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which is becoming a most commanding object on both sides the water.

Mr. Gwynn, as far back as the year 1766, urged the propriety of a new bridge across the Thames, in the neighbourhood of the Savoy; and, in his plan, had formed a semi-circular opeuing at the entrance of the bridge, whence three large streets were to issue; the first in a direct line to the Strand, opposite Exeter Exchange, which was to be removed ; and a street opened into Charles Street and Bow Street, and form a communication with the north side of the town; the other streets to take an oblique direction to Catharine Street, and Southampton Street. He had also suggested that if no bridge was built from the Savoy, then a square, or squares of three sides, the fourth to be open next the water, would be extremely proper, and produce a fine effect. In this case, as the situation of the Savoy is low, which would be inconvenient, and rather damp for dwelling houses, a basement story be erected, which should be vaulted, and might be formed into very extensive warehouses, which being made to project considerably before the dwelling houses, would form a fine terrace ronnd the square, upon which the buildings for dwelling should be erected; these warehouses might be accommodated with a piazza, which would be extremely convenient for the several purposes of those who rented them, as their servants might work securely under them in all weathers; this might be elegantly, as well as usefully, adorned with flights of steps, and 2 balustrade round the whole, and a grand entrance for carriages, made from the Strand through a large arch in the centre of the square, and also a convenient landing place (or places) from the river; the situation being nearly in the centre of the two cities, and commanding one of the noblest views upon the river, would be extremely convenient for business, which might be here carried on without interruption to the dwelling houses, and would not only be very useful, but perhaps the only thing of its kind in Europe. Several other places between the Strand and the Thames,



might be advantageously laid out in the same manner, and as variety would add greatly to the beauty of the appearance of such objects from the river, the plans might be alternately changed into segments of circles. Part of these suggested improvements have been already begun.*

Nearly opposite Hungerford Street is situated the parish church of St. Martin in the Fields. The parish to which this church belongs was formerly of great extent, and reached from Drury Lane to Hyde Park; the several parishes of St. George, St. James, St. Anne, and St. Paul, have been taken out of it. There was very early a church on this spot; for it appears that in 1222, there was a dispute between the Abbot of Westminster and the Bishop of London, concerning the exemption of the church from the jurisdiction of the latter. It is not improbable that it might at that time have been a chapel for the use of the monks, when they visited their convent-garden, which reached to the church. Be that as it may, the endowments fell with their possessions, and the living is at present in the gift of the Bishop of London. During the reign of Henry VIII, the parish was so poor that the King built them a small church at his own expence; this structure lasted till the year 1607, when the in. habitants having become more numerous, it was greatly enlarged. At length becoming ruinous, after many expensive repairs it was wholly taken down in the year 1721, and in five years the present stately fabric was raised by Mr. James Gibbs, Dr. Richard Willis, Bishop of Salisbury, by order of George I. laid the first stone, on which is fixed the following inscription :

D. S.
érty Serenissimus Rex Georgius

Per Deputatum Suum
the Rev. Dum Admodum in Xto Patrem
Richardum Episcop. Sarsibur,

Summum I am compelled, by peculiar circumstances, to defer the account of the Strand Bridge till the close of the present Section, at which time I shall also have to notice some other improvements that are now making behind and in the neighbourhood of The Lyeeum.



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