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Church of England

Vindicating her

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Ć Ĉ 'From the OBJECTIONS of ,
Papists and Disenters,

Fully explaining the Nature of

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And cautioning the Laity against the Delusion of

A WORK undertaken before the REVOLUTION

by the especial Command of Archbishop Sancroft,
and Dr.Floyd Bishop of Norwich : Licensed by Bishop
Compton in 1692. And since enlarged and improved
by the Author, particularly with regard to the Schisin
of the NONJURORS, and compleated for the Press
little before his Death.

By the late Reverend Mr. LUKE MILBOURN,
Presbyter of the Church of England.

VOL. t.

Printed for M. SMITH at Bishop Beveridge's Headin

Pater-nofter-Row. 1722.






tbro' the Work you were pleas'd to set me, with as much Satisfaction and Pleasure to myself, as I hope I have with Service to

you : And you have given me an Opportunity of appearing in some measure ufeful to the World, in doing of that which it was very well worth any one's wbile to have done, for the Benefit be wou'd thereby have receiv'd himself. But it seems you are not contented that I shou'd fit down quietly with my own Gains, but infist i pon my giving

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the World Some Account of wbat I have been doing. And this you think the more necessary to be done, because the Author bimself, tho' he had finished the Work, bas left no Preface; designing, very probably, (as most Authors do) to defer the Preface, till the Work fou'd be in the Press. Wbat be might have said, had be livd to supervise the Press himself, it is hard to tell : but it

easy to see that there is no great room for another to say much. As far as we can learn from the Fragments of å moving Letter of the Author's, to the late Bishop of London, (which you communicated to me, together with the Manuscript,) it appears that this

Work was undertaken at the Command of * Dr. San. two great Prelates * who had experienc'd his croft Arch Abilities in two other Performances, in which bishop of they had engag'd him, and for which he reand Dr. ceiv'd their especial Thanks f. The Time Floyd B. of in which he enter'd upon this, was (as I con+ A thort je&ture) in the latter end of the Reign of Defence King James the Second; when the Insulis

of the Romish Faction upon our Church and Church of her Ordinal occafiond, it is probable, what England, be bas said upon that Subject, in the close of as by Law

the sixth Chapter of the following Treatise. blish'd; But that

But that Storm, God be prais’d, was soon against fome scatrer'd Objections of Mr. Weblier of Lynne. By a Presbyter of the Diocese of Norwich, 4tı. 1688. And Myfterics in Religion Vindicated against the Socinians. 8vo.


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blown over : Tho' (as it is generally our Fate to hurry from one Extream into another ;) in the following Reign the Fear of Popery plung’d us immediately into the depth of Eraftianism, (from whence we have been never fince able to recover ourselves) which put our Author upon pursuing his first Design, of vindicating the Orders and Powers of our Ministry, from the Cavils of Presbyterians and other Levellers of Church Government and Discipline.

The Work was compleated as far as he then design'd it shou'd be, in 1692, when it receiv'd the Approbation of the late Bishop of London, and bis License for the Press. The reason why it was not immediately publifb'd, was the Temper of the 'Times, which wou'd not then bear it. But as be liv'd in bopes they would one day mend; he was willing to take the Advantage of the delay to improve and enlarge it, as he saw new Occasions to arise : So that by frequent Additions it has swelld at last to twice the Bulk what it was when it was licensed at first. But just before bis Death it seems to have receiv'd what be intended should be his last Hand : It being all fairly transcribed, and the following solemn Dedication prefix'd to it, and enlarg’d towards the End with regard to the revival of the Nonjurors Schifm,


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