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THE Bible is the oldest, the best authenticated, and incomparably the most influential book in existence. It is the fountain of all that is valuable in Art, Science, and Literature. It has been printed in more languages, and obtained a greater number of readers, than any other volume that ever existed, or ever issued from the press. The value of the Bible to man, in his various relationships to the shifting scenes of time, and the momentous concerns of eternity, is not to be estimated. It reveals to him, in unerring language, the origin, the progress, and the termination of all earthly things. It records, for his instruction, the religious ages of the world, by developing the three distinct dispensations of Heaven-Patriarchal, Jewish, and Christian. It presents man primeval, man as he is, and man as he shall be. Indeed, the Bible is the book of ages and of wonders, of time and eternity, of life and God. Like every thing beside, it had its commencement and completion.

In the following pages there will be found most interesting deductions illustrative of these subjects, the study of which may lead the Christian inquirer to a more correct knowledge of the mind and will of God, and animate him with feelings of greater confidence and delight than he has hitherto experienced.

Family culture was the first business at Carlton House in the morning of every day; and the contents of the volume, therefore, are the records of this cultivation of scriptural exposition in the family.

It will be observed, that the dialogue form, so instructive and efficient, is adopted in this work, and admirably sustained to its conclusion. The author has a large mind, and is clear-headed. Truly evangelical in doctrine, and catholic in spirit, he has been the honored means, by his elaborate productions and oral discourses, of enlightening the minds and enlarging the conceptions of multitudes, as regards the plan of salvation, and the beneficence of God towards the human family.

Should the Second Series be called for by the readers of those now issued, we shall be happy, at a future period, to supply another volume of the same character.

November, 1854.

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