Intimacy with God Will Cost You

AuthorHouse, 3 maj 2007 - 132 sidor

In the world we live in, we have been taught to camouflage our pains, hurts and disappointments in order to "fit in." As a child we watched the adults around us hide their true feelings by burying issues and pretending that this was the proper way to deal with them. Unfortunately, this way stunts our growth in all areas of our lives-emotionally, mentally, financially and most importantly spiritually. Grief, sorrow and regret is usually the end result as we continue to live.

In Intimacy with God will cost you, the author shares her personal testimonyonthe process that God brought her through to become free and what it cost her to gain a closer covenant relationship with him.

Are you tired of pretending to be something that you're not? Are you tired of hiding behind that mask? Are you tired of carrying baggage that is hindering you from growing and fulfilling your God ordained purpose? If so, I encourage you to read on...Get ready to take that first step.

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The State Of The Union
What Does Your Mask Look Like?
Unmasking Self
How Desperate Are You?
Closing Prayer

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Carolyn J. Hargrove, first time author and a member of City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California, under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Noel Jones. She serves on the Music Ministry as well as the City of Refuge Sports Association (CORSA).

Ms. Hargrove did her undergraduate studies in Psychology and received a degree in Nursing from Purdue University Calumet in Hammond, Indiana. She has counselled both youth and adults in various settings.

Ms. Hargrove is a divorced mother of one and resides in Lake Los Angeles, California with her son Jeremy.

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