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will judge.

children in the Church Catechism ; that purpose, as have been, or may be youth respecting confirmation; and formed by the authority of the state young people, and all who need it, Conventions. what is the nature, and what the bene Resolved, That a committee of three fits of receiving the Lord's Supper. of the laity in each state in the diocess Whether it is expedient for this Con be appointed by this Convention to sovention to appoint a committee, or to licit subscriptions and donations to the take any measures on this subject, you Episcopal fund.

Resolved, That a committee of three In no one thing, as I conceive, can of the clergy, in connexion with the we better promote the interests of reli- Bishop, and under his direction and sugion, than in seleeting, encouraging, perintendence, be appointed by the auand aiding pious young men, of suitable thority of this Convention, to set forth qualifications, to labour as missionaries a uniform system of catechetical inin the remote parts of this diocess. Or, struction for the use of the diocess. if there be any one duty of still greater Conformably to the resolution on the importance, it is, that all the members support of the Episcopate, the followof our churches should be more fre- ing committees were appointed in the quent, and more earnest in our prayers several states composing the diocessto Almighty God, and the adorable In Massachusetts, Dudley A. Tyng, Head of the Church, that he will send Thomas L. Winthrop, and George labourers into his harvest-pastors after Brinley, Esqrs. his own mind; and that he will direct In Rhode Island, Alexander Jones, and prosper those who now are engaged Henry De Wolf, and Stephen Northum, in the sacred ministry. It is much to Esqrs. be feared that there is among us a very

ha New Hampshire, the Hon. James great deficiency in this duty, without Sheafe, the Hon. John Harris, and Ezra which, you well know, all we do else is Jones, Esq? to little purpose. Our blessed Lord has In Vermont, the Hon. Daniel Chir particularly commanded us, as the most man, the Hon. Jonathan H. Hubbardy effectual means of obtaining labourers and Alexander Fleming, Esq. for his work, to apply directly, by In the state of Maine, Robert 1 prayer, to him, the Lord of the harvest. Gardiner, Sirxon Bradstreet, and SteThat he may inspire, direct, and hear phen Wait, Esqrs. our prayers, God mercifully grant The next meeting of the Convention through Jesus Christ.

is to be held at Windsor, Vermont, CA ALEX. V. GRISWOLD. the last Wednesday of September,1823, Resolved, That so much of the Bi

From the same, for October, 1822. shop's address as relates to the supply of vacant parishes, the support of the

Convention of New Hampshire. Episcopate, and a uniform system of The Convention of the clergy and catechetical instruction for the diocess, lay delegates of the Protestant Episcobe referred to the Rev. Dr. Jarvis, the pal Church in this state, was held at Rev. Mr. Morss, and the Rev. Mr. Claremont on the 22d of August,1822. Leonard.

The Rev. James B. Howe, PresiThe above committee reported the dent, and Albe Cady, Esq. Secretary. following resolutions, which were unani The Rev. Charles Burroughs, the mously adopted :

Rev. James B. Howe, the Rev. John Resolved, That the Bishop be, and L. Blake, the Hon. John Harris, and he hereby is requested, to assign to the Nathaniel Adams, Esq. were elected to several rectors of parishes within the compose the Standing Committee of the diocess, such missionary duties as he Church for the ensuing year. shall think expedient; and that it be, The Rev. Charles Burroughs, the and it hereby is recommended to the Rev. Robert Fowle, the Rev. James B. several parishes, to form missionary so- Howe, the Rev. John L. Blake, Major cieties auxiliary to such societies for Ezra Jones, the Hon. Samuel Green

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Nathaniel Adams, Esq. and the Hon. and that, since Advent, 1818, when his James Sheafe, were chosen delegates to services commenced in said church, the Diocesan Convention, to be holden there have been 17 baptisms, three marat Portsmouth, in said state, on the last riages, six funerals, and 15 persons Wednesday of September next.

have been confirmed. The same clergymen, with Enoch

“From Christ Church, at HopkinG. Parrott, Esq. Dr. James F. Dana, ton, there are reported 20 communithe Hon. James Sheafe, and Samuel cants; and there are exhibited evidences Fiske, Esq. were chosen delegates to of growing piety and attachment to the the General Convention.

church. The committee to whom were refer “ No sensible alteration has taken red the parochial retu. -, atported— place at St. Thomas's Chapel, in Con-,

“That the Church in this state, well cord; but it is mentioned, with gratiknown by her friends to have com- . tude from that church, that an elegant menced as the two or three met toge- service of plate, for the use of the altar, ther, and to be at the present time but has been presented it by the pious musmall, presents few interesting objects nificence of individuals in Portsmouth. worthy of detail in an annual report. “ It is also mentioned as a matter of It is, however, satisfactory to be able satisfaction, that, through the exertions to say, that her sun has not yet passed of the Rev. Mr. Howe, an Episcopal its meridian; and we may reasonably society has been organized at Charles anticipate the time when her excellences town, where there is a small permanent may be more extensively known, and fund existing for its support. when her members will be inspired “ We likewise mention, that Mr. with a more ardent zeal in diffusing the George Richardson, a graduate at Dartinfluence of her doctrines and her wor mouth College, and preceptor of the ship.

academy at New-Hampton, and who is - From St. John's Church, Ports a candidate for holy orders, has colmouth, the Rey. Mr. Burroughs reports lected a respectable congregation at twenty-seven baptisms, viz. eight adults, that place, under auspicious circumand nineteen children; deaths, fifteen stances, where he has for sometime ofadults, and three children; number of ficiated as a lay reader. families about one hundred; communi

“ It is also understood, though no cants about ninety; that a Sunday official information has been received, School of about one hundred is attached that within a few months a congregato the society.

tion has been collected at Colebrook, “Union Church, at Claremont, con- Coos county, and that the service and tinues still flourishing, and reports 120 ą sermon are read each Sabbath by a families, 112 taxable persons, 620 souls, respectable lay gentleman." and 120 communicants; and, since the The next annual Convention to be last Convention, 25 baptisms, five mar- holden at Ilolderness, on the first riages, and 18 deaths. This church Wednesday in October. has received, as donations, a pair of silver cups from widow Alice Dustin, a silver flagon from Sanford Kingsbury, Abstract of the Proceedings of the Esq. and also an elegant altar piece

Sixth Annual Convention of the from William W.Clapp, Esq. of Boston.

Diocess of North-Carolina, held in 6. The church in Holderness reports

the Supreme Court-Room, City of 30 families, 150 souls, 20 communi Raleigh, from the 18th to the 22d of cants, and one Sunday School; and, April, inclusive, A. D. 1822. since the last Convention, one baptism,

The Convention was composed of one marriage, and three funerals. the Right Rev. Bishop Moore, of Virgi.

6 The Rev. Mr. Leonard, who offi- nia, and having also episcopal superinciates one third of the time in Trinity tendence of North-Carolina; seven Church, Cornish, and administers the Presbyters, four Deacons, and twentyholy cominunion at that place once in one Lay Delegates, representing eleven Śwo months, reports 40 communicants, parishes.

It was opened with Morning Prayer, The Rev. Mr. Miller, during the last conducted by the Rev. Richard S. Ma- summer and fall, and the present spring, son, Rector of Christ Church, New. has laboured in several of the western bern; and a sermon by the Rev. John' counties, particularly those of Iredell, Avery, Rector of St. Paul's Church, Lincoln, and Rowan, in conjunetion Edenton.

with the Rev. Mr. Davis, and the Rev. The Rev. Richard S. Mason was Mr. Wright. He administered the holy elected Secretary.

communion in different places, and reCertificates of the organization of the ports, from the several congregations, following churches were produced and one hundred and twenty-two communiread, viz. St. Mark's Church, Halifax; cants. The Rev. Mr. Miller gives it Calvary Church, Wadesborough; Christ as his opinion, that a favourable openChurch, Raleigh; St. Michael's Church, ing has been inade in the above menIredell county; St. Peter's Church, tioned section of the state, and recomLexington, Rowan county; White- mends the continuance of missionary Haven Church, Lincoln county; and labours in that field. He states, with Smyrna Church, Lincoln county. The regret, that accidental circumstances said churches were admitted into union prevented any collections in behalf of with the Convention.

the missionary fund; but' thinks, that The parochial reports made to the if the mission can be continued for one Bishop, and entered on the journal, ac or two years, it will then be supported cording to the Canons, furnish the fol- by the contributions of the people. He lowing aggregate :-Baptisms (adults asserts, that the state of society is such, 7, children 72, not specified 64) 143— in that part of our country, that it is by: marriages 20--burials 54-cammuni- missionary labours alone that the people cants 370.

can obtain the preaching of the Gospel, Resolved, That the thanks of this and the administration of ordinances. Convention be tendered to the Rev. Mr. The Rev. Robert Davis, since the Avery, for his sound and excellent dis- last Convention, has laboured in the course delivered at the opening of the same district of country mentioned Convention.

above, by the advice of the Rev. Mr. On motion, resolved, That the Rev. Miller. He has been enabled to organ- . Adam Empie, and the Rev. William ize, and bring into union with this Hooper, together with Messrs. John A. Convention, four new congregations, Cameron, Robert Strange, and Charles and he confirms Mr. Miller's account of T. Haigh, be appointed menibers of the propriety of keeping up the exerthe Standing Committee.

tions of our missionaries in that quarter. The Rev. Adam Empie, the Rev. He has had strong assurances made to John Avery, the Rev. William Hooper, him, that a considerable part of a misthe Rev. Richard S. Mason, Duncan sionäry's salary will be contributed by Cameron, John A. Cameron, Moses the people, if they should be favoured Jarvis, and Dr. F.J. Hill, were elected with the services of one during another delegates to the General Convention. year. The committee regret to observe,

The Rev. William Hooper, as chair- that the labours of Mr. Davis have man of the committee appointed by the been somewhat interrupted by sickness; Missionary Society to draft the report, but they see much reason to conimend presented the following, which was his zeal and diligence, notwithstanding read and adopted :

much bodily debility; and the prudence The committee on the affairs of the of his conduct in circumstances which Missionary Society, having examined much required it. into its proceedings for the last year, The Rev. Mr. Wright, also, during report

the ļast suinmer and fall, was in the That the society, in the course of the service of the society in the western last twelve months, has had the regular part of the state. He officiated chiefly and occasional services of five mission at Wadesborough, in the county of An. aries; three in the western, and two in son, (where a congregation has been the eastern part of the state.

formed,) but a part of the time in the

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ypper counties, in company withMessrs. On motion, resolved, That an anMiller and Davis. These three mis- nual contribution be made from each sionaries report seventy-three baptisms, congregation in connexion with the of whom fifteen were adults.

Church in this state, to defray the neThe Rev. Mr. Green, agreeably to cessary expenses of the Bishop's visithe request cxpressed by the society at tation, and the other contingent charges their last annual meeting, has, besides of the Convention. his regular ministrations at Williams Resolved, further, That the Secrea borough, his place of residence, offici- tary of the Convention be, ex offició, ated once a month at Warrenton, Ha- Treasurer of the same. lifax, Oxford, and Raleigh, and has The following report of the Standmet with encouragement. At Warren- ing Committee was read and adopted : ton, particularly, it is very gratifying The Standing Committee having, acto learn, that an Episcopal church is cording to the resolutions of the Conerecting, and there is reason to believe ventions of 1820 and 1821, taken into that there will be at that place a very consideration “ the propriety of organflourishing congregation.

izing a society for the promotion of The Rev. Mr. Sitgreaves, from the Christian knowledge, by printing and diocess of Pennsylvania, has been in publishing such works as the society, the service of the society for about the by its officers, may think conducive to last six weeks in the eastern part of the this effect," beg leave to report state. He reports favourably of the That, in their opinion, the formation prospects of our Church in Washington of such a society is highly expedient, and Halifax, but thinks that the hope and ought no longer to be delayed. of a church at Tarborough is past. And they, therefore, in pursuance of

With respect to the funds of the so the resolutions above referred to, have ciety, it appears from the report of the drawn up the following preamble, contreasurer that the disbursements of the stitution, and laws, which they herepast year have been upwards of $ 800, with respectfully submit. and have left in the treasury only As the Protestant Episcopal Church $ 189 58 cents, exclusive of the collec- in this state is still in its infancy, and tions of the present year; and it is pro- many of her members living remote bable that a full payment of the sala- from the opportunities of instruction, ries of the missionaries will more than are growing, or have grown up without absorb the funds of the last year. The any knowledge of her character and collections for the present year amount her distinctive principles; as some of to only $ 210, and without some other these are more likely to be benefitted resources than those at present in hand, by instructions that come forth under it will be impracticable to employ even

the sanction of the Episcopal name, - one missionary during the whole of the than by any other; and others, being

ensuing year. As the continued la- unacquainted with her high claims to a bours of zealous and devoted mission- primitive and scriptural character, are aries appear to be the only probable constantly in danger of being drawn off means of rearing our Church in those from her communion-a(into some of parts of the state where it has not hi- those systenis of heresy, which the cortherto been planted, the friends of our rupt heart of man is prone to prefer Church generally, throughout the dio- to the self-denying and pride-humbling cess, cannot be too earnestly besought doctrines of the cross, as exhibited by and urged to contribute liberally to our Church)-as, too, it is our duty, as wards this fund, which is now almost watchmen and shepherds, to prevent, if exhausted; and not only to pray fer- possible, these sheep from going astray, vently the great Lord of the harvest to and to bring and keep all under the care send forth faithful labourers into this of the great Shepherd and Bishop of great field, but also to remember that souls_as this, at present, is, in a great the labourer is worthy of his meat. measure, impracticable, except through

the medium of religious tracts, those ,

silent missionaries, which may be sent

WM. M. GREEN, } Committee.

forth to every family, and to every in- into effect all such rules and measures dividual—as mankind in general are as shall appear most likely to benefit unwilling, or unable to go to any ex- the book concern. pense or trouble in purchasing or read 4th. The officers of this society shall ing books, for the purpose of acquiring bea president, secretary, treasurer, and the knowledge of religious truth and general book agent. The president, duty-as, however, a few may be found secretary, and treasurer, shall, respecwho would purchase good books, pro- tively, perform the duties that ordivided they came in their way, properly narily belong to those offices. The recommended-as most would read a treasurer shall also exhibit, at every tract, or a small book, if presented to annual meeting of the society, a full and them, which they never could be pre- detailed statement of his accounts; and vailed upon to purchase-and, as Epis- it shall be the duty of the general book copalians stand bound, by their love to agent, to take care of all the books and God for the Church, and for the souls tracts of the society—to keep an acof their brethren, to do good, as far as count of all that he buys and sells, of they have it in their power, to all the all the books he gives out, and all the members of the household of faith: money he receives—to make a full re

We, the subscribers, do hereby form port of every thing that relates to the ourselves into a society, that shall be book establishment, at every annual known and distinguished by the name meeting of the board of managersof the Protestant Episcopal Society for and to govern bimself by all such rules the Promotion of Piety and Christian as that board may think fit to prescribe. Knowledge in North-Carolina. For these services he shall receive such

2d. The means to be adopted for compensation as he and the board may carrying this object into effect, shall be have previously stipulated. these two-st. A book establishment, 5th. The board of managers shall as described in the next article; and, consist of the officers of the society, and 2dly. The distribution of such books four other members, five of whom shall and tracts as the board of managers, constitute a quorum. Of this board, five kereafter mentioned, shall select for of whom shall always be clergymen, that purpose-which books and tracts the Bishop of the diocess, or, if there may either be purchased, or printed and be no Bishop, the president of the published by the society, as the board standing committee shall be, ex officio, shall think most expedient.

a member. It shall be the duty of this 3d. As soon as practicable and ex- board to select, and direct the book pedient, the board of managers shall agent to purchase, or cause to be pubcommence a book establishment, at such lished, such books or tracts as they place in this state, and under such regu- shall think best calculated to diffuse a lations, as may appear to them best. knowledge of the distinguishing prinBy purchase, or otherwise, this esta. ciples of the Church, and to promote blishment shall be furnished with all the cause of truth and real godliness such books as are best calculated to among her members. And they shall proniote the great objects of this socie- farther take the most effective measures ty. For the sale and distribution of the practicable to cause the above to be books and tracts belonging to this so distributed among all the friends and ciety, all our clergy, settled and mis- members of our communion throughout sionary, shall always be agents; and, the state. in addition to these, the board of mana 6th. Any one may become a memgers shall appoint, throughout the state, ber of this society by paying two dolsuch agents as will be most likely and lars annually. The payment of twenty best disposed to further our views. All dollars shall constitute membership for these shall be amenable to the general life. book agent, and governed by such rules 7th. Every annual subscriber shall as he, with the approbation of the be entitled to half the amount of his board of managers, shall prescribe; subscription, in tracts or books, at the and this board shall adopt and carry society's prices; and the various agents

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