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Goethe's Works, translated into Eng. Machiavelli's History of Florence,

200l lish. In 5 vols.

The Prince, and other Works. Portrait.
Vols. 1. and 2. Autobiography, 13 Books;
and Travels in Italy, France, and
Menzel's History of Germany. Por, L91)

Switzerland. Portrait.

traits. In 3 vols."
Vol. 3. Faust, Iphigenis Torquato

Michelet's Life of Luther. Translated
Tasso, Egmont, &c., by

3 SWAN- by Willian HAZLITT.
WICK; and Götz von Berlichinger, by
Sir WALTER Scort. Frontispiece.

Roman Republic. Translated
Vol. 4, Novels and Tales

Vol. 6. Wilhelm Meister's Apprentice-

French Revolution, with Inship.

dex. Frontispiece. Gregory's (Dr.) Evidences, Doctrines, Mignet's French Revolution from and Duties of the Christian Religion.

1789 to 1814. Portrait. Guizot's Representative Government.

Milton's Prose Works, with Index.
Translated by A. R. SCOBLE,

Portraits. In 5 vols.
History of the English Revo-
Mitford's (Miss) Our Village.

lution of 1640. Translated by WILLIAM
HAZLITT. Portrait.

proved Ed., complete. Illustrated. 2 vols. - History of Civilization, Trans- Neander's Church History. Translated by WilliaX HAZLITT. In 3 vols.

lated : with General Index. In 10 vols. Portrait.

Life of Christ. Translated.
Hall's (Rev. Robert) Miscellaneous
Works and Remains, with Memoir by

- First Planting of Christi. Dr. GREGORY, and an Essay on his Cha

anily, and Antignostikus. Translated. In

2 vols. racter by JOIN FOSTER, Portrait. Heine's Poems, complete, from the

History of Christian Dogmas.

Translated. In 2 vols German, by E. A. BOWRING. New Edition, enlarged. 68.

Christian Life in the Early Hungary: its History and Revolu- and Middle Ages, including his ‘Light in

tions; with a Memoir of Kossuth from Dark Places.' Translated. new and authentic sources. Portrait,

Ockley's History of the Saracens. Hutchinson (Colonel), Memoirs of, Revised and completed. Portrait.

and an Account of the Siege of Lathovi House. Portrait.

Pearson on the Creed. New Edition. James's (G. P. R.) Richard Coeur-de

With Analysis and Notes. Double Vol. 58. Lion, King of England, Portraits. In Ranke's History of the Popes. Trans2 vols.

lated by E. FOSTER. In 3 vols. Louis XIV. Portraits. In

Servia and the Servian Re2 vols.

volution. Junius's Letters, with Notes, Ad

Reynolds' (Sir Joshua) Literary ditious, and an Index. In 2 vols.

Works. Portrait. In 2 vols.
Lamartine's History of the Girond-
ists. Portraits. In 3 vols.

Roscoe's Life and Pontificate of
Restoration of the Monarchy,

Leo X., with the Copyright Notes, and au

Index. Portraits. In 2 vols. with Index. Portraits. In 4 vols. French Revolution of 1848,

Life of Lorenzo de Medici, with a fine Frontispiece.

with the Copyright Notes, &c. Portrait. Lamb's (Charles) Elia and Eliana. Russia, History of, by WALTER K. Complete Edition.

KELLY. Portraits. In 2 vols. Lanzi's History of Painting, Trans- Schiller's Works. Translated into lated by ROSCOR. Portraits. In 3 vols.

English. In 4 vols. Locke': Philosophical Works, con- Vol. 1. Thirty Years' War, and Revolt taining an Essay on the Human Under

of the Netherlands. standing, &c., with Notes and Index by Vol. 2. Continuation of the Revolt J. A. St. John. Portrait. In 2 vols.

of the Netherlands; Wallenstein's Life and Letters, with Ex

Camp; the Piccolomini; the Death

of Wallenstein; and William Tell. tracts from his Common-Place Books, by

Vol. 3. Don Carlos, Mary Stuart, Maid Lord King.

of Orleans, and Bride of Messina. Lather's Table Talk. Translated by Vol. 4. The Robbers, Fiesco, Love and WILLIAM HAZLITT. Portrait.

Intrigue, and the Ghost-Seor,

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