Sidor som bilder


Nay, nay, nat fo; ye shall nạt.go,

And I shall tell ye why,
Your appetyglit is to be lyght

Of love, I wele espy:
For, lyke as ye have fayed to me,

In lyke wyse hardely
Ye wolde anfwére whosoever it were,

In way of company.
It is sayd of olde, Sone hote, fone colde ;

And so is a woman.
Wherfore I to the wode wyll go,

Alone, a banysned man.



Yf ye take hede, it is no nede

Such wordes to say by me;
For oft ye prayed, and longe aflayed,

Or I you loved, pardè:
And though that I of auncestry

A barons daughter be,
Yet have you proved howe I you loved,

A fquyer of lowe degré;
And ever shall, whatso befall;

To dy therforę anone;
For, in my mynde, of all mankynde

I love but you alone.



Ver. 251. For I mut to the grene wnde gn. Prol. Ver, 253. vet is. Camb. Copy. Perbaps for yt is. Ver.262. dy with him. Editor's MS. 265

A barons chylde to be begylde!

It were a cursed dede;
To be felàwe with an outlawe!

Almighty God forbede !
Yet beter were, the pore squyère

Alone to foreft yede,
Than ye sholde fay another day

That, by my cursed dede
Ye were betrayd: Wherfore, good mayd,
The best rede that I

Is, that I to the grene wode go,

Alone, a bany shed man.'




SHE. Whatever befall, I never shall

Of this thyng you upbrayd:
But yf ye go, and leve me fo,

Than have ye me betrayd.
Remember you wele, howe that ye dele;

For, yf ye, as ye fayd,
Be so unkyndę, to leve behynde,

Your love, the not-browne mayd.
Trust me truly', that I shall dy
Sone after be

gone; For, in my mynde, of all mankynde I love but





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Ver. 278. outbrayd. Prol, Ver, 282. ye he as, Pral.
Pere 283. Ye were unkynde to leve me behyrde, Prole


Yf that ye went, ye sholde repent;

For in the forest nowe
I have purvayed me of a mayd,

Whom I love more than you ;
Andther fayrère, than ever ye were,

I dare it wele avowe; And of


bothe eche fholde be wrothe With other, as I trowe: It were myne ese; to lyve in pese;

So wyll I, yf I can; Wherfore I to the wode wy'l go

Alone, a banyshed man,




Though in the wode I undyrftode

Ye had a paramour,
All this may nought remove my thought,

But that I wyll be your :
And the shall fynde me foft, and kynde,

And courteys every hour ;
Glad to fulfyll all that she wyll

Commaunde me to my power : For had ye, lo, an hundred mo,

• Of them I wolde be one;' For, in my mynde, of all mankynde

I love but you alone.



vir 310. So the Editor's MS. All tbe printed copies read,

Yet wolde I be that one,

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Be mery

Myne owne dere love, I se the prove


be kynde, and true; Of mayde, and wyfe, in all my lyse, The best that ever I knewe.

and glad, be no more sad,
The case is chaunged newes
For it were ruthe, that, for your truthe,

Ye fholde have cause to rewe:
Be nat dismayed ; whatsoever I sayd

To you, whan I began;
I wyll nat to the


I am no banyshed man.



These tydings be more gladd to me,

Than to be made a quene,
Yf I were sure they sholde endure :

But it is often sene,
Whan men wyll breke promyse, they speke

The wordés on the splene.
Ye shape fome wyle me to begyle,

And stele from me, I wene :
Than, were the case worse than it was,

And I more wo-begone:
For, in my mynde, of all mankynde
I love but



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Pen. 315. of all. Prol.

Ver. 325. gladder. Prol.


Ye shall nat nede further to drede;

I wyll nat dysparage
You, (God defend !) fyth ye descend

Of fo grete a lynàge.
Nowe undyrstand ; to Westmarlande,

Which is myne herytage,
I wyll you brynge; and with a rynge,

By way of maryage
I wyll you take, and lady make,

As snortely as I can:
Thus have you won an erlys son,

And not a banyshed man.”



AUTHOR, 46 Here may ye fe, that women be In love, meke, kynde, and fable :

350 Late never man reprove them than,

Or call them variable;
But, rather, pray God, that we may

To them be comfortable;
Which sometyme proveth such, as he loveth, 355

Yf they be charytable.
For fyth men wolde that women sholde

Be meke to them each one ;
Moche more ought they to God obey,
And serve but hym alone,


VII. A Per. 340. ?r?te lynrage. Prola Ver. 347. Then have. Prol. l'er. 343. And no banyshed. Pro!. 1.352. This line wanting in Prol. :355. proved-loved. Prol, lb, as loveth, Camb, V.357, Forsoth. Prola

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