Scampavias: From Gibel Tarek to Stamboul

C. Scribner, 1857 - 350 sidor

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Sida 343 - Wherever God erects a house of prayer, The Devil always builds a chapel there: And 'twill be found upon examination, The latter has the largest congregation.
Sida 190 - There a strange shepherd chanced to find me out, Whether allured with my pipe's delight, Whose pleasing sound yshrilled far about, Or thither led by chance, I know not right: Whom when I...
Sida 247 - Which, through the ages that have gone before us, In long reverberations reach our own. On helm and harness rings the Saxon hammer, Through Cimbric forest roars the Norseman's song, And loud, amid the universal clamour, O'er distant deserts sounds the Tartar gong.
Sida 45 - The bursting shell, the gateway wrenched asunder, The rattling musketry, the clashing blade; And ever and anon, in tones of thunder, The diapason of the cannonade.
Sida 94 - I look for streams immortalized in song, That lost in silence and oblivion lie (Dumb are their fountains and their channels dry), Yet run for ever by the Muse's skill, And in the smooth description murmur still.
Sida 179 - THERE stands a City, — neither large nor small, Its air and situation sweet and pretty ; It matters very little — if at all — Whether its denizens are dull or witty, Whether the ladies there are short or tall, Brunettes or blondes, only, there stands a city !Perhaps 'tis also requisite to minute That there's a Castle and a Cobbler in it. A fair Cathedral, too, the story goes, And kings and heroes lie...
Sida 127 - FAREWELL TO MALTA. ADIEU, ye joys of La Valette ! Adieu, sirocco, sun, and sweat ! Adieu, thou palace rarely enter'd ! Adieu, ye mansions where — I've ventured ! Adieu, ye cursed streets of stairs ! (How surely he who mounts you swears...
Sida 79 - Far on the right, her dogs foul Scylla hides: Charybdis roaring on the left presides, And in her greedy whirlpool sucks the tides; Then spouts them from below: with fury driv'n, The waves mount up and wash the face of heav'n. But Scylla from her den, with open jaws, The sinking vessel in her eddy draws, Then dashes on the rocks.
Sida 232 - There was Mrs. F. so very deaf That she might have worn a percussion cap And been knocked on the head without hearing it snap.
Sida 229 - Thence to the famous orators repair, Those ancient, whose resistless eloquence Wielded at will that fierce democratic, Shook the arsenal, and fulmined over Greece To Macedon and Artaxerxes...

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