Tl 9000 Release 3.0: A Guide to Measuring Excellence in Telecommunications

ASQ Quality Press, 1 jan. 2002 - 176 sidor
Written by three experts who have worked on TL 9000 from its inception, this book is one of the most complete sources of information on the telecommunications standards. TL 9000 Release 3.0: A Guide to Measuring Excellence in Telecommunications, Second Edition explains the standard in understandable terms, and provides examples and case studies from the industry. The book also provides many helpful tips on implementing the standards in any organization. All three authors were involved in the creation of TL 9000 and are well versed in the issues debated during the development of TL9000, the industry need to develop additional requirements beyond ISO 9001, and the identification of metrics that are aimed at driving continual improvement. They also have experience implementing TL 9000 in their own organizations. The second edition has been updated to reflect changes in the most recent versions of the TL 9000 Requirements Handbook 3.0 and Measurement Handbook 3.0. The book also compares the recent changes in both TL 9000 and ISO 9001, and explains how they will affect telecommunication companies.

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Om författaren (2002)

Jarvis is Head of the Software Quality Division at Cisco Systems, CA.

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