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chael's and St. Philip's, rex officio ); Tho: tors for the prize. On the 20th of Ocmas S. Grimke, Daniel Ravenel, and Ebe tober, 228 verses were recited by eight nezer Thayer, jun. Superintendents of the scholars from the Gospel of St. MatSunday Schools of St. Philip's, St. Mi. chael's, and St. Paul's, ex officio); the thew, and a prize Testament awarded Rev. Milward Pogson, Thomas W. Bacot, to William De Grushe, for having com Daniel Huger, Archibald E. Miller, mitted to memory 64 verses from that Samuel Henwood, Lawrence E. Dawson, Gospel. The succeeding Sunday, 284 John W. Mitchell, James S. Johnson.

verses were recited. On the 3d of No

vember, 700 verses of Scripture were To the preceding very interesting address and recited, and a prize Testament awarded report on the subject of Sunday Schools, we to Jane Golden, for having committed have to add two communications recently to memory 113 verses. On the 10th, own state. The first is the report of the sur the children, without any assurance on perintendent of the school at New-Rochelle, my part that they would receive any Westchester.couuty, in the form of a letter other reward than the tickets which addre:sed to its President, thic Rev. Lewis P: they are in the habit of receiving for Secretary of the Sunday School of St. Peter's abeir good lessons or their good beCharch, Albany: These articles further haviour, recited 630 verses from the erince the utility of Sunday School instruc

Scriptures, with four hymns containing tion, and will be read with interest by all the friends of religion and pieis, and particularly IS verses ; a prize Testament was by those who leel the importance of this works awarded, and by you presented to Benof love.

jamin Roe, for having committed to New-Rochelle, 20th Nov, 1822. scholars are entitled to more praise

memory 118 verses of Scripture. The REV. AND DEAR SIB,

than on a preceding occasion, when Your request to receive a report of they recited 700 verses ; then an addithe Sunday School over which I have tional reward was promised them; at been privileged to preside as its superin- this time no additional inducements tendent is cheerfully complied with. were presented.

were presented. On the 17th, 812 The school commenced on the 29th of verses of Scripture were recited, and September last, and the most sanguine 36 verses of hymns. Two of the schoanticipations were fully realized by see. Jars, whose conduct in the school, and ing 52 children assemble together for their exemplary diligence in the pursuit the purpose of receiving instruction in of knowledge, and who have more than the ruợiments of the English language, once received the merited commendaand the principies of the Christian re tion of their teachers, have again shown ligion: the school has increased with a wlaat industry can effect, when stimurapidity that must surprise all who were lated by the prospect of reward. acquainted with the difficulties and dis- The individuals in question are Jane couragements the founders of it had to Golden, and William De Grushe; the contend with. We have now on our re- former, last Sunday, recited 160 verses gister 108 scholars, of which number 58 from the New Testament; the latter are males, and 50 are females; the 132: as they had already received the greatest number present at one time has highest prize I could at that time bebeen 81 ; the smallest 51, and that on stow, I wish to know, whether you do a day when, in consequence of the in- ' not think that such laudable exertions clemency of the weather, very few were qught not to be further rewarded by expected to be present; the average the present of a Bible to each of them. number is fi5. I took an early oppor. Since the commencement of the recitatunity of impressing on the minds of the tions, 2,654 verses of Scripture, and 54 children the necessity of employing yerşes of hymns, have been committed their leisure moments during the week to memory by the scholars. I have, days, and committing lessons to memory for a long time past, been connected to be recited on the Sunday. The with institutions of this kind, and I prospect of receiving a reward for dili- never have seen greater attention disgent exertion stimulated them to exert played than is manifested by those at cheir ability, and several were competi- present under my charge.

The teachers are entitled to all the those who have deserted the school praise that can be bestowed upon them when in want of teachers. It is a source by those who feel interested in Sunday of gratification to the patrons of this inSchools; their zealous co-operation stitution, to witness the improvement with my own feeble exertions, have the youth in general have made in been the means of raising our little in- religious kno:vledge, by their correct stitution to the height it has attained, answers to questions, which were lately and I humbly hope that at a future day proposed to them by their teachers from we shall be allowed to see that the seed the Testament. The number of verses. sown here was not sown altogether in recited the past year in this department vain. But vain would be any attempt is 3586. of mine to eulogize the exertions of the The female department at present teachers. I trust some of them feel consists of 72 children; from 50 to 60, the force of the remark, that the praise regularly attend, and are conducted by of men is but as smoke;" but, looking a superintendent, and eight teachers. It further than the vain applause of a fel- affords the highest satisfaction to their low worm for their reward, and ani-, teachers that their labour is not in vain, mated by a holy ambition, they endea- evinced by the improvement the scholars vour to cultivate the esteem and love of make in religious knowledge and corthat Holy Being whose “ favour is bet- rect deportment. From the respective ter than life itself.”.

reports of each teacher, the secretary In haste, I remain your obedient has every reason to conclude, that this

humble servant, JOSHUA L. HARRISON. He deems it unnecessary to lay before

department is in a flourishing condition. SON.

the public their several reports, but The Secretary of St. Peter's Church trusts that the following incidents will Sunday School, (Albany,)

convince those who entertain but a poor

opinion of Sunday Schools, that they RESPECTFULLY REPORTS,

are, or at least would be, were they to At present there are engaged in the assist in instructing and bringing up the male department of the school a super- poor orphan “in the nurture and adintendent, an assistant superintendent; inonition of the Lord,” of all other ina secretary, and six teachers, who have stitutions, the most beneficial to'society committed to their care and instruction One little girl has committed to me65 scholars, of whom from 40 to 50 re mory, since last November, St. Matgularly attend, and are divided into se- thew's Gospel, Epistle of James, eight ven classes, viz. three Testament, two chapters in Proverbs, Selection of reading and spelling, one spelling, and Psalms, and all the collects and hymns one alphabet class. Although the em set forth in the Conimon Prayer Book barrassments and disorganized state the Another little girl has committed to school has been in for some time past' memory the greatest part of the hymns has been such, as would almost have and psalms set forth by the Church in damped the zeal of its patrons; still the Common Prayer. they look forward with increasing ener After hearing a child, seven years gy, trusting in him who is the Author old, recite the Lord's Prayer, she was and Giver of “every good and perfect asked if she was in the habit of saying gift,” that they will shortly realize the her prayers. She emphatically replied, benefits they anticipated would result that she prayed every morning for her from an institution calculated as this is mother and sister. This little girl is to generate industry, economy, and mo cast as an orphan on the world's wide rality. It is with pleasure the secretary stage, and without one kind aid, in igstates, that they have lately been en norance and wretchedness ļo roam ; her abled to increase their number of father being dead, and her mother have teachers, which induces them to look ing abandoned her. forward to the day when the school A little girl, about ten years old, shall not only increase her numbers, came to St. Peter's Church Sunday but that they may be able to reclaini School, from her own inclination, perer

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having been sought or invited. She smoking. On seeing me, they called could scarce spell words of two sylla. and said, "Sir, whence are you?' I bles; but her ambition and anxiety to answered, 'I am a native of Delhi.? imbibe instruction was so great, she They said, "Speak truth! your apsoon equalled, in spelling and reading, pearance and speech are not like a Hin and, in a short time, surpassed those doostanee.' I said, “That arises from who were tolerable readers when she . my having associated much with the was taken in the class. She had never people of the west.' They asked me, been to any school for instruction until • Are you of the people of the west?'. she came to the Sunday School. Her answered, Ask not concerning my parents lived in the country, and sent birth: my father and mother were of her to live with an aunt in this city, good extraction; but I have renounced who is in indigent circumstances. She my family, and forsaken Islam, and have was not absent more than once, or now embraced Christianity. They be-, twiøe, during the year and a half of at came angry, and said, · Dishonourer of tending school; and, living beyond the your house! why have you forsaken IsHay Scales, (which is nearly a mile,) lam, and become a Nazarite?' I said, no weather, however boisterous, incle • Sirs ! I say the truth—that in the Pen ment, cold, or rainy, prevented her tateuch, and Psalms, and Books of the punctual attendance. Her young heart Prophets, I found no trace of your appeared to overflow with delight in prophet

. He, without any authority, reading the Scriptures, in reciting the styles himself a prophet, and has ruined Church Catechism, or in repeating the a world of souls. All your scriptures numerous hymns, and whatever was are contrary to God, and the Lord Je-, given by her teacher to commit. Her sus Christ: and he was so unwise as, being called home by her parents, wąs knowingly, and with his eyes open, tó a source of regret to her teacher, who cast himself into perdition. The had witnessed her uncommon capacity, speaker said, . God protect me from docility, and obedience, and her serious Satan! O thou, what word of the proand devout deportment, from which was phet of Islam have


found contrary anticipated an instance, out of many, to the word of God?' ' I said, The that might be given from this school of following is a saying of your prophetthe blessed effects of Christian instruc- The world is a lie, and advantages tion on the young and tender mind, and arise from vleceit.' Ile was much disan encouragement to those who are en- concerted, and said, "My house is: gaged in this interesting work, not to ņear. I went with him to his house, remit, or draw back from these labours and staid with him : he treated nie of love, for much remains to be done. very kindly: for three hours we con-. The number of verses recited in this de versed on religion; and, were I to department for the past year is 9774, tail the whole, this book would not con

JOHN LE BRETON, tain it. He at length observed, that, Secretary of St. Peter's Sunday from what he had heard, a desire was

School, Albany created in his heart to forsake Islam; Albany, November 3d, 1822.

and, if I had a copy of the Nagree Tract, in Persian, he begged I would

give it him. I gave him a copy of the Extracts from the Journal of Abrlool Nagree Tract, and of the Psalms, in

Messeeh, a native Missionary in the Persian, and took my leave." service of the Church Missionary At the same place, on the following Society, on his return from Calcutta day, Abdool thus speaks of a visit to: to Agra.

soine Roman Catholic Christians:Having left Calcutta at the begin “I visited Padre Antonio's Chrisning of November, 1820, he writes, on tians. They inquired my name. I told the 2d of December, at a village on the them,' Abdool Messeeh.' On hearing Ganges

my name, they immediately said, Our “ I passed a chemist's shop, where Padre has often spoken of you as the ten or iwelve Moguls were sitting and enemy of Jesus, and of the Virgin

Mary; and that you forbid people to ers. I have dug a well, and built a have images of saints, or to worship the church, and given much in charity. All Virgin Mary; and that you have led these external services I have perform astray many of the Agra Christians: ed; and now, from your discourse, I and now are you come here to lead find that these things are all for making away the Christians of this place ! a name in the world.' I answered, I you must not enter into our church.' I tell you, in God's name, that now is said to them, earnestly, My dear your twelfth hour; and if you will bebrethren, if any one hears a bad report lieve in the Lord Jesus Christ, you of another, he inquires if it be true or shall, without the merit of your own false, and why it is. I desire you, de works, beyond all doubt, obtain salvanot say any thing of your Padre; but tion.' I then read, and began to exsit down in some place apart from the plain to him the Parable of the labourchurch, and hear my story; and let any ers, who, in tlie evening, received wages fit person compare what I say with the alike: and I maade known the divinity Holy Gospel. If I speak according to and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. He the Gospel, obey it: if I speak con- turned to his eldest son, and said, “What trary, do not obey it.' They then said, shall I do?' He, hearing this, rose, 6 Don't try to deceive us: ve are for and, going into the house, told the fabidden by our Padre :' and one said, mily: when the younger son, coming • I know you once disputed with Padre out, was very angry with the father, Antonio, about ten years ago: we do and said, 'Old man! is thy sense gone e! not wish to incur the excommunication Dost thou think of forsaking thy reliof our Padre for your sake.' On this, gion, and becoming an Infidel and a two Christians of that persuasion passed Feringee, and ruin us all ?! When he by; and, hearing what I said, invited heard his son's words, he said to me, 'I me to their house, and showed me much tell you truly, that I have heard what kindness.”

you have read, and now understand it: In working up the Ganges, Abdool - and now my heart desires to become a arrived at a village named Jerret. He Christian; but the love of my children gives the following affecting account of does not allow me. I asked, "Will an interview at that place with a native your children save you also from hell?" of a hundred years of age :

Í skook the dust off my feet, and de. “ He had built a mosque, and dug a parted from them; and, coming to the pond in that village, and has three boat, had family worship : four or five sons, and grandsons having children. people came with me to the boat, and He supposed me to be a Mussulman remained till after worship.” guide, and approached me with great The next day the boat reached respect. I told him briefly my history, Ghazeepore. Abdool describes, on this from beginning to end. He was much occasion, the following method of atastonished; and his children and many tracting attention :of the village gathered round me. I “I went to the house where I had asked him if he could read: he an- formerly held a long conversation, and swered, No.' I then said, Oh! Sir, found not one of the people at the door I grieve for your state. God has greatly of the house. I said to my servant, lengthened your days; and has given “See down the chair.' He set it down you all kinds of earthly weakth in riches A conjuror was showing tricks, and and in children; but, alas! you have many people were collected. I directed not yet obtained the knowledge of the Suadut Messeeh to ask me questions true God. It would perhaps have been aloud, and I would answer them; if, better for

you had I not niet with you, perhaps, in this way, good might come and yet, if I tell

you not the truth, your to any soul. Syadut asked, " Aged blood would be upon my head.' Hay- . brother, why sit you here? I answering said thus much, I remained silent... ed, “I wish to show these people the He then said, Pray, Sir, then tell me true way. I have pity on miserable igwhat I must do. I have done every norant souls, who know not the true thing I have been told by native teachi- God.' Several questions, after this

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manner, I answered in easy language, when several of them Becoming angry, such as common people speak; and a said, "What! do our religious and great crowd collected, and began to lis- learned men teach us lies?' I answerten, and to say to one another in a ed, You say the truth yourselves-1 scoffing way, If you become Chris- need not repeat it.' Another said, in tians, the English will show you much anger, 'What ! are you people mad? favour!'"

This person owns himself, that he was At Benares, which Abdoof reached a Mussulman, and has become a Christhe day before Christmas Day, he had tian—to hear the words of such an one a conversation with some Mahomedans, is sin. Is he worthy to be attended to, which he thus details :

or thought of? Go to your own homes. “When I told them my history, they They ah went away." were at first very angry. I asked them if they believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. They said, “We believe in

The horrid effects of the vice of drunkennest him. I then said, 'Do you then deny

cannot be exemplified in a greater degree the Pentateach, and Gospel, and than by the exposure of the following few Psalms ?' One of them, who could read cases. It is greatly to be wished that the in.

Sertion of them will have the beneficial tena little, said, 'We believe that these

deney to induce those who may be under the books are true and certain. I said, influence of this unfortunate attachment to * Well, why do you not read the books?i prilise, and fin:lly to refiain from babits so

terrible in their cffects. To the oases stateck They said, 'Our spiritual guide, whose

we well rememver the report of one of a disciples we are, forbids us to receive simi'ar nature, which happened many yeurs or read those books.' I said, 'You peo ago in this city, and under circumstances ple are endowed, through God's gooet

in ahnost every particular corresponding

with the horrid facts liere related. The subness, with understanding. When you ject was a female, who, too, had been given go into the market to buy bread, are much to drunkenness--and followed all the you deterred from purchasing the best,

vioes consequent upon a dissipated life. because a shopkeeper, who wishes to

Human Combustion. sell you his own, speaks ill of what you approve?! One of them said, ' By no A woman in Paris, who used to drink means.' I then, taking occasion frony brandy to excess, was one night reduced this concession, said, This is all I to ashes by a fire from within, all but mean. I tell you truly, that God has her head and the ends of her fingers.--given information in the law, and in the Novum Lumen Phosphor. accens. Amst: Psalms, and in the Gospel, that Jesus 1717. Christ is God over all blessed for ever, Signora Com. Zangari, or, as others and all the prophets bear witness to his call her, Corn. Bandi, a lady aged sixtyGodhead and his Divine Glory; and two, of an unbłemished life, near Cesena, you also acknowledge him to be a pro- in Romagna, underwent the same fate phet, and the authority of all the books in March, 1731. She was found in the of the Pentateuch, the Law, and the morning, in the middle of her chamber, Gospel. Your leaders neither read reduced to ashes, except her head, three themselves, nor let you read them; and fingers and legs, which remained endo not give Jesus the honour due to tire, with the shoes and stockings on.him : so what answer will they give to Mem. de Trev. an. 1731, p. 1293. God? The Lord Jesus Christ, who is Grace Pet, of Ipswich, aged sixty, Lord of all, and through faith in whom who had previously drank a large quanforgiveness is alone to be found—what tity of spirituous liquor, was found in-. sentence will he pass upon you ?' One cinerated in the same manner in 1744, began to say, 'What! is there no men Mary Clues, of Coventry, aged fiftytion of our prophet in the Law and in two, had been much addicted to intoxithe Gospel?' I said to him, " It is on cation, so that scarcely a day passed in this account that I say to you, read or which she did not drink at least a pint bear for yourselves, and judge for your- of rum or anniseed-water; she was desselves; or believe my words: I say troyed in like manner, and nothing retruly, that no mention is made of him: mained of the skin, the muscles, and

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