Sidor som bilder


5th. The construction casts a blemish on the have been desirous of the innovation. In the observance of every festival of our Church. interpretation of a law, immediate practice unTo speak in particular of Ester Sunday, Whit- der it has been held to be a good expositor; essunday, and Christmas Day, can it be supposed, pecially when, as in the present case, a conthat the Convention intended to abrogate the trary sense has not been heard for a long course reading of the portions of Scripture, the most

of years. pertinent of any in the Bible ? or that the mem The question may occur-why did the Con. bers of the body were so careless, as not to

vention introduce the words, sermon or, perceive the effect of the word introduced by into the parenthesis? It was to reconcile the them into the parenthesis ? Neither of these

other rubric referred to with frequent and alwas the case ; although they had not the saga. lowable practice. The said rubric says "then city to foresee the use which would be made of shall follow the sermon." Perhaps, when the their superaddition; a use, which may be

service was compiled, there was a sermon on plied hereafter to the abandoning of the ob every saipt's day, as well as on every principal servance of those festivals. For why should the festival. In modern usage it has been otherChurch retain them atter dispensing with

wise; which made it convenient to provide for whatever is attached to them in the respective

the minister's proceeding to the blessing. The services? The remark applies equally to the parenthesis means, that although there be no two days of fasting or abstinence-Good-Friday sermon, or although there be no communion, and Ash-Wednesday: It is here supposed, the minister shall act as directed by the rubric. that on the former, there are the service and The Bishops, therefore, deem it their duty sermons in all our churches furnished with the to express the decided opinion, that the rubrics ministry. But, according to the opposite opic of the communion service, as well as other genion, the sermon dispenses with the recital of neral considerations, enjoin the use of that part the consummation of our Saviour's sufferings, which precedes the sermon, on all occasions of and, not only on Good-Friday, but on every

sermon or communion, as well as on those fesday of Passion Week, if there be sermons.

tivals and fasts when neither sermon nor comCould this have been intended ?

munion occurs. 6th. There is the magnitude of the change thus made in the Liturgy, without the subject Canon passed at the above Convention. ing of the resulting consequences to the consi- Providing for a new, more complete, and cor. deration of any General Convention ; for this is here affirmed, without the apprehension of

rect standard of the Book of Commor

Prayer. contradiction from any of the surviving members. The most obvious of the consequences,

The edition of the Book of Common Prayer and such as could not have escaped the notice

to be chosen by the Committee appointed by of the least attentive, were, the dispensing certificate, shall, after the publication thereof;

this Convention, and authenticated by their with the reading of the Ten Commandments; the weekly return of which may well be

be taken and received as the standard, with thought to have a beneficial effect on morals ;

which all new editions are thereafter to be comand the deranging of a selection of passages of pared, for the purpose of correction, agreeably

to the xliii Canon--and so much of the said Scripture, always supposed to have been


Canon as establishes another standard of the with great judgment, and suited to the different

Book of Cominon Prayer, shall thereafter be seasons of the year. They were of like use in the Church before the prevalence of the cor

and remain repealed. ruptions of the Papacy; have withstood, in

Done in General Convention, in the city of some measure, its systematic hostility to a ge

Philadelphia, in the year of our Lorg 1821. neral knowledge of Scriptures; and, probably,

By order of the House of Bishops,

WILLIAM WHITE, have prevented a greater enormity of unevangelical error, than what we now find: for al

Presiding Bishop though the selections were in Latin, they were

Attested, at least instructive to the many who understood

William Augustus Muhlenberg, Secretary. the language, at a time when, even among that By order of the House of Clerical and Lay description of people, the possession of a Bible

Deputiess was rare. To the present day they are held in WILLIAM H. WILMER, President, high esteem, not only by our parent Church,

Attested, but by the Lutheran Churches of Sweden, of Ashbel Baldwin, Secretary. Denmark, of sundry German principalities, and of this country. In some of the European states, the subject of the sermon is expected to be taken from the Epistle, or from the Gospel Abstract of the Proceedings of the for the Sunday. There seems no reasonable objection, in any future review of the Liturgy,

Thirty-fifth Convention of the Dion to the making of some abbreviation, suited to cess of New York, held in Trinity the joining of services designed to be distinct ; Church, New-York,on the 16th, 17th, but there may be doubted the expediency of

and 18th of October, 1821. making so great an inroad as that projected on the service now in question.

(Continued from page 152, and concluded.) 7th. The ante-communion service continued to be used as before by the clergy who were The parochial reports, made to the Bishop, present in the Convention, in which it is now and entered on the Journal, agreeably to the imagined to have been dispensed with. It is Canons, together with the reports of the Miscontidently believed, that there was not an ex sionaries in the diocess, furnish the following ception of an individual; although, on the other aggregate: side, the major number must be supposed tg Baptisms (adults 176, infants 900, not speci

fied 485) 1561_Marriages 362—Burials 1182 the reports of the Missionaries will inform the Communicants 5511.

Convention of the nature of their labours. Of the above, 5 adults and 45 children, of Signed on behalf of the Committee, those baptized, and between 40 and 50 of the JOHN HENRY HOBART, Bishop of communicants, are stated to be Indians.

the Prot. Epis. Church in the State of The following sums were reported as having

New-York, and Chairman of the been collected :

For the Episcopal Fund, $ 645 42
For the Missionary Fund, 1232 48 Abstract of the Reports of Missionaries.

The Rev. Samuel Fuller, Missionary in AlThe Bishop, ás president thereof, made to bany and Greene counties, reports to the Bithe Convention the following

shop as follows:

Soon after my return from Convention, last Report of the Committee of the Protestant Episcopal Church for Propagating the

year, proposals were made for my officiating at

Rensselaerville the greater part of the time the Gospel in the State of New-York.

ensuing year. It was thought that the situation The Committee of the Protestant Episcopal of the church in this place rendered such a mea. Church for Propagating the Gospel in the State sure highly important. of New York, report

When the church was built, principally at That the following Missionaries are employ- the expense of a few individuals, and under ed:-The Rev. Deodatus Babcock, at Buffalo, many discouraging circumstances, it was the ex: Erie county, and parts adjacent; the Rev. Le pectation of the society to be furnished with veret Bash, at Oxford, Chenango county, and the services of a clergyman the greater part of parts adjacent; the Rev. Samuel Fuller, in Al the time. But, owing to various eircumstances, bany and Greene counties; the Rev. Ezekiel which it is not now necessary to mention, it G. Gear, at Binghampton, Broome county, and has been supplied, until within the last year, parts adjacent; the Rev. Stephen Jewett, in but a little inore than half the time. " With Washington county; the Rev. D:niel Nash, in well-established Episcopalians, this circuma Otsego county and parts adjacent; the Rev. stance could not have materially affected the George H. Norton, in Seneca and Ontario prosperity of the society. But, it is to be recounties; the Rev. Amos Pardee, at Manlius, membered, that it was composed of people Onondaga county, and parts adjacent; the Rev. who, until within a few years, were wholly una Marcus A. Perry, Deacon, at Unadilla, Otsego acquainted with the service of the Church; and county, and parts adjacent; the Rev. Joshua a number of them, although they appeared to M. Rogers, at Turin, Lewis county, and parts harbour no hostility to the Church, and joined adjacent; the Rev. Charles Seabury, at Se in using the service, yet would not be unwilling tauket and Islip, Long-Island; the Rev. James to unite with a society of another denominaThompson, in Greene and Delaware counties; tion, provided there was a prospect of such so-. the Rev. Milton Wilcox, Deacon, at Onondaga, ciety's becoming more numerous and more perOnondaga county, and parts adjacent.

manent than the Church. The salaries of these Missionaries are $150 In this part of the country many societies of per annum, except those of the Rev. Mr. Nash, Christians are very fluctuating. It is a serious and the Rev. Mr. Fuller, who receive a less difficulty with them to provide means to supsum, in consideration of gratuities which they port their preachers. These societies have no receive from another quarter. Eleazar Wil- funds, and their preachers are supported prialiams acts as catechist and lay reader with the cipally by subscription; and it is difficult to find Oneida Indians. Mr. Gerrit H. Van Wage, people sufficiently united in sentiment to raise nen, who, since the death of his venerable a sum adequate to the support of a preacher of father, bas, for several years, faithfully served any one denomination. the Committee as their treasurer, having, Taking these considerations into view, it was in consequence of his removal from the city, the wish of the Episcopalians that the church resigned, last summer, that office, the duties might be opened every Sunday, or nearly so. of it have since been discharged by his son, Being myself anxious for the prosperity of Hubert Van Wagenen. Their respective ac that society, which, under the Divine Head of counts will be laid before you. It appears from the Church, I was instrumental of forming, and them that the receipts during the past year in some measure of preserving, I consented to were 52859 86 cents, and the expenses $2416 devote the greater part of my services to this 38 cents; leaving a balance in favour of the fund church for one year, provided the measure of $443 48 cents. But this will soon be ex should not be disapproved by yourself; and, I hausted hy the demands of the Missionaries am happy to state, that the success of this ar upon it for their salaries. And the Committee rangement has, in a good degree, answered the are apprehensive, that, without extraordinary expectations of the friends of the measure. supplies, they may be compelled to reduce the The congregation has been respectable, and salaries of their present Missionaries. And the worship has been conducted with order and they deeply lament that they are unable to ex propriety. It is due to them to say, that, in no tend missionary aid to the numerous places country church that I have visited, bave I seen which demand it. They gratefully acknowledge the worship conducted with more deceney and the liberal donations of various Auxiliary Mis order. sionary Societies, and particularly of the Pro Owing, in part, to an unsettled state of relitestant Episcopal Missionary Society in the gious opinion, as it respects some individuals State of New-York. By the pious and indefa who usually attend the church, there have been tigable exertions and contributions of the mem few baptisms, and few additions to the commubers of this Society, the funds of the Commit. nion. But, should the society assume that statee have annually received, on an average, an bility which would present a reasonable pros. Accession of $900. The annexed abstract of pect of its continuance and inorease, there is


reason to believe that some, who are now wa her. At the expiration of this year I resign my vering, will come forward and receive baptism missionary charge in these parts. for themselves and for their children, and will During the past year there have been, in unite with the church in communion at the Christ Church, Hampton, baptisms (infants) 4 Lord's Table.

burials 10. In Trinity Church, Granville, there I have supplied the church in Rensselaerville, have been baptisms (adults 3) 10-funerals 2daring the last year, the whole time except four marriage 1. Added to the communion in Sundays, in which I officiated in Greenville. Hampton 2-died and removed 14. Added to One of these was at the funeral of the much re the communion in Granville 11. In this latter spected Major Augustin Prevost. On this oc church there have occurred no deaths or reeasion the Rev. Mr. Thompson performed the movals to diminish the number of communiservice, and I preached a sermon to a crowded congregation of friends and mourners, who eame together to pay their last respects to the The Rev. Joshua M. Rogers, Missionary at remains of their friend and benefactor, and Turin, Lewis county, and parts adjacent, reChristian brother. In Greenville, also, I have ports to the Bishop as follows:administered the communion once, and per. Since my last report, I have occasionally formed service, and preached twice on week preached at Holland Patent, Oneida county, to days.

a respectable congregation, which has been rei exehanged services one Sunday with the cently organized, and on which too much praise Rev. Mr. Thompson, and officiated for him at cannot be bestowed. Two persons, and they Windham; and performed a third service at in very moderate circumstances, have, by their Lexington, and preached to Episcopalians and perseverance, succeeded in getting a church others in the meeting-house of the Congrega enclosed, and, I trust, in the course of another tional Society in that place.

season, it will be completed. The remainder At Rensselaerville, besides Sundays, I have of my time has been passed at Turin, and I performed service, and preached on a number have the satisfaction to see an increase to the of other days, as my health and other circum- church, notwithstanding the tide of prejudice stânces would permit.

runs strongly against it. lu the month of Sep. I have preached the Missionary and Episco- tember, 25 persons came forward to receive the pal sermons, and collections have been made for file of confirmation, 20 of whom had been the benefit of those funds.

brought up and educated in principles directly I have baptized one adult and two children; opposite othe good old way, i. e. "Ecclesia est performed four marriages, and preached at five in Episcopo.” Communicants about 30-bapfunerals

tisms 17---marriages 2-funerals 3. Two persons have been added to the communion.

The Rev. Daniel Nash, Missionary in Otsego Since the church was organized in this place, county and parts adjacent, reports to the Bishop two communicants have died, and two have as follows: moved out of the place. The present number Not until late in the spring of the year was I is twenty-eight.

able to atte to my missionary duties; and,

since then, the services performed have not Collections in Rensselaerville.

equalled those of former years. For about seEpiscopal Fund, 64 0

ven months I was able to preach only once on Missionary Fund, 6 0

each Sunday; since then, I have divided the

time principally between St. John's, Otsego, The Rev. Stephen Jewett, Missionary in Burlington, and Paris. One Sunday I attended Washington county, reports to the Bishop as at Cooperstown, one at Cherry-Valley, and follows:

two at Richfield. In the beginning of the sumDuring the past year, the church in Hamp. mer I visited Oneida, in company with Mr. ton has suffered severely by the death and by pow Doctor Orderson, of the English Church ; the removal of several of her members on and with him ad ministered the Holy Eucharist whom she most depended. At our last vestry to 40 or 50 of the Oneida nation, and baptized meeting, by agreement between the vestry and five adults, and about 40 children, the greater myself, my salary, as raised by the parish, part of which were baptized by him. I aftereeased, and it became optional with me to sus.

ward visited that Church and baptized nine chilpend my labours entirely, or to officiate occa dren. In addition to these, I have baptized two sionally as might be convenient to myself. The children at Paris; two at Verona ; one adult latter has been done. The sick have been vi and seven children at Cherry-Valley; three sited, and the dead buried agreeably to the rites children at Burlington, and one adult and eight of the Church. Sundays (except two or three children at St. John's. spent at Hampton on funeral occasions) have That holy Being who rules all things knows been chiefly devoted to Granville.

whether I shall be able, any further, to proseAt this place the affairs of the Church con cute my missionary labours-the almost continue to wear an encouraging aspect-their stant pain in my breast renders it extremely unnumbers gradually increase their zeal is una pleasant to speak in public; but, as far as God bated, and harmony and peace prevail. Would enables me to go, by his grace assisting, I shall my health admit of a longer residence in these endeavour to be faithful. parts, the parish of Trinity Church, Granville, would, by the help of neighbouring friends, The Rev. Charles Seabury, Missionary at Se. give me as liberal a support as I have for several tauket and Islip, Suffolk county, reports to the years past received from both parishes. I trust Bishop as follows: the situation of this truly deserving infant pa. It is with considerable pleasure I address you rish will claim due attention, and that a zealous at this time, as I can assure you of the increasand prudent missionary will speedily be sent ing prosperity of the churches under my care,

Although this be not as rapid as might be wish self.” On the whole, the church is in a flog. ed, yet a more than common attention to the rishing state. I have officiated in this church Juties of religion hascertainly appeared through twice every Lord's Day, excepting a few which the last season, both at Setuuket and Islip, but have been devoted to missionary purposes. especially at the former, where, through the Among the duties which have devolved upon last summer, divine service has been much me, one no less interesting than important has more punctually attended than formerly. been my anxious concern--the duty of training

Setauket. - Marriages 5-burials 4-bap up the young "in the nurture and admonition tisms 2.

of the Lord. To this intent I have catechised Islip.--My remote situation from church the young people and children repeatedly in prevents much parochial duty except preach the church on the Lord's Day. In addition to ing:

this, on the 13th day of May, I succeeded in

organizing a Sunday school, which I have regu. The Rev. James Thompson, Missionary in Jarly attended every Sunday afternoon, when Greene an'l D. laware counties, reports to the at home. Seventy-four scholars are members Bishop as follows:

of this school. Your missionary has the pleasSince my last report, I have performed di. ing satisfaction of reporting, that he has met vine service 17 Sundays in Windham; 10 at with much success and encouragement, both Cairo; 11 at South-Durham ; 1 at Rensselaer from parents and their children, in his exer. ville, in exchange with the Rev. Mr. Fuller; tions. . Parents manitest an anxious desire, and 1 at Greenville, and four times on week dais; frequently attend at the school, in order to 1 at Derby; and 7 at Oak-hill village, in Dar. hear the recitations, and to assist me in inham, where the Rev. Mr. Fuller preached structing; while a spirit of seriousness and some years, and organized a church by the piety has been awakened in the minds of the name of St. Paul's. I commenced preaching youing. The excellent Liturgy of our Church in this society on the 28th of December last, has been explained, and her distinguishing on Wednesdays, and have continued the same principles have been inculcated, not only in pub. almost every Wednesday to this time. During lic, buit from house to house. Baptisms (adults this time, the attention et sinners has been cal- 2, infants 3) 5-oburials 3. led up to realize more the importance of religion Besides officiating at this church, I have than at any former period; four adults have preached five times, on different days of the heen baptized, and many feel heavy laden with week, in a school house in the upper part of my the burden of their sins, and are inquiring parish. I have also officiated in the following what they shall do to be saved. A Sunday places :-One Sunday, and twice on week days, school has been kept here, consisting of from at Franklin. In this place there is a number 40 to 80 scholars, by Mr. Watson, a member of interesting Episcopal families. One Sunday of our church, who is preparing to become a at Windsor, to a numerous congregation. At candidate for orders. I have also preached on Coventry one Sunday, and twice on week days. a week day several times in Windham, amongst Here 1 catechised the young people and chil. the mountains, to parts of this congregation dren, and inculcated to parents the interesting which are scattered at a distance from the and important duty of training them up in the church. This congregation consists of about 35 nurture and admonition of the Lord. One Sun. families, and is much depressed by reason of' day at Paris. One Sunday, and two afternoon the debt incurred in building their church, the lectures, at Sangerfield, where are a few Epischange of times, and misfortunes of others. copalians.. Once at Rome, and once at Sidney. They pay but a trifle for the support of the Your missionary will take the liberty of further ministry ; yet the poor have the Gospel reporting, that, some time previous to his call preached unto them. About 45 communicants to missionary labours, he officiated one Sunday, belong to this church. I have baptized four and twice on week days, at Sherburne, where adults and two children, married five couple, are a few families of Episcopalians, and once at and attended three funerals. In some of those New-Lebanon. In these places a spirit of inplaces where I preach, there is a want of zeal quiry has been excited, and considerable inter and love for the Church of Christ; in others, est manifested in favour of our ancient Apostothere is a wantof knowledge; in general, there lic Church. At New-Lebanon, baptized two is a good attendance on public worship, but the young persons and one infant. During my miword of God does not seem to touch their nisterial labours at Windsor, I baptized three hearts, and make them inquire in earnest. infants, and buried four persons. And at Union, The churches in Delaware county have been in Broome county, I married one couple. Bapsupplied by the Rev. Mr. Clarke, so that I have tisms (adults 4, infants 7) 11-marriage l--bunot visited them. I made collection for the

rials 7. Missionary Fund.

The Rev. Ezekiel G. Gear, Missionary in The Rev. Marcus A. Perry, Deacon, Mis- Onondaga county and parts adjacent, reports to sionary in Otsego county and parts adjacent, the Bishop as follows:reports to the Bishop as follows:

After my return home from the Convention In the discharge of missionary duties, my last year, I continued my missionary labours in services bave been principally confined to the Onondaga, and Tully, and other places, until church of Unadilla. When called to the pas the first Sunday after Christmas, when, receive toral care of this church, I found some local ing an invitation from the vestry of the church disadvantages under which she laboured; but in this place, I paid them a visit, and arrangetrust, through God's grace, that they are in a ments were made for my removal and settlegreat measure removed.

ment among them. It was with peculiar feelThere appears much unanimity now existing ings of regret that I was forced to leave those among the people, and an anxious desire that congregations where, I trust, I was, in some Jerusalem might be as a city at unity with it- humble measure, instrumental in building up

the Church in the most holy faith. I arrived in Windsor I have officiated, on different days here, with my family, on the 18th of January. of the week, six times, and administered the My attention has since been principally confined communion once; in Coventry seven times, to this congregation, which, I am happy to in and administered the Communion; and, in form you, has gradually increased in numbers, Guilford, three times, where there is a prospect, notwithstanding it has tń contend with a strong though there are no Épiscopalians at present, of opposition from the dissenters I have visited establishing a church. In addition to these Windsor, where I found a respectable congre- services, l, last month, visited, for the first gation attached to the principles and worship of time, a congregation of Episcopalians in Lebathe Church, with all the zeal and "simplicity of non, and performed divine service. This congodliness" of the primitive Christians, and it is gregation is composed of Episcopalians from my intention to visit them as often as circum that place, Sherburne, Hamilton, and adjacent stances will admit. I have likewise occasionally towns, and will, no doubt, with occasional misperformed divine service at the village of sionary aid, be soon adequate to the erection of Greene, in Chenango county, and in the town a church. of Union, in which places there are a number The present number of communicants, in of families attached to the Church. I have ex St. Paul's Church, Oxford, is 49. Baptisms, in changed one Sunday with the Rev. Mr. Bush, Oxford, infants 9 marriages 2-death 1. Bapof Oxford, who officiated for me in this place. tism, in Coventry, 1. In Windsor, baptisms 6. A few weeks since I made a tour to the north, as far as Onondaga and Tully, and spent a Sun The Rev. Deodatus Babcock, Missionary at day in each of those places; and it is with plea- Buffalo, Erie county, and parts adjacent, reports sure that I would bear testimony to the exer to the Bishop as follows: tions and usefulness of the Rev. Mr. Wilcox, With the exception of the Sundays hereinafwho has succeeded me in those congregations. ter mentioned, I have, during the past year, Baptisms, during the last year, (adults 3, in- performed service, on Sundays, regularly at fants 10) 13--marriages 2-funerals 10. Buffalo and Black-rock-three fourths of the

time at the former, and one

fourth at the latter, The Rev. George H. Norton, Missionary in besides giving lectures on Wednesdays during Ontario and Seneca counties, reports to the Bi- Lent. shop as follows :

The congregation at Buffalo has considerably In making out a report of missionary services increased since the completion of the church; for the past year, while I have to regret that and, notwithstanding the many difficulties with the result of my labours falls greatly short of which a missionary has to contend in this secwhat had been anticipated, it gives me pleasure tion of the country, I believe my labours have to state, that, in the several places where I have been attended with an ordinary degree of sucofficiated, there has been manifested an increas cess. Our Sunday school is constantly attended, ed attachment to the doctrines, discipline, and and promises to be useful. worship of our Church, and an earnest wish I have performed service two Sundays at expressed for a continuance of her services. On Batavia; two at Richmond, Ontario county: Sundays I have preached at Waterloo, Seneca one at Nunda, Allegany county ; one at Hamcounty, at Vienna, Clifton Springs, and Pal- burgh, Erie county; and once at Lewistong myra, Ontario county, and at Catharine's Niagara county. Town, Tioga county, and on week days have I have baptized four adults and 20 children. lectured at various places within the bounds of Number of communicants in the church at my circuit. In the different churches of which Buffalo 20-added six. I have had the charge, the Lord's Supper has been administered to about 66 persons, and the The Rev. Amos Pardee, Missionary at Manordinance of baptism to 20 children and two lius, Onondaga county, and parts adjacent, re.. adults. I have also performed four marriages, ports to the Bishop as follows:and attended 16 funerals.

Since my last report, my services on the The more I travel over the missionary Lord's Day have been chiefly confined to the ground in the western section of this extensive village of Manlius ard Jamesville; but three diocess, the better am I persuaded that the most Sundays I have spent at Lenox, and on one important benefits will result to the Church, if have exchanged with the Rev. Mr. Wilcox, of a competent number of labourers can be fur Onondaga, and have preached on funeral occanished for that portion of God's vineyard. sions at Onondaga, the Rapids, and Chittenengo.

At Jamesville I have, since December last, The Rev. Leveret Bush, Missionary in Che officiated every fourth Sunday; and, on more nango county and parts adjacent, reports to the than half the remaining Sundays, have there Bishop as follows:

held a third service; and on other days have Since my last report, my labours in the field there, as well as in the village of Manlius, often assigned me as missionary have not been at visited the people of the congregation from tended with that success which I could have house to house. Where, a short time since, wished. I have the happiness, however, to only ore Episcopal family resided, there a restate, that the congregations to which I have spiertable congregation has now been collected, officiated, though no in.portant change has and a number of persons of the first respectataken place in their condition, have been gra bility, of information, of wealth, and of infludually increasing in numbers, and in attachment ence, have, from principle, attached themto the peculiar doctrines and worship of the selves to the Church; many Prayer Books are Church, and, I believe, in some instances, in there seen in use; the responses are made with evangelical piety and godliness.

much propriety and sclemnity, and the congreI have performed divine service in Oxford gation of worshippers are not only increasing every Sunday, with the exception of two, and in numbers, but also are apparently growing in occasionally I have delivered lectures on Friday. grace and in the knowledge of God.

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