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where all Protestants are Lutherans. Tell them that if there is to be division of the school taxes, it will be a yearly varying division into 205 parts for religious schools of that number of sects, and they will say as a bishop said to me, “I never thought of that.”

The thing to do is what has been done by law in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia, and by charter in New York City and by rule of the Board of Education in the National Capital, require, as a moral necessity, to check crime and to promote good citizenship, that at least ten verses of the Bible shall be read in every public school at the opening of every school day.

That always ends all controversy. Roman Catholics and Jews fall right in, whether they are teachers or pupils.

Co-operating with Jews The "Illustrated Bible Readings” referred to, published on a philanthropic plan with the approval of the Council of Church Boards of Education, were endorsed by six rabbis as “suitable to be read by young people in schools or elsewhere.”

But a more remarkable case of co-operation with Jews, already made public and here only recalled in brief, was the sitting down of the President and Superintendent of the International Reform Bureau, Dr. Robert Watson and Dr. Wilbur F. Crafts, with Rabbi Dr. Bernard Drachman, President of the Jewish Sabbath Alliance, and in that position recognized national leader of conservative Jews, and Rabbi Goldstein, one of his lieutenants, to formulate a broad scheme of religious and legislative co-operation. It was agreed in writing to work together on four propositions and to fight courteously on the fifth. Both parties would seek to amend all Sunday laws that lack usual

exception allowing Jews who really observe Saturday religiously to do private labor (not business) on Sunday in unobtrusive ways. Care was to be taken that Jews entitled to so labor would not be annoyed by arrest. Both parties would seek to get another rest day for those kept at work on Sunday on plea they are "engaged in work of mercy or necessity," and Saturdays would be favored as that secondary rest day so far as possible.

Having agreed to these and some other propositions, all parties cordially agreed to disagree as to Jews opening shops on Sunday even though they close Saturday, since their patrons would be partly persons who did not keep Saturday and might be drawn away from merchants closed on that day, so increasing anti-Jewish prejudice, which we seek to abate.

One of te leading Jewish laymen has frankly said that the Jews should study the reasons for the prejudice against their race, with a view to avoid any acts or customs giving cause for such prejudice."

In so far as prejudice against Jews is a prepudice against them because of what they are racially, let us condemn it as both un-American and un-Christian. But so far as it is prejudice against certain Jews by race but not by faith, who keep neither their own Sabbath nor allow others to keep theirs--prejudice against them for what they do—they may well take heed of the growing prejudice thus developed among those who are free from scorn of any race for its own sake.

Let all Jews beware how they break down the Sunday bulwark of Christianity, for the Secretary of the Jew

5 Many papers opposed to censoring motion pictures have recently called attention to the fact that the motion pictures sent from the United States, which produces three-fourths of them, are creating international ill will abroad by giving at least three false impressions; first, that Wild West crimes are irom our real life; second, that our family life is reflected in the abounding adulteries of the screen; and third, in represen‘ing our country as a land where money, greed and luxurious living is the common lot.

ish Sabbath Alliance has frankly admitted in a letter to me that THOSE WHO TREAT THE JEWS BEST ARE THOSE WHO BEST OBSERVE THE CHRISTIAN SABBATH.

The Perfect of Live Is Love

We have now completed the circles of love, from the family circle to the human family, and as we stand at the portal of the family of friendly nations that is developing it is fitting to quote the profound sonnet of Henry Timrod, showing that brotherly love belongs in every section of our varied life-in the market no less than in the home:

Most men know love but as a part of life
They hide it in some corner of the breast,
Even from themselves; and only when they rest
In the brief pauses of that earthly strife,
Wherewith our world might else be not so rife,
They draw it forth (as one draws forth a toy,
To soothe some ardent, kiss-exacting boy),
And hold it up to mother, child or wife.
Ah me! why not life and love be one?
Why walk we thus alone, when at our side
Love, like a visible God, might be our guide ?
How would the marts grow noble, and the street,
Worn like a dungeon floor with weary feet,
Seem then a golden courtway of the sun!

Co-operation Peter, in Acts 10, 34, 35:

Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons; but in every nation he that feareth Him and worketh righteousness is acceptable to Him.

Professor Daniel Joseph Fleming, in“Building with India," 1922:

Let us try to keep the conception of a better world, wrought out by the co-operation of men of different races as empowered by God.

Miss Jane Addams:

When I was barely twelve years old, coming into my father's room one morning, I found him sitting beside the fire with a newspaper in his hand looking very solemn, and upon my eager inquiry what had happened, he told me that Joseph Mazzini was dead.

I had never even heard Mazzini's name, and after being told about him I was inclined to grow argumentative, asserting that my father did not know him, that he was not an American, and that I could not understand why we should be expected to feel badly about him.

It is impossible to recall the conversation with the complete breakdown of my cheap arguments, but in the end I obtained that which I have ever regarded as a valuable possession, a sense of the genuine relationship which may exist between men who share large hopes and like desires, even though they differ in nationality, language and creed; that those things count for absolutely nothing between groups of men who are trying to abolish slavery in America or to throw off Hapsburg oppression in Italy.

At any rate I was heartily ashamed of my meager notion of patriotism, and I came out of the room exhilarated with the consciousness that impersonal and international relations are actual facts and not mere phrases. I was filled with pride that I knew a man who held converse with great minds and who really sorrowed and rejoiced over happenings across the sea.



(World Brotherhood Circle-Continued) National patriotism and the brotherhood of man both lead us to give sympathetic thought to the problem of immigration, which is too much left to selfish interests—employers of labor and transportation companies desiring almost unlimited admittance for immigrants, while the labor unions seek increased restrictions as a sort of protective tariff on the labor market.

Restriction is justified on the basis of the Second Great Commandment, for we shall wrong the world, and future immigrants especially, if we receive immigrants faster than we can assimilate them, or if we do not exclude those who would deteriorate the national stock physically and morally.“

6 One of the best books on immigration is “The American Spirit in the Writings of Americans of Foreign Birth,” by Robert E. Stauffer. Among authors quoted, whose full writings should be studied, if possible are: Mary Austin, Jacob Riis, Felix Adler, Abraham Rihbany, E. A. Steiner. Write your Congressman or one of your

Senators for latest hearings before Committees of Congress on restriction of immigration. These give both sides. After studying the subject, individuals and groups should express their views to Congress by petitions, letters, telegrams, deputations, remembering that those whose only interest in immigration is commercial, racial, sectarian, and industrial, are always pressing for relaxation even of restrictions that are already too weak. There are plausible aguments against the illiteracy, test. The ignorant are not always bad, nor are the educated always good. But the man or woman too lazy to learn to read in any language is not likely to be good stuff for citizenship, and no other form of restriction is so easily applied and shuts out so few good and so many bad.

The percentage law is a good one for reducing immigration from countries that have sent us too many, and increasing the “Nordic" immigration (from northern Europe) of which we need more. More educaticnal work is needed to remove our insulting discriminations against two great nations, Japan and China, which could be done without materially increasing Oriental immigration by letting them in on the three per cent plan because three per cent of nothing is nothing.

Americanization should be a matter of personal and patriotic interest to all immigrants and especially to native-born Americans who are willing to do something practical to improve unfavorable conditions in the nation and the world. The U. S. Commissioner of Education, in his report for 1920 (page 78) argues for including with immigrants in Americanization efforts

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