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call upon the absentees twice every for baptism, and has since received the Sunday, and are actively engaged in rite of confirmation, and we hope she increasing the number of scholars. will be a partaker of the holy commų

“ The scholars are instructed in the nion. alphabet, spelling, and reading. To 66 The school is divided into 13 those who read, tasks are given every classes, 11 white, and two of coloured Sunday from the Testament and Church scholars. Catechism. In July last, a library was 66 The number that regularly attends formed for the use of the Teachers and is 135; they are in the care of two Suscholars. A handsome case, capable perintendents and 13 Teachers.” of containing two or three thousand Of the schools of St. Paul's Chapel, volumes, was built by individual con- the following notices have been retributions for the reception of books,' ceived :and, through the munificence of the “ It is with pleasure the Superintencongregation and others, the library dent is enabled to lay before your now contains about two hundred and Board the fifth annual report of the fifty volumes of theological and histori- Male Sunday School attached to St. cal works. The librarian, with a com- Paul's Chapel. mittee of three of the Teachers, meet 66 The school at present consists of occasionally, and inspect such books about 100 scholars, of this number as have been presented to the library, from 40 to about 45 regularly attend. in order that none but those of a reli- Through the exertions of the Board of gious and moral description may be Directors and Teachers, a very conplaced upon its shelves.

siderable addition is now making to “ In the early part of our superin. the number of scholars. The local tendence, the school was much embar- situation, however, together with the rassed for the want of teachers. But, numerous schools in the same vicinity, through the blessing of God, it is now render it rather disadvantageous for a in as flourishing a condition as its pa- large one; but, in every other respect, trons could possibly desire or expect.”? we believe, it may be ranked as not in

“The Superintendents of the Fe- ferior to any in this union. The chilmale School, in Zion Church, report, dren manifest improvement in their that the school, which was organized condąct both during school hours and in January, 1819, has, under the bless divine service. Much attention is paid ing of Divine Providence, continued to in imparting to their youthful minds prosper.

religious instruction and advice, which 6 Since the commencement, 580 has in a degree been crowned with sucscholars have been admitted, and many cess. Quarterly examinations have that entered the first year are still press- been held by the Superintendent, at ing forward to receive that instruction which time a very rapid improvement which maketh wise unto salvation. The in many instances has been clearly number of scholars is 180; many of evinced.” them do credit to themselves and their “The Secretary of the Female instructresses. There are 10 not ex- Sunday School attached to St. Paul's ceeding nine years of age, who recite, Chapel, respectfully submits the fifth on an average, 40 verses from the Tes- annual report of the school. tament in a week, and several others 66 Since the last anniversary 135 who committed to memory the short scholars have been added to the school Catechism in the space of four weeks, --116 white, and 19 coloured females. and one that has been in the school The number of scholars during the past about three years, has recited the Col- year has fluctuated between 50 and 70. lects, Hymns, and a number of the 66 The Superintendent, in December Psalms contained in the Prayer Book, last, to induce a greater attention on together with the four first, and a part the part of the children, than perhaps of the fifth book of the New Testament, otherwise might have been, offered and the Catechism of our Church. She, premiuins to those who would cora short time since, presented herself rectly repeat the texts.

« Fifteen little girls succeeded not Philip's Church consists of 50 schoonly in naming the book, chapter, and lars, of which, about 29 attend reverse, but in reciting the words. The gularly. The most of them can read eldest of these children is not 13 years, in the Bible, and all who can read have and the whole number of texts amount been carefully instructed in the Cateto 179.

chism. Since the last anniversary, “ The average number of pupils for some who could not repeat the alphaeach month has been about 60.

bet have improved so much as to be “ From the reports of the Teachers, able to read the Scriptures; and though there is every reason to conclude the their rapid advance cannot be wholly school is in a flourishing condition. It attributed to the instruction of the Sun. is not deemed necessary to detail the day school, yet it is certain that they particulars of each report—a few of the have been much benefitted thereby. wost prominent are submitted. The destruction of the church, by fire,

“ Four little girls, under 12 years, proved at first a very great inconvenihave committed to memory, since the ence in depriving us of a place to teach first of April last, all the short Cate- in, but the attachment of the scholars chism, the greater part of the lessons to the school was such, that after a in the large one, most of the Hymns in place was provided, they, with a very the Prayer Book, and several chapters few exceptions, returned to it. The in the New Testament.

school is at present under the care of « Another child, under 11 years, en- one Superintendent and four Teache tered in May last, and has not attended ers; and, it is hoped, that as soon as the whole time regularly. She has, the church is rebuilt, it will be inhowever, been through the spelling creased both in teachers and scholars. book four times, once through the short The work is at present somewhat Catechism, has committed 10 Hymns, heavy, but we feel encouraged to go and 12 pages in the Scripture Instruc- on, trusting that he, in whose name we tion.

have undertaken it, will crown us with " In the coloured school, a child nine his blessing." years old, who has been but four months The Female School of St. Philip's at school, has improved much beyond Church consists at present of 53 schoexpectation. She, every Sunday, com- lars, a Superintendent, and five Teachmits to memory seven or eight verses four of the scholars are adults, of the Psalms or Hymns, three or four One of these adults has been baptized pages of the Catechism, and a page of since she joined the school, and is now the Seripture Instruction. Another, of a communicant of the church. The five years, reads and spells extremely children are catechized every Wedneswell, and has committed a great part day afternoon. They are generally of the short Catechism to memory. orderly and attentive, and their imThis school consists of 37; 17 of whom provement is such as affords us great are adults.

satisfaction. Four of the children have “Upon a review of the transactions died since our last report. Two of: of the last year, the increasing useful- them, not nine years old, were baptized ness of the institution may be confi- at their own request during their illdently inferred.”

We feel great cause of thankWe have all sympathized with the fulness to God, that notwithstanding the congregation of St. Philip's Church, difficulties under which we have lawhich is composed of coloured persons, boured, in consequence of the loss of on the loss, by fire, of their house of our church, that our school is in a prayer. Being, however, accommo- thriving condition. Could we be oca dated with a suitable apartment for wor- casionally honoured with the presence ship, they, also, directed their attention of the visiting committee, we think it to the preservation of their Sunday would be serviceable.” School, and, as will appear by the fol From the Female School of Grace lowing reports, successfully.

Church, the following report has been « The Male Sunday school of St. received:



“ The Superintendent of Grace tion. There are at present 10 TeachChurch Female Sunday School reports, ers engaged in this interesting occupathat the number of scholars now on the tion, who have been amply rewarded hooks amount to 101-57 of that num- by the industry and attention of those ber have been added since the last an- under their charge. The scholars geniversary; and, in the course of the nerally evince a strong desire of imyear, 17 have left the school from vari- provement, and, in two or three inous causes--10 white children, two be- stances, (when, from peculiar circuming boys, were sent to the male school, stances, they were obliged to leave two coloured children, and five coloured school) have expressed a deep feeling women. Remaining, 84 scholars-40 of gratitude particularly gratifying to white children, 20 coloured children, the young persons who had opened to and 24 coloured women-many of them the book of knowledge. It has whom attend constantly, but the been our object to instil into the minds greater part are irregular, and very in- of those committed to our care the holy different as regards their improvement.” truths of the Bible—the necessity and

The following is the report of the happiness of a religious life, both as res Female School of Trinity Churck :- gards their well-being here, and the

“ The young ladies belonging to the hope of a glorious immortality. The school of Trinity Church report the scholars are generally well behaved state of the charge under their direc- and attentive. No acts of misconduct tion to be such as cannot fail in gra. (unless from those who have been so tifying all who have the interest of re- short a time in the school as not to religion and morality at heart. Although spect its laws) disturb the sanctity of the school has declined in numbers, it the place. Those young children who has probably been owing to the loss of are not advanced to reading are taught our indefatigable Superintendent of last the Lord's Prayer and Belief, and reyear. The place was supplied for a peat them in their proper places during short time, but, from unavoidable cir- service." cumstances, we have bee now four

Of the Male School of Trinity and months without the fostering hand of a Grace Churches, the following account principal to guide us,* and at a time has been received :when, from the inclemency of the wea- The present number of scholars is ther, and various causes, the pupils about 58, of whom 47 are white, and have been less regular, and required 11 coloured. The average attendance more attention than would have been from 25 to 30. There are five Teachnecessary during a milder season. ers attached to as many classes, and one

“ There are belonging to the school Superintendent. From this it will be 70 scholars—43 of whom are coloured. seen that the average number of reguThey form eight classes; four of which larly attending scholars is considerably read well in the Bible, have gone se- decreased since the last report. This veral times through the Catechism may, in a great degree, be ascribed to broken into short questions and an- the want of Teachers, under which the swers, and have committed to memory school has laboured during the past different portions of Scripture allotted year. We would, therefore, take this them by their respective Teachers. means of requesting the assistance of Four have left the school in conse- some of the young men of Trinity quence of being so well advanced as no Church; without it the school can never longer to require the instruction of a prosper. And we would fain ascribe Sunday school, and two of them were our present need not to want of inclinapresented to the Bishop for confirma- tion and zeal, but to ignorance on their

part that their services would be so ac• The Board are informed, that the ceptable. However, the Teachers trust, Teachers of this school were less solicit- that although their sphere of action has ous to choose a new Superintendent, from

been so limited, by the divine blessing, an expectation of the return of a former one to the city, and of her willingness

some of the good seed which they have again to accept the appointment.

laboured to sow will bring forth its pro

ing state.”

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per fruit, and that the next anniversary Church, feelings of pleasure and gratimay find their school in a more flourish- tude congenial with those experienced

in rendering this report. From St. Mark's Church, the fol- In the account of one of the largest lowing reports have been received :- and most flourishing schools in our

The Superintendent of the Male union, the Superintendent laments the School of St. Mark's Church, reports, complaints which have been somethat,“ since the re-opening of the school times made of misbehaviour on the in December last, 41 boys have been part of the scholars during divine seradmitted, 15 of whom, from various vice. It would be a miracle to secure causes, have withdrawn. Of the re- perfect order in so large a body of mainder, from 16 to 20 attend very re- children, many of whom have never gularly, and I have the pleasure of add- had the advantage of salutary disçiing, that their general behaviour is pline, and never before been in a much better than formerly, and that place of public worship. The Board they pay considerable attention to the cannot but think that unnecessary service of the Church."

and improper complaints have been The Superintendent of the Female, made on this subject. They cherish School of St. Mark's Church, reports, the fullest confidence in the anxiety that, "since the establishment of this and efforts of the Superintendents school, 308 scholars have been admit- and Teachers to remove all just cause ted,and 36 since the last annual report: of complaint; and regret, therefore, the number now on the register is 105, to be obliged to attribute a disposithe regular attendants 32.

tion to find fault, to an insensibility to “ We are cheered and encouraged to the great importance of Sunday school persevere in our “labour of love, by tuition. They would refer those who the rapid growth of many of our little are either parents themselves, or have flock in the knowledge of those otherwise an opportunity of making obthings which belong to their everlast- servation, to the difficulty with which ing peace.” The first class, among the children even of those in the higher which is one child who did not know walks of life, are often kept within

the the alphabet when she came to the bounds of proper deportment during school, and another who could not public worship, and then ask whether spell in one syllable, have gone through great allowance is not to be made when the New Testament, with the Bible such a number of children who have questions; the short, and most of the had little or no previous pains taken larger Catechism, and learned the to form their principles and conduct, whole of the Gospels of St. Matthew are to be 'regulated. They would and Mark, and a part of St. Luke's, ask if the wonder is not, that so besides a great number of Psalms and little disturbance is occasioned, and if Ilymns. Serious impressions have been the natural feeling on the subject is made upon the hearts of several of not admiration of the discipline and them; which we have every reason to method by which so many hitherto hope, by the blessing of God, will be untutored children are brought to berendered effectual unto eternal salva- have so well? They would ask what tion. The school is now divided into alternative the complainants would four classes, in consequence of the re- require ? The Board can conceive signation of two of the Teachers, which, of none other than the abandonI am happy to say, has rather increased ment altogether of Sunday school inthan damped the zeal and perseverance struction. And is it in a Christian of the remaining four.”

heart that the remotest tendency to such Such is the present state, and such an idea can find a place ? There is no has been, through the past year, the good in this world without its attendprogress, of the several schools con- ant inconveniences. If we would not nected with our union. We doubt not that the multitudes of children and that the recital has produced in the the greater multitudes through them---' minds of our fellow members of the who enjoy the inestimable blessing of

Sunday school tuition, should be de- “It appears from actual survey, that prived of its sanctifying and saving ef- there are 153 families under the influficacy, we must submit to the occa- ence of our school, which embrace a sional inconvenience arising out of population of 883 souls. From the èssubjecting to the necessity of pre- timate that there are in this city about serving attention and good order, those 9,000 children connected with Sunday wbo never before have known what schools; and taking the state of out they were. And the Board repose school as data, we find, that there is a such full confidence in the Superin- population of 27,760 persons influenced tendents, Teachers, and Directors of by these institutions. Now, the Sunday the several schools, as to give the as- schools are peculiarly adapted to consurance that no inconvenience of this vey to them those lessons of morality kind shall be sustained, which their and virtue, of which they stand most in care and assiduity can prevent. They need, and of which there is reason to ask, therefore, that these faithful auxi- fear they would ever have remained liaries to the Church, in training up the ignorant, but for this method of applichildren of the poor, may be spared the cation. Many of them are precluded pain of having their efforts treated in a from attending the worship of the way so far removed from the gratitude Church, and it should seem that they and confidence which are their well of all others, most need the guidance of merited portion.

the word, to preserve them from the The extensive influence of Sunday random exposures that beset their daily school instruction is a subject to which, walk. And if there be a power and a on an occasion like the present, the at- subduing influence in the great truths tention of the members of the Church of the Bible, it must be a source of the may well be called. The Board are highest gratulation among us, that the happy to avail themselves of some ex- terms of acceptance with God are thus cellent remarks on this head by the Su- made known to these suffering children perintendent of the Male School of St. of penury and want. John's Chapel

“ But it is delightful to know that “ It is right that every cavil against there are many among this class of our the institution of Sunday schools should brethren who are rich in the faith that be met and answered, and that the zeal is in Jesus, who are keeping an anxious of those who are engaged in the same eye to the future destiny of their chilcause may be increased, by showing dren, and whose gratitude is excited by the influence which one school alone the interest we take in their welfare, holds, over a needy and extended po- and from among their lonely habitapulation. With this view the Super-' tions there ascend the aspirations of intendent has lately visited the parents praise and thanksgiving to God, for of each boy in the school, to ascertain having in these latter days blessed the number of persons who either di- them and their's with the inestimable rectly or indirectly come under the in- institution of Sunday schools. And fluence of the institution; the parti- even amid the poverty that surrounds culars of which will be seen in the sub- them, and the desolation of their joined statement and view of the worldly prospects, is the stated visit of school.*

the Teacher hailed with all the feeling

of liveliest gratitude, and the little ones * This statement is a very interesting are seen to crowd around, and parents document which was laid before the

to feel the softening influence when tell. Board. It contains a numerical classifica. tion of the scholars according to their ing them of the great things that God ages; a notice of the average attendance hath prepared for them that love him."> every month since the last anniversary; a

With this view of the extensive benestatement of the various occupations of ficial influence of Sunday school inthe parents of the children,

with the num- struction, the Board cherish, and hope ber under each head ; and a notice of the that their fellow members of the number of families from which scholars come to the school, and the number of Church will feel with them, sentiments individuals in those familics.

of highest respect and gratitude torm Vou. VE.


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