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religious boards would work as hard to save children on Sunday as they work to make money on other days the problem would be solved. And when they go into this higher work as earnestly they will enjoy it more than Sunday idling. Let us draft them in God's name.

Mrs. Finley J. Shepard (Helen Gould) has prepared two lists of Bible passages for memorizing, one on the Old Testament, another on the New, which can be secured for 2 cents or 60 cents per 100 of the Sunday School Times, Philadelphia. It is time for a turn in the tide toward memorizing the beautiful gems of literature not only in the Bible but in other great and good books. Why not have everybody bring a memorized text of Scripture to breakfast every morning, and some selection of poetry or eloquence to dinner every night. Lunch would be a good time for adding one of the thousands of wise proverbs daily.

Bishops of Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in Episcopal Address to General Conference, 1922: Christian education is fortunate in having won to its view several of the leading psychologists of our day, who are now teaching that the chief end in education is not knowledge but character; that the vital question at the end of each period is not, What has the pupil learned ? but, What has he become ? and that no man is to be regarded as an educated man whose religious nature is undeveloped. Those views harmonize fully with the theory of the Church-namely, that the chief objective in education is the production of a well-rounded character.

“Also write to Chicago University Press for a very important report by a Joint Commission of Negroes and Whites on inter-racial relations, issued in 1922. It was prompted by the massacre of negroes in Chicago two years previous.”

The Christian Education Magazine of the same church in October, 1922, gave the following table of what the American people paid in taxes on luxuries in 1921. The

full cost of the luxuries is vastly greater. The total was $763,474,910.50. Here are some of the items : Tobacco and drinks..

$335,664,326.14 Motor cars and yachts

240,262,361.21 Theatres and clubs ..

103,461,145.61 Luxuriously priced articles

29,455,842.94 Jewelry

24,303,936.91 Sporting goods and pool halls.

12,958,494.31 Musical instruments

11,568,034.90 Perfumes and cosmetics

5,800,768.41 Of that, 17 Southern States paid $203,427,107.14 in taxes and (the magazine estimates) 13 billions in toto. For the whole country total cost was above fifty billions for "high living."

Dearborn Independent, Aug. 20, 1921 :

Australia is admittedly a land of democracy. We paid it the compliment some years ago of adopting the form of ballot which it originated to insure honest elections. It has long enjoyed those eminently democratic measures the initiative, referendum, recall and proportionate representation. For a generation or more it has been ruled by “Labor” governments.

These considerations give special weight to a letter from Melbourne to the World Tomorrow in which Sidney Strong, of Seattle, who had been attending the Trade Union Congress of Australia and New Zealand, writes:

“I am greatly impressed with certain labor conditions here, among them the universal 48-hour week, Saturday afternoon closing of all business, ditto on Sundays; no theatres nor amusements on Sundays, no street cars on Sunday forenoons—all of these from labor's demands."

This means that organized labor, in the country in which it enjoys highest development and is enthroned in power, explicitly recognizes the importance of the weekly rest day, with its religious and economic sanctions, to be in the interest of the workers. The fact is a telling rebuff to the organized interests in our own country that are just now noisily agitating for the destruction of the American Sabbath under the palpably dishonest slogan of “Anti-Blue Law” and “Personal Liberty” movements,

President John Grier Hibben, Princeton Baccalaureate address, 1922: We are all aware of the fact that there is something wrong with the world. The most casual observation reveals this, and the problem of evil, always present, always mysterious, presents itself to-day in its most acute and appalling forms. We can not explain the evil in the world, but we can resolve to fight it.

To follow the ideal which we set for ourselves requires a spirit of adventure, a spirit which compels one to undertake a task in which there is no assurance of success and no promise of reward, only the consciousness of loyalty to the cause which one must follow because of the law of his own nature. If we disobey that law, we do ourselves a mortal hurt. The world is naturally expecting great things of your generation. In your day there is much to be done. We of an older age look upon you eagerly and wistfully as the hope of the world.

President James R. Angell, Yale Baccalaureate address, 1922: There is a wide-spread belief that the relations of the sexes have undergone material relaxation in recent years, that marriage is daily less of a sacrament and more of a transient adjustment in the lives of those directly concerned. The university and the community have a right to demand that the educated man should not merely drift with the current of the set in which his lot may chance to be cast, but that he should look thoughtfully and earnestly at these issues and others like them, and stand courageously for those ideals and practises commending themselves to his judgment as most likely to promote a sound and wholesome society.

Upset World Can Be Re-Created Into a New Earth

Only By Christ Mr. H. G. Wells, who has used his brilliant talents as a writer to discredit the Bible, now admits in alarm that “It is the Book that has held together the fabric of western civilization,” and as many have lost faith in it (through such attacks as his own) he declares we must have a new Bible to prevent world chaos. This new

Bible he thinks could be made by a “Committee” such as made Magna Charta and the Declaration of Independence. This new Bible must have an explanation of the “cosmogony" and a history of mankind and rules of health and conduct. He has overlooked Voltaire's advice to the man who proposed to give the world a new religion. Voltaire promptly advised him to be "crucified and rise from the dead on the third day.” The new Bible has no chance of mitigating the selfishness that is producing vice and discord among men and nations except by bringing to sinful men a revelation of a living, loving God who sent His Son to bring forgiveness of past sins and power to conquer future sins, and a spirit of brotherly and helpful service for God and man-all guided by a God-given Bible, whose supreme proof of inspiration, like Christ's proof of divinity, is its onlyness. Like Jesus, the Bible is “found alone" as a transformer of men and nations. It is more reasonable (leaving faith out of account) to believe He and it are divine than to believe one human being and one human book could so incomparably excel all others.

Outlook Editorial, October 18, 1922: If women have learned that they are free to dress as they choose and behave as they choose, they have also learned that an element quite apart from a more or less obscure morality (or pseudo morality) enters in—the element that is to say, of good taste.

The best textbook for the study of prohibition and thorough study of it is needed to promote law and order where liquor laws are not fully obeyed and to secure world prohibition to protect U. S. and prevent financial and moral bankruptcy abroad-is "The Liquor Problem" by Norman E. Richardson, published by the Methodist Book Concern, New York and Cincinnati, a little cloth bound pocket book probably costing 75 cents with lower rates when bought for a whole class.


FROM PHOTOGRAPHS OF BULL-FIGHT IN LIMA, PERU Permission Our Dumb Animals, organ of American Humane Society.

The United States is becoming foreignized in so far as it is tolerating the prize fight which is first cousin to the cock fight and bull fight. Just when Spain was moving to abolish the brutal bull fight, even our public men and society women gave the sanction of their presence to a man fight in Jersey City, on the Nation's birthday, which Judge Swazey has since charged a Grand Jury is illegal, so branding it lawlessness. Camden Times says this fighting cock, Bowie, who fights both sides of Mexican border "ranks with Dempsey," only it is worse for a man to “make a brute of himself."

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