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The Ologies of the CRANION and PHREN, claim the distinguished priority of being the last of all the Ologies that have endeavoured to extend the boundaries of the Empire of Science. It is not the intention of Dr. Hirnschädel's ENCEPHALOLOGY, to disturb that claim ; although, if it be not the last in point of origin, it is certainly the last in point of divulgation.

"It may be pertinently asked—“Is " it not a contradiction to entitle

“ this Tract, Dr. Hirnschadel's Olo"gies of the Cranion and Phren perfected, &c., if that learned Doctor was neither the Author nor Pro

prietor of those Ologies?” – I must grant, that there is ground for the question; but, in truth, this title has only been devised in order to apprize the scientific Reader at the first glance, that he will find all the numerous defects and errors of those two Ologies rectified and

perfected in the " Ology of the Encephalus and System of the Rationals," of which he has hitherto been kept in profound and unbecoming igno


I shall not, here, inquire into the causes which have conspired to effect that privation; I shall content myself with informing him, that, in order to rescue him from an ignorance so injurious, I have with no small pains compressed into the present Very Brief Sketch,from sundry publications in the German and Polish languages, a Summary of Dr. Hirnschädel's Biography, by the minute details of which alone his Science can be adequately or satisfactorily imparted.

For the separate use of those of my fair readers who do not wear blue stockings, I have subjoined a

small Glossary of such terms as might occasion them embarrassment in prosecuting the thread of the scientific part of this History.

It now only remains for me to congratulate all my readers, on being at length put into possession of the only article that remained, to render quite complete the Encyclopædias of Edinburgh and Dr. Rees.

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