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The Third Annual Report of the Board of they are still the primary object of their

Managers of the Charleston Protestant care. Many of these, unfortunate beings, Episcopal Sunday School Society, made at during the week, were closely employed the Anniversary of the Society, on Whit- in various occupations for the scanty sursun Tuesday, May 28th, 1827.

port of their parents and families. The

Lord's Day was a day of idleness and Tas Charleston Protestant Episcopal amusement, but not of religious rest. The Sunday School Society having arrived at its day consecrated to Jehovah was profaneda third anniversary, the Board of Managers not reverenced. During the solemn serare called upon to express their gratitude vices of the sanctuary they were permitted to God for its continued usefulness to his to remain idle at hoine, or to riot in the Church, and for the flourishing condition streets. But Sunday Schools have given of its schools.

a new direction to their pursuits; have There is not, perhaps, in the compass of produced a train of new teclings; have our experience, a charity which has higher improved their hearts, and given instrucor purer claims on the pious and benevo- tion to their minds. The improvement lent than Sunday School institutions. No which this class of children were observed personal feeling can be interested in their to derive from these institutions, in their

A love of self cannot influence moral deportment air religious attain. any individual to devote his time, his la- ments, confirmed the general usefulness of bour, or his pecuniary assistance to their these schools. Children of the other cause. This can only arise from the purest classes of society joined them, and relove of God, and the most disinterested ceived a proportionate benefit. love of man; from a thorough conviction And, may it not be asked, are not these that every Christian can, with the means institutions calculated to be nearly as which God has graciously given him, be great a blessing to the children of the instrumental in promoting the Redeemer's rich, as to the children of the poor? The Kingdum, by the religious, instruction of natural propensities of children are every the rising generation. We are the almo. where the same. The piety and humility ners of his bounty, and must dispense it of the Christian are required of both; in every way in which it may do good. and education will give them to one as well And where can there be so much good as to the other. Are the rich then unwil. done with the same means as in Sunday ling to give a religious education to their School institutions ? Where can means so children, because it is freely bestowed small produce effects so important? The upon the poor? Are not the souls of both religious education of children is not immortal, and to be trained for a happy merely a temporal concern. It embraces eternity! Does not the word of God de in its awful consequences both time and ciare, that “the rich and poor meet toge. eternity. It has respect to the eternal des- ther;" that “the Lord is the Maker of tiny of the soul, and influences the moral them all?" Is it not, then, delightful to condition of society. Let any number of the finest feelings of the humble and the children grow up in the lawless gratifica. pious heart to see, in the sanctuary of the tion of their sinful appetites ; in the un. Lord of Hosts; in the temple of the meck controlled indulgence of their passions; and lowly Jesus; in the schools for the rein disobedience to parents ; in disregard ligious instruction of the rising generaof religion ; and in tlie profanation of the tion, the children of the "rich and the Lord's Day, and it is easy to foresee the poor" meeting together as candidates for demoralizing influence of such examples heaven? Surely • God,” who " is no re. over the community in which they live. specter of persons,". will equally bless On the other hand, let us contrast such them all. Al! if riches and lionours examples with the effect of character pro, should be allowed to operate against unis duced by those who were early instructed union of feeling and of duty, how must in the knowledge of God their Saviour, we be humbled at the recollection, that and in the duty which they owe to their the Lord of life and of glory condescended fellow.creatures and to theinselves. Piety to mix with the poor; sat at table with and virtue guide them on their heaveniy sinners; associated with all whom he way, and the exercise of every benevolent could make happy, and took their children feeling marks their intercourse with so. “into his arms, and blessed them." ciety. God is in all their thoughts, and The advantages resulting from these the eternal happiness of his creatures in schools, to the children of the rich, are all their prayers. The Patriot, therefore, too important to be overlooked. Do they as well as the Christian, is deeply in. not prepare them, equally with the poor, terested in the suocess of these institu. for a life of piety, virtue, and humility ? tions. Sunday Schools were originally de. Do they not strengthen and enforce the re. signed for the children of the poor : and ligious instructions which their pious mothers or relations may give them at home? admission into our schools, other important Do they not teach, in some of the classes, benefits. Some have been happily brought a course of instruction which the scholars to the baptismal font; and “made memwould not be taught at home! And are bers of Christ, and children of Gad;" not the kind attention of the teachers, not others have been placed in the public se. being inembers of their families; the ge- cular schools; and several have been proneral superintendence of the clergy; the vided with decent clothing. rewards bestowed upon merit; the force The inclemency of the weather on so of public example; the pleasure derived many Sundays during the last winter, prefrom the use of the library; all of them vented the attendance of several children, powerful inducements to exertion in the and oftentimes interrupted the exercises ininds of the children, which private in- of the schools ; but the classes are again struction at home would not be able to filling, and all the exercises are resumed. excite?


Sunday Schools were first established at Robert Raikes, Esq. a zralous and pious meraGloucester, in England, in the year 1782, by ber of the Episcopal Church.

It has always been an object of primary Let parents examine the course of in. importance with the Board of Managers, struction in our schools, and then deter: to procure accommodations for the chil. mine for themselves, whether their chil. dren in our churches. The Sunday School dren would be likely to acquire the same exercises are not intended to supersede, important information at home. Let us but to be an auxiliary to the public intake the school at St. Michael's for an ex- struction of the sanctuary: The want of ample, and we sball find the following plan pews in St. Philip's and St. Michael's pursued :-The first class, being youngest Churches, as was stated in the last report, in years, or in religious attainments, learn operated in a considerable degree against the Church Catechism thoroughly, and the the admission of the poor. But, with a Collect for the day. The second class re- spirit of Christian feeling towards these cite the Collect for the day; some portion interesting innocents, the vestry of St. of the Old or New Testament; a portion Michael's Church have generously appro. of the “Evidence from Prophecy for the priated to their use some pews in the galTruth of Christianity and the Divinity of lery, where, under the immediate superinJesus Christ, in a course of Catechetical tendence of some pious members, the chilinstruction ;” a Hymn, or part of a metri- dren now enjoy the blessings of public cal Psalm from the Book of Common worship. There is no reason to doubt, Prayer ; the order and arrangement of the that the same liberality will be displayed several books of Scripture ; and find the by the vestry of St. Philip's, as soon as they text of the preacher. The third class re- shall have any seats at their disposal. cite the Collect for the day; a portion of Since the last report, a library has been the Exposition of the Church Catechism, established for the use of the children, by &c. published by the Protestant Episco- the name of the “ Church Sunday School pal Society; a Hymn, or part of a metrical Library.” It at present consists of about Psalm. 'They are taught the use of the 170 volumes of religious, moral, and other Book of Common Prayer in the service of instructive works of a moral tendency, the Church; an explanation of the Calen- which the superintendent at St. Paul's has dar; the method of finding the Lessons, obligingly taken under his charge as li. &c. Some portion of the Gospel or Epis. brarian. The use of the books is ex. tle for the day, and one or more of the Ar- tended to all the children who do not for. ticles of Religion, are recited, and the feit that privilege by irregularity of behatext of the preacher found. Higher viour. This highly interesting and useful classes, with other exercises, are esta- addition to the schools, has been princi. blislied as occasion may require. The ex. pally effected through the liberality of St. tent of the exercises is in general pre

Michael's congregation. Further exer. scribed; but a discretionary power is tious, however, are necessary, to pay what given to the teacher to regulate them ac- is still owing for the books, as well as to cording to the ability and opportunity of increase their number. It is sincerely to the scholar. Several classes of coloured be desired, and we trust there is no reason children are likewise instructed by some to doubt, that the other Episcopal conelderly coloured members, under the in- gregations, who take an equal interest in spection of the ministers of the church. the schools, will be equally liberal in their Their instruction consists in a knowledge patronage of the library. One dollar only of the Church Catechism ; some portions as a dlouution is solicited for this useful of the sacred writings, and the Psalms object. and Hymns. No secular instruction is Donations of hocks to the library' were given in this school.

receiver in the course of the year from the In reviewing the transactions of the Right Rev. Bishop Bowen, the Rev. Dr. Board of Managers since the last anni. Daicho, and Messrs. Jacob Rapelye, Tho, versary, there are some of sufficient im. mas S Grimke, and E. Thayer, juo. portance to bring to the view of the societv. The “ Protestant Episcopal Society for

The children of the poor, beside religi. the Advancement of Christianity in South. ous instruction, hare derived, from their Carolina,” have presented, for the use of Vol. VI.


the schools, in the course of the last year, religious character of their children. This 51 Prayer Books, and 56 Exposition of the observation is not new. St. Augustine, Catechism. This society generously and 1400 years ago, proclaimed it to the world, gratuitously supplies the schools with the “I cannot express," says the Bishop of Book of Common Prayer, &c. which may Hippo, speaking of his mother, “with be necessary for the poor.

what solicitude she regarded me in my The Board have likewise great pleasure tender years; and the pains and labour in acknowledging donations of Bibles from with which she sought to bring me up in Mrs. Cachran, and Mrs. C. M. Logan; the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” some small sermons from Mrs. Russell, And St. Basil, Bishop of Cæsarea, has and some children's clothes for the use of likewise declared, that he owed to the the poor from Ur. J. Simmons Bee. anxious care of his mother, his early in.

During the last year, the Board of Ma- struction in piety, and the knowledge of nagers appropriated $40 for the purchase God. This was likewise the declaration of clothing for the children in needy cir- of our late lamented Diocesan, and of cumstances. Larger funds are wanted for many other eminent servants of God. If, this important purpose than the Board can with all our solicitude, the tree should not afford to spare. The charitable cani in immediately bear good fruit, we must not this way do much good. The children of be discouraged. By constant care and cul. the rich can make an offering to those who ture it may live to be an ornament in the are in want, and thus acquire a habit of garden of Gock Nourished by the dews generous feelings, and show their grati. of the Gospel, cherished by a parent's tude to God for the blessings they enjoy. prayers, it may at length bring fortli "the

The Board of Managers cannot close fruits of faith, of righteousness, and their report without expressing their re. peace,” through the power of tlie Holy spect and gratitude to the superinten. Ghost. dents, for their unwearied attention to this In conclusion, the Board of Managers pious work, and to the ladies and gentle. would earnestly recommend the society to men of the several congregations who the patronage of the pious. Funds are have, with so much cheerfulness and zeal, wanted for the purchase of premium devoted a portion of their time, and kind- books and clothing; and for other inciest care, to the instruction of the classes. dental expenses. A subscription of one The Board' have nothing to offer but the dollar a year constitutes a member of the meed of their applause; but there is One society; and ten dollars; paid at one time, who' “ seeth in secret,” and who knows a member for life. But the Board are parwhat is in the leart of man, who, we trust, ticularly anxious to increase the number will graciously behold these labours of of pupils in the schools, and more espelove, and will recompense sevenfold into cially the children of the poor; under the their bosoms: “ Inasmuch as ye have done fullest conviction, that these seminaries it to one of the least” of Christ's lambs,

are a great means, under the blessing of ye have done it to the “Great Shep- God, of bringing them up " in the nurherd and Bishop of your souls."

ture and admonition of the Lord," and of And here the Board must be permitted giving them the knowledge of those imlikewise to declare their obligation to se portant duties which are essential “to veral pious ladies, and more particularly their everlasting peace." The Boarl, to Mrs. Russell, of St. Philip's, and Mrs. therefore, earnestly solicit the influence of Hazlehurst, of St. Michael's, for their the pious in accomplishing this important zealous exertions in seeking out, and object. bringing into the schools, the children of Signed in behalf of the Board of Managers. the poor, these interesting objects of our

NATHANIEL BOWEN, more peculiar regard. “Suffer little chil.

ex officio / President dren to come unto me, and forbid them

Attest, not,” said the Saviour of the world; and EBENEZEN THAIEU, jun. Secretary. his blessing, we trust and pray, will de- Charleston, Whitsun-Tuesday, 1822. scend upon those who bring them into his presence, and place within their reach « the means of grace, and the hope of

Officers for 1922–23. glory."

The Right Rev. Nathaniel Bowen, D. Dr. The religious education of children has, Bishop of the Diocess, sex officio Presiin all ages of the Church, usually devolved dent; the Rev. Christopher E. Gadsden, upon mothers. Upon mothers, therefore, D. 1. Rector of St. Philip's Church, rex we would more particularly urge the im- oficio ) 1stVice-President; the Rev. Chrisportance of Sunday Schools. Alive to the tian Hanckell, Rector of St. Paul's Church, happiness of their offspring, they cannot (ex officio ) 2d Vice-President ; Ebenezer but feel an interest in an institution which Thayer, jun. Secretary and Treasurer. will prepare them "to shine in another Board of Managers.--The Rev. Freworld as well as in this." Religious them- derick Dalcho, M. D. and the Rev. Allston selves, they must rejoice in the moral and Gibbes, Assistant Ministers of St. Nie

chael's and St. Philip's, rex officio ); Tho: tors for the prize. On the 20th of Ocmas S. Grimke, Daniel Ravenel, and Ebe tober, 228 verses were recited by eight nezer Thayer, jun. Superintendents of the scholars from the Gospel of St. MatSunday Schools of St. Philip's, St. Mi. chael's, and St. Paul's, ex officio); the thew, and a prize Testament awarded Rev. Milward Pogson, Thomas W. Bacot, to William De Grushe, for having com Daniel Huger, Archibald E. Miller, mitted to memory 64 verses from that Samuel Henwood, Lawrence E. Dawson, Gospel. The succeeding Sunday, 284 John W. Mitchell, James S. Johnson.

verses were recited. On the 3d of No

vember, 700 verses of Scripture were To the preceding very interesting address and recited, and a prize Testament awarded report on the subject of Sunday Schools, we to Jane Golden, for having committed have to add two communications recently to memory 113 verses. On the 10th, made us on the same exalted charity in our own state. The first is the report of the sur the children, without any assurance on perintendent of the school at New-Rochelle, my part that they would receive any Westchester.couuty, in the form of a letter other reward than the tickets which addre:sed to its President, thic Rev. Lewis P: they are in the habit of receiving for Secretary of the Sunday School of St. Peter's abeir good lessons or their good beCharch, Albany: These articles further haviour, recited 630 verses from the erince the utility of Sunday School instruc

Scriptures, with four hymns containing tion, and will be read with interest by all the friends of religion and pieis, and particularly IS verses ; a prize Testament was by those who leel the importance of this works awarded, and by you presented to Benof love.

jamin Roe, for having committed to New-Rochelle, 20th Nov, 1822. scholars are entitled to more praise

memory 118 verses of Scripture. The REV. AND DEAR SIB,

than on a preceding occasion, when Your request to receive a report of they recited 700 verses ; then an addithe Sunday School over which I have tional reward was promised them; at been privileged to preside as its superin- this time no additional inducements tendent is cheerfully complied with. were presented.

were presented. On the 17th, 812 The school commenced on the 29th of verses of Scripture were recited, and September last, and the most sanguine 36 verses of hymns. Two of the schoanticipations were fully realized by see. Jars, whose conduct in the school, and ing 52 children assemble together for their exemplary diligence in the pursuit the purpose of receiving instruction in of knowledge, and who have more than the ruợiments of the English language, once received the merited commendaand the principies of the Christian re- tion of their teachers, have again shown ligion: the school has increased with a wlaat industry can effect, when stimurapidity that must surprise all who were lated by the prospect of reward. acquainted with the difficulties and dis- The individuals in question are Jane couragements the founders of it had to Golden, and William De Grushe; the contend with. We have now on our re- former, last Sunday, recited 160 verses gister 108 scholars, of which number 58 from the New Testament; the latter are males, and 50 are females; the 132: as they had already received the greatest number present at one time has highest prize I could at that time bebeen 81 ; the smallest 51, and that on stow, I wish to know, whether you do a day when, in consequence of the in- ' not think that such laudable exertions clemency of the weather, very few were qught not to be further rewarded by expected to be present; the average the present of a Bible to each of them. number is fi5. I took an early oppor. Since the commencement of the recitatunity of impressing on the minds of the tions, 2,654 verses of Scripture, and 54 children the necessity of employing yerşes of hymns, have been committed their leisure moments during the week to memory by the scholars. I have, days, and committing lessons to memory for a long time past, been connected to be recited on the Sunday. The with institutions of this kind, and I prospect of receiving a reward for dili- never have seen greater attention disgent exertion stimulated them to exert played than is manifested by those at cheir ability, and several were competi- present under my charge.

The teachers are entitled to all the those who have deserted the school praise that can be bestowed upon them when in want of teachers. It is a source by those who feel interested in Sunday of gratification to the patrons of this inSchools; their zealous co-operation stitution, to witness the improvementwith my own feeble exertions, have the youth in general have made in been the means of raising our little in- religious kno:vledge, by their correct stitution to the height it has attained, answers to questions, which were lately and I humbly hope that at a future day proposed to them by their teachers from we shall be allowed to see that the seed the Testament. The number of verses. sown here was not sown altogether in recited the past year in this department vain. But vain would be any attempt is 3586. of mine to eulogize the exertions of the The female department at present teachers. I trust some of them feel consists of 72 children; from 50 to 60, the force of the remark, that the praise regularly attend, and are conducted by of men is but as smoke;" but, looking a superintendent, and eight teachers. It further than the vain applause of a fel- affords the highest satisfaction to their low worm for their reward, and ani-, teachers that their labour is not in vain, mated by a holy ambition, they endea- evinced by the improvement the scholars vour to cultivate the esteem and love of make in religious knowledge and corthat Holy Being whose “ favour is bet- rect deportment. From the respective ter than life itself."

reports of each teacher, the secretary In haste, I remain your obedient has every reason to conclude, that this humble servant,

department is in a flourishing condition. JOSHUA L. HARRISON. He deems it unnecessary to lay before

the public their several reports, but The Secretary of St. Peter's Church trusts that the following incidents will Sunday School, (Albany,)

convince those who entertain but a poor

opinion of Sunday Schools, that they RESPECTFULLY REPORTS,

are, or at least would be, were they to At present there are engaged in the assist in instructing and bringing up the male department of the school a super- poor orphan “in the nurture and adintendent, an assistant superintendent; inonition of the Lord, of all other ina secretary, and six teachers, who have stitutions, the most beneficial to society, committed to their care and instruction One little girl has committed to me 65 scholars, of whom from 40 to 50 re- mory, since last November, St. Matgularly attend, and are divided into se- thew's Gospel, Epistle of James, eight ven classes, viz. three Testament, two chapters in Proverbs, Selection of seading and spelling, one spelling, and Psalms, and all the collects and hymns one alphabet class. Although the em- set forth in the Conimon Prayer Book barrassments and disorganized state the Another little girl has committed to school has been in for some time past' memory the greatest part of the hymns has been such, as would almost lave and psalms set forth by the Church in damped the zeal of its patrons; still the Common Prayer. they look forward with increasing ener- After hearing a child, seven years gy, trusting in him who is the Author old, recite the Lord's Prayer, she was and Giver of “ every good and perfect asked if she was in the habit of saying gift," that they will shortly realize the her prayers. She emphatically replied, benefits they anticipated would result that she prayed every morning for her from an institution calculated as this is mother and sister." This little girl is to generate industry, economy, and mo- cast as an orphan on the world's wide rality. It is with pleasure the secretary stage, and without one kind aid, in igstates, that they have lately been en- norance and wretchedness to roam ; her abled to increase their number of father being dead, and her mother have teachers, which induces them to look ing abandoned her. forward to the day when the school A little girl, about ten years old, shall not only increase her numbers, came to St. Peter's Church Sunday but that they may be able to reclaim School, from her own inclination, never

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