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Let us now examine some of the ar- equally unworthy? If this is true docguments usually adduced in favour of trine, the reprobates may well ask, why the doctrine of partial redemption. are we condemned for rejecting a boon

It is said, if Christ died for all man That was never offered to us? Why kind, and only a part is saved, then his are we punished for not believing and blood was shed in vain for that part trusting in Christ, when he never died which is not saved--and is it not an for us? But if we adhere to the docidea unworthy of the majesty and trine of universal redemption, the una power of God, that he should provide believing and impenitent, when they a ransom for all, while only a part are come to receive their sentence, and are benefitted by it—that he should do asked what excuse they have to offer, any thing in vain ? We reply, 1st. will, in silence and terror, acknowledge That it is a doctrine much more un. the justice of their doom. But, 2dly, worthy of the acknowledged attributes we reply to those who make the objecof the Creator, that he should give the tion, that if Christ died for all, then Son of his love to suffer on the cross his death is in vain to those who are for a select few, when all are by na not saved, and we ought not to believe ture equally deserving. In truth, it is that God would do any thing in vainonly on the supposition of the truth of the death of Christ, if God is 60 disuniversal redemption that the goodness posed, is sufficient for the redemption and justice of God can be vindicated. of all mankind-that is, there is merit The doctrine of partial election is in enough in him as a sacrifice to atone open hostility to both. According to for the sins of the whole world. This that doctrine, a part of the human race all must admit. Why then should he was chosen by God from eternity, be resign his life for a part only, when fore the foundations of the world were that life was sufficient to ransom all ?” laid, and without regard to their faith The advocate for partial redemption or good works to eternal life. The will say, perhaps, such was the good other part was doomed from eternity to pleasure of God. We deny that such eternal death. For those who were was the will of God, and for proof we thus chosen to eternal life, Jesus Christ appeal to Holy Scripture-a much more in due time gave up his life on the proper

mode of settling the question, cross, redeemed and saved them; while than by resting upon philosophical and the rest were passed by as vessels of metaphysical arguments—the foundawrath fitted for destruction. Such is a tion, by the bye, upon which the whole fair account of the doctrine. And may edifice of Calvinism rest3.. we not ask, is it consistent with either But it will be asked, is there not an the justice or goodness of God? Is it election spoken of in Scripture? We consistent with his jusțice, to punish à acknowledge there is, but it is not an part of the human race, because they election of some individuals to everlastwill not avail themseļyes of the benefits ing life, to the exclusion of all others. of Christ's death, when that death was It is an election of nations to the privi. not designed to effect their salvation, leges of the Gospel or of the true reliwhen it was out of 'their power to rely gion. Thus the Jews were the elect upon it as their rock and support? Is people of God, because he selected it consistent with his goodness, to place them from the nations around them, the boon of eternal happiness within that he might deposit with them, the the reach of some, and to deny it to principles of the true faith. others, and without regard to their cannot infer that, because the Jews as faith or good works, when they are all a nation were the elect of God, they by nature equally worthy, or rather were all saved. On the other hand,

we know that there were, at different doctrines of Universal Redemption, the Freedom of the Will, and the suasive, but not irre. times, perhaps at all times, many sistible operations of the Holy Spirit. ilow the wicked and rebellious individuals learned Doctor could consistently support among them, and that Korah and his these doctrines, and yet hold to the “ verance of the saints," is more than the Writer company, for their sins, met a severe of this can comprehend.

and awful punishment. Christians also,

But we

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all those nations that have embraced bear in mind this necessary rule in in-
the Christian religion, are the elect of terpreting any book, not to build our
God; but then no one will aver, that opinion on a few insulated pássages
all who bear the name of Christian will that run counter to its general spirit and
be saved. St. Paul, when directing his meaning.
Epistles to the different churches, styles In concluding these remarks we can-
them the elect of God-called of God not avoid one reflection-how astonish-
called to be saints, fc. but, at the ing are the lengths to which prejudice
same time, in some instances, sharply and preconceived opinions will carry
reproves them for their unholy conduct, us? Were it not that the doctrines of
and warns them that they may lose partial election, irresistible grace, &c.
the favour of God, and return "like the are embraced by many Christians of
dog to his vomit again, and like the sow great respectability as to piety and ta-
that was washed to her wallowing in lents, we could hardly judge it possible
the mire.”

that they could ever enter the human
Calvinists generally advance the mind, much less claim to be supported
text, “many are called but few are by Holy Scripture. But, alas ! the hu-
chosen," in support of the doctrine man mind is a curious principle, and no
of partial redemption. But this pas error is too absurd or irrational for it to
sage surely admits of a very differ- adopt, when prejudice, prepossession,
ent interpretation. It evidently ap- and education have lent it their aid.
plies to the Jews, as the context shows, We know, however, (and consoling is
all of whom were first called, (accord- the reflection, that error, although
ing to the direction of the Saviour to sometimes rapid in its growth, is short
his Apostles, to go first unto the lost lived—it has not a firm root, and in
sheep of the house of Israel, but only time it will “ wither away." Truth,
a few of that nation obeyed the call, on the other hand, is permanent—it is
only a few were chosen. But admitting a temple whose foundation rests ypon
that it refers to the whole human race, a rock that can never be destroyed,
it does not support the doctrine of Cal- and if it is sometimes obscured by the
vinism, unless it could be shown that the weeds of error that spring up around it
word chosen means irresistibly drawon. with mushroom rapidity, yet the scythe
Again, “ Christ loved the Church, of time never fails to mow down these
and gave himself for it.” But does weeds, and to cause the temple to re-
necessarily follow, that because Christ appear in all its beauty. Let it be our
died for the Church, he died for none prayer, that the period may speedily
others? If the passage must bear that come, when all “ error in doctrine,” as
construction, it would not answer the well as all“ viciousness of life," may
purpose, for it is admitted on all hands, be driven away from us," and truth
that the Church contains bad as well and the knowledge of the Lord may
as good members—that the tares will' “cover the earth, as the waters cover
be mixed with the wheat until the time the sea."
of harvest.

The Country Clergyman. But we forbear noticing any more passages that might appear to favour Sentiments of the Shawanæse relative the Calvinistic doctrine of redemption, to God and Religion. since it can hardly fail to strike any From the Piqua (Ohio) Gazette. one, who reads the Scriptures, that their MR. BARRINGTONI have been, for whole current runs in favour of univer

some time past, employed in the Shawasal redemption. Innumerable texts næse nation, procuring an account of may be brought to support it, either ex- the religion, language, manners, and pressly or by fair inference; while it is customs of this people, for the use of the hardly rash to assert, that there is not government. As there are great efforts a single passage in the sacred volume making in many parts of the United which, when rightly interpreted, gives States to civilize and evangelize the any countenance to the doctrine of par- Indian tribes, it may be satisfactory to tial election. At all events, let us ever some of your readers to know the senti

The true

ments of the Shawancese relative to God heaven, O-ta-she na-tha-pa ta-hap-peand religion. You will find annexed an-e Spi-me-ke; Give, Me-le-lo; Us, the result of my inquiries on these Ne-la-wa; This, Ye-a-ma; Day, Keheads, together with a translation from she-ke; Our, Ne-le-ua ; Daily, Thwa. Shawancese into English of the Lord's wa-puck-a; Bread, Tuck-quan-a; And Prayer.

forgive, Wi-ne-cat a-loo; Us, Ne-laJOHN JOHNSTON, wa; Our, Ne-le-wa; Debts, O-sen-a Indian Agent.

a-ga; As we forgive, Sha-ke ne-la-ia Wapaghkonetta, May 7, 1822. now-en-e-cau-ta; Our debtors, Ne-leThe Shawangese believe that religion Ne-ke-she-wa-she ; Not into temptation,

wa ma-she-ne-get-che: And lead us, is a very good thing; keeps them at

Ta-ke ta-mut-cha-se; But deliver us, peace with each other as well as at

Pi-e-gra negh-wa-ben-she-pa; From peace in their own minds; all those

evil, Ta-mut-cha-se : For thine is the who respect religion prosper, and are for ever happy; believe that their reli- kingdom, Ke-la we-se ta-hap-pe e-an

ne; And the power, Ke-la we-she-catgion came down from heaven; believe there are two roads; the virtuous and

e-mau ;. And the glory, She-ka-nan-es

cau kim-she ke-la-ida; For ever, Lagood after death go to a place of happiness, where they shall want nothing gwa to-she. Amen, E-ne we-ha-ke. that they can desire; the bad will go to torment and endless misery; that their sa Mission:ry Society h's recently brenformed conduct in this life will be decisive of in the parish of Christ Church, Cincinnati, their slate in the world to come. That Ohin, ruxiliary to the parent society of that there is

diocess. Its constitution, and an address from one great and supreme God,

the president, have heen forwarded for in. the maker of all things, the master of sertion in the Christian Journal. life; they call him We-she Ma-ni-tou, Churchman cannot but be gratified with the

perusal of these articles. The pious zeal and from We-she, something that is su

perseverance of the few pastors in that despremely beautiful, excellent, or desir

iitule aud extensive region will, we trust, inable, and Ma-ni-tou, God. Have the duce others to follow in their steps, and thus

eventually gather a rich fold unto the harvest strongest confidence in their Maker;

of our prinsitive and apostolic Church.] believe that he constantly governs the world and all things in it; that they

For the Christian Journal. could not exist a moment without his Constitution of the Episcopal Mispower and goodness. They are in the

sionary Society of Christ Church, constant practice of praying for favours Cincinnati. and assistance; in making sacrifices

WHEREAS " the congregation of and oblations to obtain Divine aid; Christ Church, Cincinnati," have bebut have no idea of a general judgment. held, with great regret, the feeble exerThe pleasure which they anticipate in a

tions that have been made by the Profuture state of existence is more cor- testant Episcopal Church for the supporeal than mental. Their ideas on

port of Missionaries; knowing the this subject are in a great degree conformable to the doctrines broached by country; being persuaded that nothing

great want of them in the western Baron Swedenbourgh.

but some energetic measures of this naThe Shawanæse believing their religion to be of Divine appointment, and in this diocess from premature extinc

ture will serve to preserve the Church suited to their condition, are opposed tion; and believing it the means, under to receiving Christian instruction.

God, of extending the borders of our The Lord's Prayer.

Zion, and hastening that time when the Our, Ne-le-wa; Father, No-the-na; knowledge of the Lord shall cover the Which art in heaven, La-gwa Spi-me- earth, as the waters cover the sea; and ke A-pe-ta; Hallowed be thy name, considering that the formation of auxiNe-tagh-que-le-mabe lit-C-she-tho; Thy liary societies, as recommended by kingdom come, Kr-la no sa-ba-ma the Protestant Episcopal Missionary wegh-pe-a-un; Thy will be done, Ke Society within and for the diocess of FQ-ine-a-mitch-torta; In earth as it is in Ohio," will be the most effectual way

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of promoting these important objects, Ethan Stone, Esq. 2d Vice-President ; by bringing the interests of our holy re- John P. Foote, Treasurer; James M. ligion more immediately to the notice Mason, Corresponding Secretary ; Naof every individual of the parish, they than M. Whittemore, Recording Sea bave formed themselves into a society, cretary. and adopted the following Constitution: Managers.-Major William Rufin,

Edward Hallam, Dr. Daniel P. RobArt. I.—This asscciation shall be bins, Beza E. Bliss, Esq. Elijah Hay, known by the name of “the Episcopal ward, Esq. T. Jenifer Adams, Missionary Society of Christ Church, Cincinnati," and it shall be auxiliary

Address. to i the Protestant Episcopal Mission

Beloved BRETHREN, ary Society within and for the diocess of Ohio."

When, in conviction of duty, we Art. II.-—The object of this socie- stand forth as the advocates for human ty shall be to collect funds for the sup- science, and require your influence port of Missions, which funds, so col- and pecuniary assistance, we propose a lected, shall be paid over to the Trea- subject, good in itself, and worthy of surer of the society before mentioned, your attention; nor is your ear less aton or before the meeting of the annual tentive, when we address your sympaConvention of the diocess of Ohio. thies in behalf of suffering humanity:

Art. III.-- Any person paying not But what must be our emotions, when less than fifty cents annually, shall be. we call forth your charities in behalf of came a member of this society; and, the first Alissionary Society of our by paying five dollars at any one time, Church west of the Alleghanies, standmay become a member for life. ing, too, as we now do, on ground,

Art.IV.–The affairs of this society where, not more than thirty years shall be managed by a President, first since, some of you worshipped your and second Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, God, fearing the encroachments of saCorresponding Secretary, Recording vages, but now enjoying the refine Secretary, and six Directors. The ments of life, and the blessings of the Rector of Christ Church shall be Pre Gospel. We share the privileges of sident, ex officio, of the society; the Christianity in a city, which adorns the other officers and directors shall be banks of the Ohio, and is a splendid chosen by ballot at the anniversary testimony of the persevering enterprise meeting of the society.

of its citizens. ART. V.Any three of the Direc Yes, Brethren, when we call on you tors, together with the President, or, in to open your understandings, incline his absence, two thirds of the Directors, your hearts, enlist your influence, and shall be a quarum for transacting busi- lend your aid for extending the truths

The President, or any two Di- of religion, and being the means, unrectors concurring, may call a meet- der Providence, of multiplying the heing of the board at any time.

ralds of the cross in the western world, Art. VI.--The anniversary meet we propose a theme which, above all ing shall be held at Christ Church, on others, ought to gain your solemn atEaster-Monday, when the annual re tention. port of the board of managers shall be There is now existing in this new presented.

country a vast population of settlers Art. VII.-No alteration shall be from the Atlantic board, who have emi. made to this constitution, except by grated either from necessity, or laudthe concurrence of two thirds of the able enterprise, or both. Many of members present at any meeting of the these people have been nurtured in the society.

bosom of the Church of England, and a

still greater number brought up by the Officers.--The Rev. Samuel John- fostering care of her daughter, the Proston, President, ex officio ; the Rev. testant Episcopal Church in the United Thomas Osborne, 1st Vice-President; States. They have left the baptismal



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font in which they received the initia- chilled to every finer feeling if we will tory rite into the visible Church, and not extend to them our prayers and our obtained a covenant claim to salvation. aid. They have left the altars around which What would have been the Church they were fed with the symbols of re- in the Atlantic states if it had not been deeming love. They have left those favoured with Missionary aid, and pechurches where the heart never ceases cuniary assistance, from the venerable to respond its grateful acknowledge. Society in England for the Propagaments for mercies received of a cove tion of the Gospel in Foreign Parts ? nant-keeping God. They have left those Precisely what we shall be if no exersacred temples, whose arches rang with tions are made to promote the interests the sound of the Gospel-trumpet, pro- of our Church. claiming the glad news of salvation, The condition of many of our people through the merits of a Redeemer's is not unlike the children of God in Bablood.

bylon, with their harps unstrung upon Contemplate these suffering people the willows, moaning and sighing for now bereft of those privileges which their deliverance. Well might they say, were the delight of their souls, and now like the pious Psalmist,“ How amiable longing for the Church of their fathers. are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts! For such of them as are laid on the my soul longeth, yea, even fainteth, for couch of sickness, no servant of God is the courts of the Lord; my heart and at hand, like an angel of comfort to my flesh crieth out for the living God.cher their desponding hearts with help It must be conceded, Brethren, by from on high, and to offer up the sacri- all, that in proportion as emigrants are fice of prayer to their Father, and to long estranged from the public services our Father, and to their God, and to of the sanctuary, they naturally deteriour God. No one is with them to ac- orate from their former good habits, minister the waters of baptism, or give and become sensibly altered. If possiunto them the bread of life, and the cup ble, then, the means should not be deof salvation. No one is with them to layed to preserve them in their attachread, over the lifeless remains of their ment to the faith, and encourage thena deceased relatives, that solemn service to persevere in the path which leads by which we commit them to their kin- through their present to their everlastdred earth, and encourage the survivors ing welfare. Merciful God! why have with the hope, that such as sleep in je. we been so long neglected? When sus shall be re-animated to a joyful re- shall the glorious sun of Episcopacy, surrection, and partake of celestial fe so long obscured by the clouds of adlicity. No village bell sounds to call versity, and the want of Missionaries, them from their dwellings to enter the again dart its rays from the meridian, to sacred courts of our God, to join in that light our Israel in the long neglected service which seems to breathe more paths of religion, of glory, honour, and than human fervour. These sons and immortality? When shall the standard daughters of the Church may exclaim, of the cross be unfurled, and the sons of like a saint of old, Wo is me that I the Gospel penetrate threach our westsojourn in Mesech, that I dwell in the ern forests, and che r us with a goodly tents of Kedar."

prospect, that“ the wilderness and the And what must we say, my Brethren, solitary place shall be glad for them; when the states of Indiana, Illinois, and the desert shall rejoice and blossom Tennessee, anil Missouri, are without as the rose 29 a single Minister of the Church! As If the Episcopalians in the west men, and as Christians, we cannot but should be suffered to remain much commiserate their spiritual condition, longer without some adequate exertions and pray for the time, the set time, to in their behalf, they will soon scatter come, when God shall favour Zion. and be no more seen. If a Liturgy is When we consider that all other deno- needed in any quarter of the Union, minations compass sea and land to surely it is here. In such a promiscous make proselytes, our souls must be population as ours, a " form of sound


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