 4x1%. A convenient standard size.

No. 13 with 3-inch glass,
No. 13 with 2-inch glass,
No. 3 without glass,

10, $1.30
10. $1.25
10, $1.20

24-lb. for Plain Sections

Showing Four
Holds 24 sections, 4x1.
No. 111⁄2 with 3-inch glass,
No. 11% with 2-inch glass,
No. 11⁄2 without glass,

10, $2.00
10, $1.90
10, $1.70
24-lb. for Ideal Sections
Showing Four
Holds 24 sections 3% x5x12.
No. 16 with 3-inch glass,
No. 6 without glass.

10, $1.80
10, $1.60

24-lb. for Tall Sections
Showing Four

[blocks in formation]

100, $18.00 100, $17.00 100, $16.00

Price List of "Falcon" Queens

Three-banded and Golden Italians, Caucasians, and Carniolans

100, $11.50 100, $10.75 100, $10.00

100, $17.00 100, $16.00 100, $15.00


100, $16.00 100, $14.00

Write for prices on cases for sections other than pamed above.

Buy cases from nearest dealer. See back copies GLEANINGS list of dealers, or write us.

100, $16.50 100, $14.50

One, 75c; six, $4.25; twelve, $8.00 One, $1.00; six, $5.50; twelve, $10.00 Select Tested, $2.00 each.

All queens are reared in strong vigorous colonies, and mated from populous nuclei. Safe arrival and satisfaction guaranteed.

Buy "Falcon" Queens and Increase Your Honey Yields!

W. T. Falconer Mfg. Company


Factory and Main Office FALCONER, NEW YORK

117 No. Jefferson St., Chicago, Ills.

Honey Markets

The prices listed below are intended to represent, as nearly as possible, the average market prices at which honey and beeswax are selling at the time of the report in the city mentioned. Unless otherwise stated, this is the price at which sales are being made by commission merchants or by producers direct to the retail merchant. When sales are made by commission merchants the usual commission (from five to ten per cent), cartage, and freight will be deducted; and in addition there is often a charge for storage by the commission merchant. When sales are made by the producer direct to the retailer, commission and Storage, and other charges. are eliminated. Sales made to wholesale houses are usually about ten per cent less than those to retail merchants.

EASTERN GRADING RULES FOR COMB HONEY. FANCY.-All sections well filled, combs straight, firmly attached to all four sides, the combs unsoiled by travel-stain or otherwise, all the cells sealed except an occasional one, the outside surface of the wood well scraped of propolis.

A No. 1.-All sections well filled except the row of cells next to the wood; combs straight; one-eighth part of comb surface soiled, or the entire surface slightly soiled; the outside surface of the wood well scraped of propolis.

No. 1.-All sections well filled except the row of cells next to the wood: combs comparatively even: one-eighth part of comb surface soiled, or the entire surface slightly soiled.

No. 2.-Three-fourths of the total surface must be filled and sealed.

No. 3.-Must weigh at least half as much as a fullweight section.

In addition to this the honey is to be classified according to color, using the terms white, amber, and dark; that is, there will be "Fancy white," "No. 1 Dark," etc.


No. 1 WHITE.-Sections to be well filled and evenly capped except the outside row, next to the wood; honey white or slightly amber, comb and cappings white, and not projecting beyond the wood; wood to be well cleaned; cases of separatored honey to average 21 pounds net per case of 24 sections, no section in this grade to weigh less than 131⁄2 ounces.

Cases of half-separatored honey to average not less than 22 pounds net per case of 24 sections.

Cases of unseparatored honey to average not less than 23 pounds net per case of 24 sections.

No. 1 LIGHT AMBER.-Sections to be well filled and evenly capped, except the outside row, next to the wood: honey white or light amber; comb and cappings from white to off color, but not dark; comb not projecting beyond the wood; wood to be well cleaned.

Cases of separatored honey to average 21 pounds net per case of 24 sections; no section in this grade to weigh less than 131⁄2 ounces.

Cases of half-separatored honey to average not less than 22 pounds net per case of 24 sections.

Cases of unseparatored honey to average not less than 23 pounds net per case of 24 sections.

No. 2.-This includes all white honey, and amber honey not included in the above grades: sections to be fairly well filled and capped, no more than 25 un

capped cells, exclusive of outside row, permitted in this grade, wood to be well cleaned, no section in this grade to weigh less than 12 ounces.

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Cases of separatored honey to average not less than 19 pounds net.

Cases of half-separatored honey to average not less than 20 pounds net per case of 24 sections. Cases of unseparatored honey to average not less than 21 pounds net per case of 24 sections.

BOSTON.-Fancy and No. 1 white comb bring 15 to 16; white extracted, 12. Beeswax, 30. Boston, Mass., July 3.



COLUMBUS.-No new honey on the market. old crop of fancy white is selling at 17. Market is wanting supplies.

Columbus, O., July 3.



BUFFALO.-There is not much doing in honey People do not care for honey in hot weather. If grocers do sell out they try to wait for new honey instead of buying any more old. There is not much white left in our market, and no new arriving. White-clover comb honey brings 14 to 17: dark, 9 to 10: white extracted, 81⁄2 to 9: dark ditto, 6% to 7. Beeswax, 28 to 30.

Buffalo, N. Y., July 7.


ZANESVILLE.-The excessively warm weather has practically destroyed the demand for honey, there being almost no call for it at the present time. This is rather unusual, as a healthy demand usually marks the coming-in of the new crop on the local market. Locally the honey yield will be considerably heavier than anticipated, and this may temporarily lower prices, though indications are that prices are likely to be rather high and firm. Producers are being offered for beeswax 28 cts. cash, 30 in exchange for bee-supplies.

Zanesville, O., July 4,


LIVERPOOL. Since we last reported, most of the stocks of Haitien have been cleared at full prices. In other, honey trade has been slow, old pile No. 1 Chilian being sold at $6.00 per cwt. to clear before the new arrival. The first shipment of Chilian, about 500 barrels, has just arrived, and as yet there are no sales to report, neither are there any fresh features to report in other descriptions, and the quotations are: Chilian, $5.52 to 86.72; Californian, $8.40 to $10.48; Jamaican, $6.00 to $6.72; Peruvian, $3.84 to $4.80; Haitien. $6.00 to $7.56. Having been in short supply, recent arrivals of wax have sold very well, chiefly at $38.72 per cwt. for medium yellow Chilian. Buyers expect a decline as soon as further lots come in, and prices have eased off considerably this shipment. We quote to-day, African, $33.64 to $34.48: American, $36.28: West Indian, $32.64 $36.48; Chilian, $33.88 to 39.92.


TAYLOR & Co. 7 Tithebarn St., Liverpool, Eng., June 21.

Now for 1911 Bee-Supplies

We have already received several carloads of that "finest of all Beeware"-Falconer make-anticipating the heavy rush of orders sure to come this spring, Prepare yourself Now, Brother, for we are going to have a heavy honey yield this season, and those who order early are the ones who will profit most. Send for our catalog to-day, and see our "MUTH SPECIAL" Dovetailed Hive, and also our “IDEAL METAL" cover-both DANDIES. We sell you cheaper than the rest; we have the best. Let us figure on your wants-we will surprise you.

THE FRED W. MUTH CO. 51 Walnut Street

The Busy Bee Men "

Cincinnati, Ohio

Honey-Harvest Days are Here!

It is possible that, on account of conditions, you did not order any extra supplies; and now that the honey is coming in fast, you find yourself short of some important items. This is where we come in. Our stock is large and complete, and we are ready to fill your orders immediately on receipt.


Having produced a fine crop of honey, it is folly to market it in any thing but the best and neatest package. Good shipping-cases add much to the value of your honey, and you can not expect to secure the highest price unless your package as well as your product is the best. We supply all kinds of honey-packages-cases, bottles, cans, cartons, etc.


We sell the best grade of sections made. If you want a hundred or ten thousand or a hundred thousand, we can fill your order promptly with goods which are bound to please. You may judge of the popularity of these sections when we tell you that the manufacturers make upward of twenty-five million of them every season.


Another article we handle in considerable quantities is Comb Foundation. There is nothing more important to the up-to-date bee-keeper than to have foundation just when he needs it, and of the best quality. We sell nothing but Root's Weed-process Foundation, the recognized standard of the world. The bees appreciate the good points of this foundation, and every beekeeper knows that it is the best. All grades and sizes constantly on hand. A pound or a ton, just as you like.


Whether you are ordering in ample season or whether you have put off until the last moment, you may rest assured that our service will give you delivery of goods at a minimum of expense and time. Having so many years' experience in this work, we know the best routes and we have the best facilities for serving you. Just tell us your needs briefly and send us definite orders, and we will demonstrate what we can do for you.

Power Honey-extractors

A thirty-two-page booklet that has a lot of valuable information for the bee-keeper who produces extracted honey. A copy free on request. Catalog and price list of the best bee-supplies made, for the asking.

C. H. W. Weber & Co.

2146 Central Ave.

Cincinnati, Ohio

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