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1866. Scott, Thomas, engineer, Inverkeithing. | 1861. Steedman, John, manager, Charlestown 1867. Scott, Wentworth Lascelles, analyst,

Works, Dunfermline.

1835.*Steele, Pat. S., merchant, Eastbourne 1850. Scrymgeour, llenry, upholsterer, 23

House, Portobello.
George Street.

1867. Steuart, Charles, jun., W.S., 8 Donne 1846.*Seller, Wm., M.D., F.R.S.E., 18 North

Terrace. umberland Street,

1847.*Steuart, James, W.S., 8 Doune Ter. 1851. Seton, Lt.-Col. R. S., Madras Artillery, | 1841.*Steuart, R., of Carfin. 9 Windsor Street.

1838.*Stevenson, David, C.E., F.R.S.E., 84 1864. Shand, George, chemist, Stirling.

George Street. 1843.*Shanks, Thomas, engineer, Johnston, 1840.*Stevenson, P., philosophical-instrument Renfrewshire.

maker, 51 Geo. IV. Bridge. 1867. Shearer, Wm., philosophical instru. 1847.*Stevenson, Thomas, C.E., F.R.S.E., 84 ment maker, 12 Infirmary Street.

George Street, 1862. Shedden, Thomas, M.A., Arrochar. 1863. Stewart, Duncan A., C.E., 12 Castle 1866. Sbute, R., surgeon, Morpeth Asylum,


1850. Stewart, J. W., C.E., 13 Young St.
Sim, Francis Ranken, glass-merchant, 1865. Stewart, Neil, artist.
96 Princes Street.

1864. Strong, Thomas, W.8., 45 Melville 1863. Sim, William, Edinburgh Colour

Works, Leith Walk.

1857. Sturrock, John., jun., 3 Queen's Cres1865. Simpson, George, Bonhar Colliery,

cent, Newington. Whitburn.

1868. Sutter, Archibald, C.E., 3 Hill Street. 1846.*Simpson, Sir James Y., Bart., M.D., 1846.*Swan, Prof. Wm., F.R.S.E., St Andrews. F.R.S.E., 52 Queen Street.

1858. Swann, J. R., builder, 21 Leith Walk. 1864. Simpson, James, architect, 11 Bon- 1866. Syme, F. D., 14 Great King Street.

nington Place. 1856. Slight, G. H., engineer, 34 Leith 1858. Taplin, T., M.D., U. S. Club, Queen Walk.

Street. 1862. Sligo, A. V. S., 5 Drummond Place. 1866. Tatlock, Robert R., analytical chemist, 1854. Small, John, Librarian, University.

151 George Street, Glasgow. 1857. Smith, Adam G., C.A., 5 Hart Street. 1862.*Tawse, John Wardrobe, W.s., 49 1850.*Smith, A., C.E., Union Street, Aber. deen,

2. *Ta veteen Street,

» Taylor, Andrew, consulting geologist, 1839.*Smith, D., F.R.S.E., manager, North

10 Rankeillor Street. British and Mercantile Insurance 1868. Templeton, J., manufacturer, Glasgow. Co., 64 Princes Street.

1851. Tennant, Charles, St Rollox, Glasgow. 1865. Smith, David, contractor, 61 Brougham Tennant, John, St Rollox, Glasgow. Street, Belfast.

1860. Thomson, Alex., teacher, 5-A George Sq. 1867. Smith, G. H., M.D., 80 Great King *Thomson, C. W., C.A., 9 Blenheim Pi. Street.

1863. Thomson, R. W., C.E., 3 Moray Pl. 1864. Smith, John, C.E., 8 Buckingham 1866. Thomson, William, gardener, Dalkeith Terrace.

Park. 1865. Smith, John D., carver and gilder, 21 1839.*Thomson, W. T., F.R.S.E., 3 George Frederick Street.

Street. 1856. Smith, Robt. M., F.R.S.E., merchant, 1830.*Tod, Henry, W.S., 39 York Place. 4 Bellevue Crescent.

1858.*Tod, James, advocate, 9 Wemyss Place. 1859. Smith, William, lithographer, 43 Nor. 1861. Tod, James, engraver, 3 St James' thumberland Street.

Square. 1855. Smyth, Chas. Piazzi, F.R.SS.L. & E., 1856. Tod, John, engineer, 29 Leith Walk.

Astronomer-Royal for Scotland, 1 1846.* Trevelyan, Arthur, of Pencaitland,
Hillside Crescent.

Tyneholm, Tranent. 1867. Sorley, John, LL.D., Birkenhead Cot. 1840.*Trevelyan, Sir Walter C., Bt., F.R.S.E., tage, Birkenhead.

Wallington, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 1865. Soutter, James, merchant, 102 Princes 1864. Trotter, Alexander, teacher, 59 George Street.

Street. 1859. Spence, W., Sec., B. L. Co. Bank, 36 1840.*Turnbull, W., F.R.S.E., accountant, St Andrew Square.

Royal Bank. 1840.*Sprot, T., W.S., 10 Drummond Place. 1822.*TWEEDDALR, The Most Noble George, 1850. Stark, James, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.E.,

Marquis of, K.T., F.R.S.E., Yester 21 Rutland Street.

House, Gifford.


1860. Vallance, George, merchant, 11 West | 1859. Williamson, Peter, assistant-observer, Register Street.

Royal Observatory.

1864. Wilson, Andrew, dentist, 21 Young St. 1810.*Walker, William, surgeon and oculist, 1867. Wilson, James T., manufacturing47 Northumberland Street.

chemist, Restalrig House. 1859. Wallace, Alex., M.A., assist.-observer, 1858. Wilson, John, coalmaster, South BanRoyal Observatory.

taskine, Falkirk. 1856. Waterston, George, jun., stationer, 56 1859. Wilson, John, F.R.S.E., Professor of North llanover Street.

Agriculture. 1866 *Watherston, James, builder, 8 Char- | 1838.*Wilson, Patrick, architect, 2 Queen lotte Place.

Street. *Watherston, William, builder, 8 Char- | 1868. Wilson, Robert, engineer, Patricroft. lotte Place,

1867. Wilson, Thos., teacher, Forth School, 1810.* Watson, llenry George, C.A., 3 North

St David Street.

1860. Wishart, Edward, merchant, 3 Lave1860. Watson, John Kippen, F.R.S.E., treas.

rock Bank Terrace, Jseith. and manager, Edin. Gas-Light Com- 1864. Wood, Jolin, surgeon-dentist, Dumfries. pany, 25 Waterloo Place.

1861. Wright, James, 13 Ainslie Pluce. 1850. Webster, Andrew, S.S.C., 3 Forth St. 1836.* \l'right, Robt, architect, 22 George Sq. 1865. Welsh, Richd., coppersmith, 4 Queen's 1863. Wright, Thomas Strethill, M.D., 55 Place.

Northumberland Street. 1861. Whimster, T., gas-engineer, Perth. 1859. Wyllie, J. S, 5 Viewforth Place. 1867. Whitehead, John, S.S.C., 15 St An. drew Square.

1853. Young, James, chemical manufacturer, 1846. Whitelaw, James, watchmaker, 30 \'.

Register Street.

1859. Young, James, M.D., 36 Castle Street. 1867. Whytock, A., merchant, 9 George St. 1860. Young, John, gas-engineer, Aspull, 1838.*Wilkie, John, of Foulden, Berwick

Wigan. upon-Tweed.

1861. Younger, Robt., brewer, Croft-an.righ. 1851. Willet, John, C.E., Aberdeen Railway.


The following ORDINARY FELLOWS, included in the foregoing List, are ordered to remain,

till they return to Scotland, in the following


1845. Major-General Blanshard, R. E., Chatham.
1846. Mungo Ponton, F.R.S.E, 11 Lansdowne Place, Clifton,
1851. John S. Fraser, Great Western Railway, London.
1853. James Newlands, C.E, superintendent of works, Liverpool.
1854. J. T. Thomson, C.E., Government Surveyor, Otago.

Dr Daniel Wilson, Professor, Toronto, Canada. 1859. Alex. H. Lee, C.E., Calcutta.

Richard S. Culley, telegraph-engineer. 1860. Captain Sir Wm. llamilton, Bart., Royal Artillery, Simla. 1862. A. T. Machattie, Ph.D., Ontario Chemical Works, London, Canada West. 1868. llenry Dixon, New South Wales.

Total, 11


2 /





Accounts of the Society, Abstract Balfour, James Melville, C.E., on

of, Appendix, 69, 116, 156, 199 pneumatic floating dry dock,
Adie, Richard, F.R.S.S.A., on Appendix,

securing iron rails to sleepers,

combined optical
91 square and line finder, .

on fog signals for light- Ball-cock and nose-cock, an im-
ships and headlands, Appendix, 91 proved, by Alexander M. Peters,
on building iron ships, F.R.S.S.A.,


137 Baxter, Sir David, Bart., address
Address to the Queen, Appendix, at Conference on Technical
188, 190 Education,

440, 459
Air, purification of, by revolving Beacons at sea, illumination of

apparatus for washing, by John by electricity, by Thomas Ste-
Reid, F.R.S.S.A,

venson, M. Inst. C.E.,

Animal-life, forms of, occurring in Bell, John Beatson, W.S., Secre-

Water of Leith, Appendix, 55 tary, resignation of, Appendix,
Archer, Professor, address at Con-

174. 177
ference on Technical Educa- Beverley, Arthur, of Dunedin, on
418, 460

verbal notice of general

a new form of platometer,

Boiler, on a patent pot steam, by
arrangements of the Paris R. W. Thomson, C.E.,

Exhibition, Appendix, 181 Borrow, A. G. K., on breakwaters

on Tresca's paper on the and harbours, Appendix, . 86
flow of solids, Appendix, 184 Bow, R. H., C.E., on photometry,
Aseismatic arrangements, by D. Appendix,

Stevenson, C.E.,

557 Bowditch, Rev. Wm. R., on car-
Atmospheric air as an anæsthetic bonetting or naphthalising gas,
agent, Appendix.
86 Appendix,

Aytoun, Robert, F.R.S.S.A., on Breakwaters and harbours, Appen-
the Sheffieldwaterworks failure, 1 dix,

and the report thereon of the Brebner, James, on technical edu-
Government engineers,
1 cation,

on safety embankment Brewster, Sir David, death of.
for reservoirs,

29 Appendix,

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on improved plan of draw- of giving warning to mariners,
ing coals, Appendix,
54, 138 Appendix,

on the loss of the London Brown, Rev. n., on technicai
steam ship, Appendix,
97 education,


Buckmaster, Mr, address at con-
Baildon, H.C., on nature printing ference on technical education,
from plants,leaves,&c., Appendix, 170

420, 426, 434, 458

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[ocr errors]

Carmichael, John, M.A., on tech- Edinburgh Watt Institution and
nical education,
444 School of Arts,

Peter, on alum for pre- Elinburgh, on the collection, se-
venting the rapid spreading of moval, and disposal of the refuse
fire, Appendix,

41 of the city of, by Charles Mac-
Cay, Albert, on a writing machine pherson, C.E., Burgh Engi-
for the blind, Appendix, 138 neer,

Chemistry, industrial, recent pro- Education, technical, comunittee
gress of, by Dr Stevenson Mac- on, 469 ; Appendix,



report of conference on, 391
teclivical, by Dr Steven-

proposal for,

son Macadam,

546 Electrical apparatus and experi-
"Chill,” nature of,occurring on sur- ments, to illuminate beacons

faces of certain varnishes, App. 189 and buoys, by W. D. Hart,
Chloroform, apparatus couch to F.R.S.S.A.,

prevent death from, Appendix, 86 Embankment for reservoirs, by
Coals, improved plan of drawing, Robert Aytoun, F.R.S.S.A., 29

54, 138
Cohesion figures of liquids, by Dr Fellows and office-bearers of the

T. Strethill Wright, Appendix, 7 Society, list of, Appendix,
Committee on technical education, 469

71, 119, 158, 200
Commode, suitable for sick rooms, Ferguson, Dr R. M., on a new

18 current interruptor for the in-
Conference 'on technical educa:

duction coil,

tion, proposal for,

176 on a new method of con-
report on,

391 structing induction coils, 186
and Appendix,


on a cheap and effective
Society of Arts, London,

way of obscuring window
172, 174 glass,

Conversazione of the society. Fermentation and putrefaction,
130, 137, 173 Appendix,

Cowan, Charles, Esq., President, Fire, preventing rapid spreading,
address on leaving the chair, · 94 Appendix,

con sewage and soapy waters, 18 Firth, W., F.R.s.s.a.; india-
Cuningham, Alex., F.R.S.S.A., rubber, its manufacture and
on proposed uniform system of applications,

fog signals,

174 Flow of solids, Appendix, 184
Current-interruptor,for the induc- Fog-signal for light-ships and
tion coil, by Dr R. M. Ferguson, 193 headlands, Appendix,

Donaldson, Dr, on technical edu-

proposed uniform system

of, by Alexander Cuningham,


Donations of books, &c., to the


Fousel oils, &c., Appendix, 29
Society, list of, Appendix, 1, 5, 9, 16,

Fraser, Hugh, of Stirling, on a
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geocentric indicator, Appendix, 181
107, 127, 134, 135, 137, 138, 139, Gas, on carburetting or naptha-
141, 143, 145, 146, 167,171, 172, 173,

lising, Appendix, .

176, 178, 180, 181, 184, 189, 190.
Douglas, Robert, on technical

on washing out ammonia

and other impurities from, by

John Reid, F.R.S.S.A.,

Duncan, James, Master of the Mer-

Geocentric indicator, by Hugh
chant Company, address at con-

Fraser, Stirling, Appendix, 181
ference on technical education, 408

Girdwood, Robert, on technical
Earthquake shocks, ascismatic education,

arrangements adapted to struc- Glazing clay pipes, Appendix, : 188

tures in countries subject to, Glencorse district, rainfall of, by
by David Stevenson, C.E., 557 Alex. Ramsay, V.-P. R.S.S.A., 14



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