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more than instruction in class-room science. The growth through her own childhood and girlhood of natural, vigorous physical life, with abundant reserve strength and resistant nerves; the development of wholesome ideas and ideals of marriage as a responsibility, and motherhood as a blessing and a trust; the cultivation of habits of selfreliance and service for others; the ready sympathy with others' troubles and joys, little or great; the fine combination of gentleness and firmness; the true perception of worth in life and in mankind, and the consequent unregretted bestowal of her love—all these are foundational. It requires so much of personality, of well-trained character, of vitality, to be the artist mother."

Marry at Majority Most people marry too late, when both body and mind have become too "set.” The ideal time to marry is when the man is 21 and the girl is 18. The reason for later marriages is usually financial, and it is not a good one. Young men have an idea that no girl is willing to marry till she can have a well-furnished home. If they are selfreliant and capable and sensible they should start in when they have enough for a picnic start. It does not cost much more for two in a room with light housekeeping than for one in a boarding house. And if one or both is on the upgrade in earning power there will be increase of income with increase in family. All the better if no servant can be had the first year while the newly wedded pair are getting adjusted to each other. The World War has made many even of the well-to-do families learn to do their own housekeeping. Vice-President Coolidge has set a wholesome example in doing his part in the housekeeping of his family. When father leads, all the boys and girls will gladly share in helping mother, and they will be thus the better prepared for their own future home making. There will be more real love matches,


When Compounded Semi-Annually
at Three Per Cent. Per Annum

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A Pittsburgh bank gave the author figures showing that a saving of $1.20 per week at 4% would in 30 years grow to $3,520.00; $3.60 would grow to $10,560.00. A saving of $1,800.00 a year would double itself in 17 years. We can sometimes get more than 4% in safe investments. Anything above 6 should be suspected and never taken without good advice.



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with fewer tiresome "long engagements," and fewer divorces if young lovers celebrate their majority by matrimony.

The First National Bank of Omaha publishes the thrift call opposite. It should speed up marriages for it shows that if a married pair, in addition to their first year "picnic" expenses, could lay by even $2.00 a week at even such a low interest at 3%-one can usually do better than that—and there are many ways to save $2.00 per week—they would have enough to pay necessary expenses for additional room and food and clothing and schooling —even college expenses of a growing family-much more if they could see their way to put $5.00 at interest every week,



To Follow up Chapter II The lesson below is one of Mrs. Wilbur F. Crafts' many Chautauqua talks to children under 12 years of age, and their parents and teachers. It was this development of the circles of lovewhich suggested to the author that these circles were the most natural outline for a complete sociology. Mrs. Crafts gave it, with a wheel and blackboard for illustration, to a union assembly of all grades of Calvary Baptist Sunday School, Washington, D. C., 2000 strong, and was twice called back to teach all grades together on other subjects. This has a bearing on the passion for manifold Sunday school grades, each with a different lesson. In the Sunday schools of which D. L. Moody, B. F. Jacobs and Ralph Wells were the Superintendents, the whole school was gathered at opening or close or both for an inspiring introduction or application of the lesson, such as no ordinary teacher in any school could be expected to make. Either the superinten

dent or pastor or some real leader should give a prophetlike message to all the school at some time in each session, or at least to all save the kindergarten grade, which only some rare speaker could include with profit. But the kindergarten grade when kept separate should get the introduction or application from the best mass teacher of that grade, usually the Primary Superintendent. (This Round Table is supposed to be given in a Sunday school on quarterly review day.)

The true home is the world's training school of love, where we learn to love God as the universal father and mother, through the love of earthly parents; while in the relation of sister and brother, we are prepared for universal brotherhood. The Bible makes love at home the key of all love when it says “If a man say I love God, and hateth his brother he is a liar; for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen"? (John 4, 20.)

If all wheels should suddenly crash, all machinery would stop. What the wheel is to machinery, love is to Christian citizenship. (Showing one as a vital part of machinery.)

There is a great variety in the size of wheels. At one extreme, take the wee watch wheel; at the other extreme, take the ponderous wheel of five hundred horsepower connected with the dynamos at Niagara Falls. Think of seventeen such wheels in a row, and you may get some idea of the force there is in the inch of water which is taken off the Falls, borrowed, as it were, for the brief space of a few minutes, and then turned back into the river below the Falls. So there are different sizes of the wheels or circles of love: first, love of self, which should be the smallest of all; then the larger wheel of the family; then the still larger wheel of friendship, and larger still, the wheel of patriotism—love of country; and larger still, the circle of world brotherhood; and beyond this—too great to measure—the circle of the love of God.

Let me read to you three words from the Bible: “God is love” (1 John, 4: 8). Let the children of the kindergarten repeat the sweet words, "God is love." Now, the

primary department: “God is love.” Now, the juniors: “God is love.” Now, the seniors: “God is love." Now, the women's Bible classes: “God is love.” Now, the men's Bible classes: "God is love.” Now, the teachers of all the classes: “God is love."

You see we are all within the great wheel of God's love. Let me read what the Bible says about living in the wheel of God's love. “He that abideth in love abideth in God, and God abideth in him” (I John 4:16).

Some parents and teachers say to children, "God will not love


if you are bad.” If this were true, He would not have sent His Son into the world to die for sinners. The Bible teaches us that God loved us while we were yet sinners—loved us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us; and Jesus asid (reading from Bible): "This is my commandment, That ye love one another even as I have loved you(John 15: 12). You see there are other Commandments besides the Ten, many of them commandments of Jesus to love our fellowmen as He loved; and remember He loved Peter and John and Thomas in spite of their faults, and He even called Judas "Friend” (Matt. 26: 50), and would have saved him if He could in spite of his mean love of money that made him sell his Master to His enemies. We should therefore love each other in spite of faults and even unfriendliness. Let us never say to any one: “Go away, you are so bad I do not love you.” Let us learn to keep

our circles of love within the unbreakable circle of God's love, and then we shall learn to love the unlovely even He loved us.

Let us make a picture VPFFS

of the wheels of love we talked about a few moments ago. What is the smallest one? Self love.

And the one little larger? Family love. Now the next



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