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So pious, as she had no time to spare
For human thoughts, but was confin'd to pray’r.
Yet in such charities she pass’d the day,
'Twas wondrous how she found an hour to pray..
A foul so calm, it knew not ebbs or flows,
Which pafsion cou'd but curl, not discompose.
A female softness, with a manly mind :
A daughter duteous, and a sister kind:
In fickness patient, and in death resign’d,

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O fair, fo young, so innocent, so sweet,

So ripe a judgment, and so rare a wit, Require at least an age in one to meet. In her they met; but long they could not stay, 'Twas gold too fine to mix without allay. Heaven's image was in her so well exprest, Her

very light upbraided all the rest ; Too justly ravish'd from an age

like this, Now she is gone, the world is of a piece.

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E, who in impious times undaunted stood,

And midst rebellion durst be just and good ; Whose arms asserted, and whose sufferings more Confirm'd the cause for which he fought before; Rests here, rewarded by an heav'nly prince ; For what his earthly could not recompence. Pray reader that such times no more appear : Or, if they happen, learn true honor here. Ask of this age's faith and loyalty, Which, to preserve them, heav'n confin'd in thee, Few subjects could a king like thine deserve; And fewer, such a king, fo well could serve. Blest king, bļest subject, whose exalted state By sufferings rose, and gave the law to fate, Such fouls are rare, but mighty patterns giv'n To earth, and meant for ornaments to heav'n,

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APPY and free, securely blest;
No beauty
could disturb

My amorous heart was in despair,
To find a new victorious fair.

Till you descending on our plains,
With foreign force renew my chains;

Where now you rule without controul
The mighty sovereign of my soul.


Your smiles have more of conqu’ring charms,
Than all

your native country arms:
Their troops we can expel with ease,
Who vanquish only when we please.

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