Sidor som bilder

them to carry the views of the Society Putnam, William Moseley, Nathan into more extensive and beneficial effect. Smith, Esq. Andrew Kidston, Joel

Walter, Richard Adams, Jeremy HoadResolved, That the parishes in this ley, Calvin Butler, Esq. and Lyman diocess, which have not made their an- Bronson. Dual contribution, for the Promotion of Messrs. Charles Sigourney, and Christian Knowledge, be requested to Saumel Tudor, of Hartford, and William make the same without delay, and trans- M'Crackan, of New-Haven, are the. mit the amount to the Treasurer of the Trustees of the Fund, of which Board, Society in season, that they may be in- Mr. M'Crackan is Treasurer. serted on this year's report.

The Parochial Reports made to the Resolved, That the Trustees of the Bishop, and entered on the Journal, acBishop's Fúnd be requested to appoint cording to the Canons, furnish the folsome suitable agent, or agents, to settle lowing aggregate :--Baptisms (adults with those parishes which have not 90, children 266, not specified 220) yet paid their assessments to the Bi- 576—Marriages 145-Funerals 188 shop's Fund; and that the said agent, Communicants 2765. or agents, be authorized to make the From the account current of the settlement in such way as he or they Treasurer of the Connecticut Protestshall deem equitable or expedient un- ant Episcopal Society for the Promoder the present circumstances of the tion of Christian Knowledge, appended said parishes.

to the Journal of the above

Convention, The following appointments were


appears that the receipts of the said made by the Convention :

Society, during the past year, were Standing Committee :-The Rey. $325 31 cents; and its expenses $411 Tillotson Bronson, D. D. the Rev. 46 cents; and that there remained a Harry Croswell, the Rev. Truman balance of $298 35 cents, Marsh, the Rev. Birdsey G. Noble, and the Rev. Asa Cornwall.

Delegates to the General Conven- Abstract of the Proceedings of the tion:Tne Rev. Harry Croswell, the

Thirty-eighth Convention of the Rev. Daniel Burhans, the Rev. Ashbel Diocess of New-Jersey, held in St. Baldwin, the Rev. Birdsey G. Noble,

Andrew's Church, Mount-Holly, on the Honourable Samuel W. Johnson,

Wednesduy, August 22d, and Thursand Nathan Smith, Burrage Beach, and

day, August 23d, 1821. Richard Adams, Esqs.

THE Convention was composed of The following persons were chosen the Right Rev. Bishop Croes, seven officers of the Society for the Promotion Presbyters, one Deacon, and Lay Deof Christian Knowledge, for the year legates from twelve parishes. ensuing : The Right Rev. Thomas C. The Convention was opened with Brownell, D. D. LL.D. (ex officio) Morning Prayer, conducted by the Rev. President; the Honourable Jonathan John Croes, jun. Rector of Christ. Ingersoll, 1st Vice-President; the Rev. Church, Shrewsbury, and Christ Tillotson Bronson, D.D. 2d Vice-Pre- Church, Middletown, and an approsident; John Beach, Esq. Recording priate Sermon by the Rev. Abiel CarSecretary; the Rev. Harry Croswell, ter, Rector of St. Michael's Church, Corresponding Secretary.

Trenton. Directors - The Rev. Philo Shelton, The Rev. John Croes, jun. was the Rev. Ashbel Baldwin, the Rev. elected Secretary. Daniel Burhans, the Rey. Asa Corn- The Right Rev. Bishop Croes dem wall, the Rev. Nathaniel S. Wheaton, livered the following address :the Rev. Birdsey G. Noble, and the Honourable Samuel W. Johnson, Bur- My BRETHREN OF THE CLERGY, rage Beach, Esq. John L. Lewis, Esq.

AND OF THE LAITY, Samuel Tudor, Esq. Seth P. Beers, It affords me much satisfaction, and Esq. General Jirah Isham, the Honour- ought to excite our common gratitude able John S. Peters, Colonel Daniel to the great Head of the Church, that

we have been permitted again to con- Church, at Berkeley, and performed vene for the purpose of consulting on the same service. the means most likely to promote the The day following I repaired to Satrue interests and highest welfare of lem, and, on Tuesday, the 7th of Nothis section of it.

vember, I held an ordination in St. As preparatory to these deliberations John's Church, in that town; preached and their results, and as an encourage- on the occasion, and admitted to the ment to quicken our zeal and to perse- holy order of Priests, the Rev. Richard vere in our efforts; or, should it be ne- F. Cadle, Rector elect of that church, cessary, to remind us of our negligence and of St. George's Church, Pennsand want of exertion; it is provided, neck. On the succeeding day I instithat a statement of the affairs of the tuted Mr. Cadle into the rectorship of diocess, and of the several visitations the church first named. In both these of the Bishop, be laid before you at cases I was assisted by the Rev. Messrs. every annual meeting. This duty I Morehouse and Douglass; the former proceed to perform.

of which preached at the institution. My first visit, after the close of our The revival, and thus far the restoralast Convention, was to the lately tion of this respectable, though not formed church at Paterson. This took numerous congregation, which, with place on Sunday, August the 27th, on the exception of a short time, had been which occasion I officiated twice. The for more than fifty years without a reccongregation of this church continues tor, and in a state but little removed vacant, and, though it has not yet from extinction; whose church, indeed, érected a building for the service of for a considerable period, had lain in God, encouragement was given to me ruins, the common resort of birds and that

proper attention would be paid to beasts; the revival, I say, and re-eşi it.

tablishment of this church, and the On Friday, September 22d, I visited neat and decorous style in which its the Episcopalians at Amwell, and building has been repaired, are not only preached at the house of Mr. Robert matter of surprise, but of joy and graSharp; and, on Sunday, the 24th, I titude to God for his goodness; and also visited St. Thomas's Church, at cannot but encourage and animate us Alexandria, at which I performed di- to renewed exertions in our endeavours vine service, and preached twice. This to build up our decayed and waste congregation, I rejoice to say, has, places. through divine goodness, risen from a On Sunday, the 28th of January,1821, state bordering on extinction, to one I visited St. Peter's Church, Spotswood, comparatively prosperous. It has, in- and preached twice on the occasion; deed, so much improved, that it is not and, on Sunday, the 26th of May, I only repairing its church, which was again visited that church, and performliterally in ruins, but enjoys already the ed the same office once. stated services of the Rev. Mr. Dunn The church at Spotswood, always for a portion of his time.

small, and unable of itself to support a Shortly after, on the 28th of the minister, has, from this circumstance, same month, I visited St. Peter's and other causes, rather declined than Church, Perth-Amboy, and adminis- advanced. It is, however, not very tered the Apostolic rite of confirma- different from its former condition. The tion; on which occasion I also preach- ancient building in which the forefa, ed. The number confirmed was 28. thers of the present congregation wor. St. Peter's Church preserves its stand- shipped God, is now put into excellent ing, and has, within a few years, con- repair; and the day, I trust, is not very siderably increased.

distant, when it will be supplied in On Friday, the 20th of the succeed- part with a minister. ing month, I visited the Episcopalians I visited, on Whit-Sunday, (the 10th at Woodbury, and preached in the of June) the congregation of Christ evening; and, on Sunday, the 5th of Church, at Newton, in Sussex; preachNovember, I also visited St. Peter's ed twice, and administered the sacra.


ment of the Lord's Supper. This con- to the rectorship; previously to which, gregation, almost lost to our commu- with a small exception, it had been vanion, has, within a few months, reviv- cant nearly thirty-five years. In the ed; and is comparatively flourishing. afternoon of the same day I visited The Rev. Mr. Dunn, their minister, re. again St. John's Church, Salem, and sides in Newton, and officiates two preached to a comparatively large and Sundays out of four. The people are very respectable congregation. attentive, and there is every prospect On Monday I returned to Berkeley, that its ré-establishment will be perma- accompanied by the Rev Messrs. Canent.

dle and Douglass, "and administered From Newton, in company with Mr. confirmation in that church to nineteen Dunn, I visited St. James's Church, persons. Mr. Cadle delivered the serKnowlton. Here I preached; and, as

The occasion was more than sisted by Mr. Dunn, who is the minister ordinarily solemn and affecting, and of this church also, I administered the the benefit, it is to be hoped, will corcommunion. St. James's Church, respond with it. though long vacant, was not reduced to I visited St. Mary's Church, Burlingso low an ebb as the church at Newton, ton, on Thursday, the 28th of the same and bids fair, under the smiles of Pro- month; but did not perform any servidence, and the care and exertions of vice, as the church was undergoing alits pastor, to become one among the terations and repairs. The congregalarge and respectable churches in the tion of St. Mary's is in an increasing diocess.

state; and, through the liberality of its The week succeeding my return I members, and the particular exertions proceeded to visit the churches in the of a lady, it has lately ornamented its southern part of the diocess; and, on church, and improved its sacred music, Thursday, the 21st of June, I again by the addition of a handsome organ. performed divine service, and preached On the Sunday succeeding my visit at St. Peter's Church, Berkeley. This to Burlington, I visited St. Mary's church, though small

, is favoured with Church, Colestown, and preached to a some stated service, by the Rev. Jacob numerous, respectable, and attentive M. Douglass, rector of Trinity Church, .congregation. This church, though Swedesborough ; and, considering the vacant, with some exceptions, for many disadvantages under which it labours, years, has, in common with the other may be said to be flourishing, especi- vacant congregations, been occasionally aily in its spiritual concerns.

served by Missionaries, and the ClerOn Friday, I visited the large and gymen of the neighbouring churches. flourishing congregation of Trinity In consequence of which, it has not Chureh, Swedesborough; and, in the only been preserved to our communion, morning preached, and instituted the but has suffered little or no diminution. Rev. Mr. Douglass into the rectorship The day is not far distant, I hope, of that ehurch. In the afternoon I when, with the Divine blessing, it will held a confirmation; on which occasion enjoy the stated administration of the I also preached, and administered that word and sacraments. holy rite to fourteen persons. The

* In the afternoon of the same Sunday Rev. Mr. Cadle, of Salem, assisted me I visited St. Andrew's Church, Mountin these exercises.

Holly, and performed divine service, On the Sunday following (June the and preached. The church of St. An24th) I visited, in company with Mr. drew preserves its standing, and, comCadle, St. George's Church, Penns- pared with what it was many years neck, preached, and administered con- since, is respectable for its numbers, firmation to eight persons.

and its attention upon the worship of This congregation, though not large, God. possesses a neat brick church, nearly I again visited St. Peter's Church, new, and has a considerable fund. It Spotswood, on Sunday, the 15th of is progressing both in numbers and July, and preached, and, on the next piety, since the accession of Mr. Cadle Sunday, I visited St. James's Church, Piscataway, where I performed the Newark. Others are preparing for adgame service. The church at Piscata. mission. way, always small, and for many years Only one ordination has taken place, vacant, gives but faint promise of its viz. that of the Rev. R. F. Cadle, bé ever rising to distinction among its sis- fore mentioned. ter churches.

The Rev. Augustus Fitch, a Deacon The church to which I next directed in this diocess, has, by a letter dimismy attention was St. John's, at Eliza- sory to the Right Rev. Bishop Hobart, beth-Town. This church I visited on been transferred to the diocess of NewSunday, the 29th of July, on which oc- York. casion I performed divine service, and The Rev. George H. Woodruff, also preached both morning and afternoon. a deacon in this diocess, has, by a like

It is not too much to say of this letter to the Right Rev. Bishop White, church, that, in point of antiquity, re- been transferred to the diocess of Pennspectability of its members, their at- sylvania. tendance on the services of the sanctu- The Rev. Lewis P. Bayard, for seary, and their correct and devout beha- veral years the rector of Trinity viour in the house of God, it is second Church, Newark, has resigned his sato none in the diocess. Its condition is cred charge, and removed into the dioalso prosperous.

cess of New-York. On Sunday, the 5th of August, I vi- The Rev. Henry P. Powers, a Deasited Trinity Church, at Woodbridge. con, lately of the diocess of New York, and officiated This church, small, has, by a letter dimissory from the and necessarily vacant, though risen Right Rev. Bishop Hobart, been transfrom a state that threatened its total ferred to this; and has also been elected extinction, and, though possessed of a Rector of Trinity Church, Newark. building neatly and substantially re- A license has been granted to John paired, yet promises but little as to any M. Ward, a candidate for holy orders, such increase of its numbers, for many to officiate in Christ Chapel, Belleville, years, as shall enable it to support a as a lay reader. minister.

It is pleasing to me to state, and I The-last church that I visited, previ-, trust it will be received with becoming ously to our present meeting, was St.' gratitude to God, the Author of every Michael's Church, Trenton. This good gift, that the progress of the setook place on Sunday last, on which veral institutions, connected with the occasion I preached twice, and admi. Church in this diocess, continues uninnistered the Apostolic rite of confirma- terrupted; and, though slow, is, pertion to thirty persons. The congrega- haps, as great, under all circumstances, tion was numerous and attentive, and as ought to be expected. 'The fund of the exercises were rendered very inter- the Corporation for the Relief of the esting by the solemn and devout beha. Widows and Children of Clergymenviour of the persons who came forward the Missionary fund

the permanent to ratify their baptismal engagements. fund of the Protestant Episcopal So

The congregation of St. Michael's ciety for Promoting Christian KnowChurch, till within the last seven or ledge and Piety and the fund for giveight years quite small, has become one ing additional support to the Bishop of the most respectable in the diocess, are all in a state of gradual augmentaas to numbers, order, and attention to tion; and promise to be, in addition to divine service, and appears to be still their usefulness at present, important progressing.

means in the promotion of the welfare The number of persons confirmed and progress of the Church hereafter. since the preceding Convention is Their beneficial influence-especially ninety-nine.

the Missionary and Episcopal Society Since my last address two persons funds-we have already experienced have been admitted candidates for holy in a very considerable degree. The orders, Robert B. Croes, of New-Bruns- continuance, however, of their progress, wick, and John Mortimer Ward, of greatly depends on the attention and faithfulness of the Clergy of the diocess, The following appointments were in having the required collections punce made by the Convention :tually made, and otherwise promoting Standing Committee:- The Rev. the interest and advancement of institu- Charles H. Wharton, D. D. the Rev. tions so valuable. The Laity will al- John C. Rudd, the Rev. John Croes, ways be ready, I am convinced, to se- jun. the Rev. Abiel Carter, Robert cond their endeavours in the good work. Boggs, Esq. William P. Deare, Esq.

It is another source of gratification, Dr. P. F. Glentworth, and Peter Kean, that the Sunday schools in the diocess, Esq. so capable of being made nurseries of Deputies to the General Convention: religion and of the church, when pro- - The Rev. Charles H. Wharton, D.D. perly instituted and conducted, are both the Rev. John C. Rudd, the Rev. John increasing and flourishing. It is to be Croes, jun. the Rev. Abiel Carter, hoped that the resolution of the last James Parker, Esq. Peter Kean, Esq. Convention, requiring clergymen, and, Joseph V. Clark, Esq. and Daniel Garin cases of vacancy, the wardens, to rison, Esq. report the state of the schools in their

The following sums were reported respective churches, will be duly at

as having been collected :tended to in this sitting. Committing our Church, and her im- For the Missionary Fund, $151 60

Episcopal Fund, 114 25 portant concerns, to the care of that divine and gracious Being, who has de- The Clergy reported their missionary clared, that he will be with his minis- services as follows: ters to the end of the world; and that The Rev. Mr. Rudd reported, that the gates of hell shall not prevail agreeably to appointment, he performagainst his Church; may we not, with ed divine service and preached twice in pious confidence, anticipate a continu- St. Peter's Church, Spotswood, on the ance of her prosperity, as well with fourteenth Sunday after Trinity, 1820; regard to the little vineyard in which on which occasion he baptized two inwe labour, as to that extensive field, of fants; that he made an appointment to which ours is only a part.

officiate there again in the month of I now offer the Parochial Reports October, and left home for that purwhich have been presented to me, in pose, but the day was so tempestuous conformity with the provisions of the that he did not get there. He further 45th Canon of the Church, by the reported, that he preached one Sunday Rectors, Ministers, and Wardens of the for the Bishop, while he was absent in several congregations in the diocess, the discharge of his Episcopal duties. that they may be read for the informa- The Rev. Mr. Chapman transmitted tion of the Convention, and inserted in a report, that he had, according to apthe Journal. JOHN CROES. pointment, officiated on two Sunday afMount-Holly, August 22d, 1821. ternoons in Trinity Church, Wood

bridge, and one Sunday in Christ The Reports mentioned in the above Church, New-Brunswick, in the abaddress, together with those of the mis- sence of the Bishop. sionary services of the several clergy,

The Rev. John Croes, jun. reported, furnish the following aggregate :-Bap- that he had fulfilled his appointment in tisms (adults 19, children 68, not spe- preaching one Sunday at New-Brunscified 50) 137-Marriages 42--Fu- wick for the Bishop, and one Sunday at nerals 54-Communicants 597. St. Peter's, Freehold; that he had also

The Rev. John Croes, jun. called up preached a second Sunday at Freehold, the proposition which he made at the and administered the communion; and last Convention, to amend the first ar- again on a week day. ticle of the Constitution, by inserting The Rev. Clarkson Dunn reported, the word Shrewsbury between the words that he had, in addition to his appointMount-Holly and Elizabeth-Town. ments as Missionary, officiated three

On motion, the amendment was times at Woodbridge; twice at Belvin unanimously adopted.

dere; twice in the church at Johnsone

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