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widow, and recommends humility by that of the
Pharisee and Publican, $ 129.

Being come to Jerusalem at the feast of dedication
| in December, he opens the eyes of a man born blind,
| $ 130; the man is examined by the Sanhedrim, and
excommunicated; Jesus meets him, and declares
himself to be the Son of God, $ 131.

Having admonished the Pharisees of their danger, he represents himself, first as the door of the sheepfold, $132, then as the good shepherd of the flock, 133 ; and discourses of his union with the Father, upon which the Jews attempt to seize him, and he retires beyond Jordan, g 134.

Jesus declares against divorces, 135 ; blesses the J. P. little children, 136 ; answers the young ruler, who 4746. applied so respectfully to him ; discourses of the danger of riches, g 137; and warns the Jews not to envy the Gentiles being called to equal privileges with themselves, by the parable of the labourers in the vineyard, § 138.

Hearing of the sickness of Lazarus, he determines
to return into Judea, $ 139, where he raises Lazarus

from the dead, g 140.
! The Sanhedrim agreeing Jesus should be put to
death, and publishing a proclamation against him, he
retires to Ephraim, 141.

Setting out on his last journey to Jerusalem, he
tells his disciples what he should suffer there, rebukes
the ambition of Zebedee's sons, and exhorts to hu-
mility, $ 142.

Passing through Jericho, he cures the two blind men, and converts Zaccheus the publican, $ 143 : After which he delivers the parable of the ten pounds, and represents the vengeance he would take on his enemies, s 144.

He is entertained at Bethany, and his feet anointed by Mary: Many flock thither to see Lazarus, whom also the chief priests conspire to kill, $ 145.

Christ rides in triumph to Jerusalem on the first day of the week, $ 146. When he came near the city, he weeps over it, and at his entrance goes into the temple, which he vindicates a second time from the profanation of the traders, and performs several miracles there, § 147. :

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Discourses with some Greeks who came up to the
Passover, and retires in the evening to Bethany, 148.
| Christ returns to Jerusalem the next morning, (thal
| is, on Monday in the Passion week,) and by the way
curses the barren figtree, $ 149; visits the temple.
and again reforms the abuses of the traders ; the
priests are exasperated, and he retires in the even.
ing, $ 150.

Returning to Jerusalem on Tuesday morning, the
figtree is found withered away : Coming again into
the temple, he confounds the members of the Sanhe-
drim who questioned his authority ; utters the para.
ble of the complaisant but disobedient son, 151, and
then that of the vineyard let out to husbandmen, 6152,
and of the wedding feast and garment, 153.

Confounds the attempt to insnare him in the ques.
tion about paying tribute, g 154; proves the resurrec-
tion against the Sadducees, § 155 ; answers the ques-
tion as to the first commandment of the law, Ø 156 ;)
and repeats his charges and denunciations against
the Pharisees, Ø 157, 158.

Going out of the temple, he applauds the liberality
of a poor widow, $ 159; foretells the destruction of
Jerusalem, acquainting his disciples with the signs of
its approach, and of his second coming, $ 160-162;
and urges the suddenness of his appearance, as an
engagement to watchfulness, $163, which he enforces
by the parable of the ten virgins, $ 164, and of the
talents, $ 165, concluding his discourse with a most
affecting description of the last judgment, 166.

The rulers contrive how they may seize Jesus :
Judas makes an infamous contract to betray him:
He retires at night to the mount of Olives, 167.

Christ returns again on Wednesday to teach in
the temple as before ; but the particulars are not re-
corded, ibid. a.

On Thursday morning, he directs two of his disci.
ples to go and prepare the Passover, which was his
fourth and last Passover : He comes in the evening,
and sits down with his apostles to that feast, 168.

At the antepast, he rebukes their ambition, and
| washes their feet, $ 169. At supper, he intimates who
should betray him, and Judas upon this retires, $170.

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He exhorts them to mutual love, foretells Peter's
fall, $ 171, and then institutes the eucharist, 172.

After this he addresses his disciples with a large
consolatory discourse, $ 173-178, which he closes
with a solemn prayer, $179, 180. Then retires from
the guest chamber to the garden of Gethsemane, re-
newing his caution to Peter and his brethren, $ 181.

Christ falls into an agony: His disciples sleep, sl 182. Judas betrays him: He yields himself up, and they forsake him, $ 183. He is conducted to the palace of Caiaphas, where Peter denies him, § 184.

He is examined and condemned on Friday morning by the Sanhedrim, $185: Then is brought before Pilate, and examined by him, $186; is sent to Hero od, who returns him to Pilate, / 187, who having in vain attempted his release, declaring to the Jews hel found no fault in him, at length yields to their importunity, and gives judgment against him, Ø 188.

Being delivered up by Pilate, after various abuses, he is led forth to Calvary, and nailed to the cross, $ 189. His garments are divided ; and while he is himself outrageously insulted, he shews mercy to the penitent robber, $ 190; and having commended his mother to the care of John, expires: Amazing prodigies attend his death, and alarm the spectators, 9191.

Christ's body is pierced on the cross; then begged, and buried, by Joseph of Arimathea, j 192.

Judas confesses his guilt on Christ's being condemned, and hangs himself in despair, \ 193—

On the morrow after the crucifixion, (which was the Jewish Sabbath, or Saturday,) the Jews desire to have the sepulchre secured, and procure a guard to watch it, 1-193.

Christ rises from the dead early on Lord's day morning: Mary Magdalene, finding the sepulchre open, calls Peter and John, who enter into it and return, while Christ makes his first appearance to her, 10 194.

The other women, coming to the sepulchre, are informed of his resurrection by angels, who bid them go and tell his disciples : He appears to them as they

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return, and they report it to his incredulous disciples,

j 195. ! The guards who had Aed away make their report | of what had passed to the chief priests, and are hired

to disguise the truth. Christ appears to Peter, 0196, and then to the two disciples on their way to Em. maus, $197, who return and report it; and while they are together, Christ appears to all the company the same evening, 198.

On that day sevennight he appears again to the eleven, Thomas being with them, and offers to be examined by his touch, s 199.

He discovers himself to Peter and other disciples at the Sea of Tiberias, while they were fishing, ( 200; and, after a remarkable discourse with that apostle, foretells his martyrdom, | 201.

Christ appears to the whole body of his disciples in Galilee, and afterwards meets the apostles several times at Jerusalem, discoursing with them of the affairs of his kingdom, | 202.

He leads them out of the city, and, having blessed them, ascends to heaven in their sight: They return joyful to Jerusalem, $ 203 ; with which the history of the evangelists concludes.



Christ (as was said before,) ascends to heaven from the mount of Olives in the view of his apostles forty

days after his resurrection, $1. i The apostles return to Jerusalem, and being as

sembled with the rest of the disciples, Matthias is chosen in the room of Judas, $ 2.

The Holy Spirit descends upon the apostles on the day of Pentecost, and people of all nations hear them speak in their own language : Peter declares, that| this was what the prophet Joel had foretold, 93, and shews, that Jesus whom they crucified was risen from the dead, and was the true Messiah, 84. Great numbers are converted, and baptized ; and converts are daily added to the church, s 5.

Chronological Table of Contents:


Tiberius 19.

Anno Dom. 33.

| Peter and John cure a man who had been lame
\ from his birth at the gate of the temple, $ 6. Peter
makes an affectionate discourse to the people assem-
bled on that occasion, 87.

The two apostles are seized by order of the Sanhe-
drim, and, being examined by that court, courageous
ly declare their resolution of persisting to preach
in the name of Jesus: They are severely threatened,
and dismissed, $ 8.
1 Returning to their company, they all unite in an
inspired prayer, which is attended with a new effu-
sion of the Spirit. The number and zeal of the con-
verts increase. Many estates are sold, and the price
distributed, $ 9.
| Ananias and Sapphira are struck dead for their
fraudulent dealing: The church increases, and ex-
traordinary miracles are wrought, % 10.

The twelve are apprehended and imprisoned, and,
after a miraculous deliverance, are brought before
the Sanhedrim, and scourged, but, by Gamaliel's pru-
dent advice, are discharged without farther severi-

ties, $ 11, | 34 | The seven deacons are chosen : The number of

disciples multiplies, and many of the priests believe,

| Stephen, disputing strenuously with the Jews, is
seized, and brought before the Sanhedrim, l-12.
Being accused of blasphemy, he makes a long de-
|fence, but is interrupted in it, and tumultuously
stoned to death, Saul heartily concurring in the exe.
cution, s 13–15.
| A great persecution is raised at Jerusalem, where
Saul makes havock of the church, who, being all dis-
persed but the apostles, go into other parts and preach
the word, § 16

Philip the deacon preaches Christ at Samaria, and
many believe; which also Simon Magus professes to
do, and is baptized, 4-16. Peter and John, being
sent by the apostles, communicate the Spirit by the
fimposition of their hands; and Simon offering money
for the like power, Peter detects and censures his
hypocrisy. The two apostles return to Jerusalem,
preaching the word in many villages of the Samari.
tans, s 17.

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